My Freshman Year of college: part 2

My entire body shuddered and I threw my head back as I brought myself to an explosive orgasm,I looked up in a bit of a fog and finally noticed Sam just standing there, a mixed expression of shock and lust on her face, I quickly spun around on the desk chair and stood up wrapping my arms around her and kissing her quickly and passionately before she could stop me, instead of her resisting,she was all over me,her tongue wrestled with mine as her hands were all over me touching,feeling and exploring every inch finally finding my soaked snatch and slipped a finger ,as I arched my hips forward and spread my legs further apart allowing her access,I felt weak and wobbly as Sam kissed and sucked on my neck and throat while fingering my gooey fuck hole.I shuttered and moaned as she sucked hard on my tender nipples and really pounded my pussy with her long fingers and was soon gushing and bucking as I came.Looking sheepishly into her half open eyes,I whispered "I wanna taste you" Sam took a step back and flashed me a mischievous grin " you are gonna do a lot more than taste me.....your fucking ass is mine slut!"

In a frenzied blur Sam had me on her bed,my hands tied firmly above my head lying on my back.The loud knock on her door startled me " finally" Sam muttered,and answered the door,a tall well built older man boldly entered the room "oh she is fucking perfect Sammie, did she resist at all?" his voice deep and commanding,"no Daddy,she is such a horny little slut,she didn't even wait for me to make my move" Daddy's eyes flashed and sparkled as he moved closer and tugged on my hard nipple,pulling it and stretching it making me gasp and arch my hips up and allowing Daddy a closer view of my aching shaved cunt glistening with my own juices.Daddy chuckled at my wanton need and walked over to the dresser,and with his back to me undressed "Sammie, lets see if our little slut likes pussy " ....( more to cum.....)
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2 years ago
This is getting very interesting, and very sexy!!! I'm getting very horny!!!
2 years ago