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I first started in the adult industry making sex dolls. Back then we were working with moulded rubber, we would make moulds of porn stars bodies focusing on pussy and ass..I specialized in Full size models with real hair, stunning eyes made of glass, metal sub frame for pose ability, and of course with removable fuck holes that are easy to wash. I has my small little company, just me making just a few dolls a month for a very unique crowed that has social issue, like to fuck dolls and were willing to pay lots for my attention to detail. Often I would get cummished too make a doll of a famous porn sluts. Things were fun but uneventful, then I got recruited by the military to make deadly robots covered in laboratory created flesh. What got their attention was when I took the new to market Japanese hospital service robots and coved them in my latex and worked with my computers expert and dirty porn lover friend Doug. We turned A human shaped robot that was made to help lift patients to a decent looking 5’8” girl of any race skin tone and hair with 3 orifices to fuck that would talk to you begging to be your cum slut. The funnest part was working on the programming to make these robots into perfect sluts Now you could program your robot to be as nice or a slutty as you want. When we launched our completed product at the Amsterdam sex show we knew we hit gold with a preorder of 1500 unit.

We went with the wild idea of having 30 tickets given away to contest winners to demo/fuck 2 of our sex dolls in front the sex conventions crowds. We picked 2 of our favourite models. Betty and Vicky were great dolls and had the best slut programming we could make at the time. So at noon on the Saturday we open our pavilion with our 2 sex dolls and 30 horny freaks who wrote how they planned to try out our girls to win our contest. When we allowed he boys at the girls there was no use made of their dirty small talk programming instead betty was grabbed by her blond hair and quickly had a cock shoved down her throat and a hard cock plunged into her prewettent pussy (each doll hold a litre of our super lube to oil her holes) the crowd in the bleaches we set up went wild. Veronica was pushed down on the mattress and quickly was surrounded with dicks. She uses our sex starved cum slut programming and said to the boys “make me your sex slut, make me taste my ass off your cock, make me drinks your cum” the boys around her laughed one loudly yelled “just how a true slut should talk. Her mouth was filled with a large black cock while her hands found 2 more to stroke. A large German guy got between her legs and spat on her cunt, smearing it around her cunt and ass with his dick. He poised himself at her tight asshole and with one firm stroke slid in balls deep. As programmed she moaned as good as any porn star would if they were just stuffed like that. Hands quickly coved most of her body grabbing on her nicely formed tits while some dirty bastard was already starting to thrust into her pussy with his fingers while she was getting fucked in her ass. I was very happy with how Vicky was handling so much stimulus in the trial stages we only had 6 guys at once with our black haired vixen. Now as the spit strung from the black cock she was working on I was glad the crowd liked the lifelike responses of my girls. Some of the boys started to form lines planning on what hole they wanted to try of Vicky’s but like a pornslut, she was taking everything they were giving. When the first guy came from her wet blowjob and missed her mouth with his cum she begged the boys “please I’m a cum slut all your cum belongs in me, please fill all my holes with your cum don’t waste it” Again a cheer went up from the boys. That’s all I took to set off the guy in her ass and he began filling her with his seed. She moaned loudly “bring that cock from my ass so I can lick it clean” and that’s what our German guy did. Slowly pulling out of her ass, his cum covered cock left her ass gapping wide before it quickly contracted. The crowd made room for him to come around to her cute face. It seemed to happen in slow motion for everyone there. A thick drip of cum hung from the tip of his cock as veronica slowly licked her lips in anticipation and then open her mouth and slowly pushed her face into his groin till she was touching her nose to his belly. After seeing that everyone wanted a turn going ass to mouth on Vicky and like the best slut you could ask for she would spit out the cock she was sucking to clean the cock that just came from her ass. Not everyone was filling her ass with cream but after the first 4 came in her ass it didn’t matter. Every cock that came from her ass had a nice slimy layer of cum and lube that she licked off their cocks like it was the best ice cream she ever had. She called on the boys to treat her like a real whore and spit in her mouth and many quickly did aiming for her open mouth. It all looked good on her face with the mixture of spit and ass cum. With a Smile on her face she spat all those juices in her cupped hand. She slowly stood and walked towards our sweet blond bombshell. Betty had been busy while Vicky has been riding her Ass to mouth cum train.

Our cute little blond hair doll Betty has the cum slave programming. Her never say no attitude makes her very fun to abuse. The crowd of men surrounding her split as Vicky strolled up. “You look good air tight Betty” Vicky giggled and she most certainly did . She was perched on top of a thick cocked stud buried in her cornhole and between her legs another guy was slamming away at her pretty pink shaved pussy with wild abandon. It was quite obvious where this group had chosen to cum. Betty‘s freckled pale face was well soaked in sperm. It seemed as if the guys had tried to spew on anything but in her mouth. Her eyelashes and forehead had tick streams of cum marking the 6 guys that had taken their turns going from her pussy then to cum in her face. Even the guy in her ass underneath her had overspray on the dark sunglasses he smartly wore. Vicky grabbed Betty by her blond hair and pulled her head off the slimy shaft in her throat. “Open your mouth and don’t swallow until I tell you to” Vicky yelled. She held her cupped hand of spit and sperm above betty’s open mouth and carefully pored it in “not yet “ she commanded as the drops clung to her hand “you missed a lot, don’t forget these boys will be disappointed in us if we don’t drink all their spunk” . Now this is way better than I had ever seen these two Dolls interact. I was blown away ( I later found out why I never saw them this good) Vicky used the back of her hand to scoop the cum off betty’s face and into her mouth. After Vicky was happy with her work she said “now show all the crowd how you swallow” betty opened wide for everyone to see and in one big gulp swallowed a mouth full of sex juices. The now full grand stands went wild. Betty pleaded with wide eyes to Vicky “ I tried to swallow mistress but they kept filling my mouth with their meat” she laugh at the slut getting DPéd beneath her and then yelled at the bleacher “who wants to feel what my robot slut mouth feels like while these guys gape my asshole” and with that she walked up to the railing, bent over to accept hard shafts though the rails or from behind from the lucky 30. Lots of eager men went from what once was just the watching side of the show now suddenly had a willing mouth to feed and quickly they did. The first person in her mouth only lasted 3 stroked before filling Vicky’s mouth with his seed. Like she preached she drank all he had, slurping off his cock as he backed out so the next man could feed her more. Every guy who could fight their way though the crowd to used Vicky’s mouth, having no mercy on this robo slut, pulling on her hair even though Vicky f***ed herself down every cock that came thought the railing while the boys behind had formed a line pounding at her open holes . The guys in the stands came fast and easy after watching the start of the show and the crowd that was rushing to get their turn. Load after load Vicky swallowed, pausing only to show to the crowd the new load she had received then smiled as she swallowed or to clean the cock pulled from her quickly filling asshole. The guys started feeling calm enough to start critiquing the girls giving great comments like how tight her asshole felt even after getting gaped so many time for all to see deep inside her near perfect asshole. The boys fucking Betty commented how they never got teeth no matter how deep they drilled her mouth and they liked the whimpers she gave. Betty’s mouth was always filled with cock so she wasn’t getting a chance to talk dirty much since she’s been 3 holed for the last 45 min. Again after Vicky left they went to spraying her face instead of feeding her. She was being tossed around and flipped often to allow as many men to fuck one of those perfect holes but was almost always kept air tight. We did make her act life like and she would gasp and cough like anyone getting their throat stabbed like our like pale faced slut doll did. I watch as our 2 dolls
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9 months ago
Thats the damn truth Pixie!
3 years ago
Something to dream about!
3 years ago
maybe the future !
3 years ago
If these existed you guys would have no use for real women Lol