Amy The Teen Anal Slut 2 (part time job)

Amy The Teen Anal Slut 2 (part time job)

By Dirtyomni

As soon I could apply for a waitress job at the local strip club I did. I had little interest in being a dancer because I wanted to get close to the men. I was made clear to me that I should be there to help the girls make income from dancing either on stage or in the private lounge. Reaching a balance of flirting the guys and making money for all of us was easy when you’re teen anal cum loving slut like me. My name is Amy and I have an obsession with being the dirty young slut that all men dream of. I watch porn all the time and my favorites are the gangbang girls that take on a room full of men allowing themselves to be used in any way they wanted. Making those cute girls swallow so much cum all while they get fucking in both their holes makes my pussy soaked. I loved how those girls looked with all that cum running from all their gaping holes. That is how I liked to get fucked, feasting on cum while I hold my ass open for another cock. Watching the men’s reaction as I pleased them in ways women are afraid to even talk about feeds my want for more.

Waitressing at the pink lady is easy because most people are not even ordering the overpriced drinks so severing liquor was not the biggest part of the job. Mostly I got the boys motivated to try the private dances from the girls. I was easy to flirt and touch these men knowing they all wanted to take turn pulling my long blond hair while I suck their cock. I’m tall skinny and keep everything cleaning shaved and I know I look best filled with cock and cum. My phone is filled with dirty pictures of me taking so many men’s loads. My new favorite thing to do is to take selfish of myself sitting on a cock buried deep in my ass. I like to show off theses pics to the guys at the bar. They never think that this skinny little blond is that dirty. So I make them an offer. If they put a rubber and go get a private dace till they cum I would drink that cum when they buy a shooter from me later. This was so popular I would have to carry scissors since I was cutting open so may condoms in a shift. It was almost like making a table side meal for me. I would come to the table after the guys gets back from his private dance with one of the strippers. The instructions I give the guys are simple put on a rubber and grind the girls till they fill it. Come back and give that filled rubber tied off to me and watch me drink it. The girls grinding loved it because they got lots of songs and cash from the guys without the wet spot. I got to see the guys minds explode as I would take the rubber from them and squeezes all the cum down to the tip. Oh yes I’m a dirty slut and I want lots of cum to play with I would tease. I cut the tip off and then catch and squeeze all every drip of cum into a shot glass. Then looking into the man’s eyes I slowly take that cum into my mouth and show it on my tongue, playing with it before I swallow it down. Nothing looks better than a man having his fantasies come true right before your eyes. As long as I get some cum at work I can keep calm and not start spreading my asshole for all these men to start fucking.

Britney also worked the floor but she played with the guys in a different way. She would often be seen standing next to table letting the guy’s finger fuck any of her hole. As I looked over after swallowing yet another load of thick cum, I could see her eyes role back into her skull, after the two guys with their arms beneath her skirt worked her to another orgasm. Britney loved to get off and she joked about getting paid in orgasms per hour instead of cash. The dirty raven haired slut would often lick the men’s fingers clean after. She looked so gods doing it that it made me want more cum soon. To keep the boys out of my holes I keep a butt plug and Ben Wa balls in my pussy just to get the exercise.

Britney joined me at table where four guys all went for their private dance and wanted a special show with their loads. I took the filled rubbers and gave two to Britney. I ask one of the guys if they would take some pictures of me with my phone. I slide it over to him waiting for the reaction. My background pic is of me balancing on the balls of my feet, my ass filled with a thick cock. All while I jack a cock over my mouth with one hand spreading my pussy the other. I love that pic, the smile and lust in my eyes just says come fill my pussy and make me air tight. I love that picture for how slutty I look. As I’m cutting off the tip of Britney’s two condoms, the guy starts to browse my past pictures. His jaw is left hanging as I he goes through my anal cum slut adventures. I often edit out my pictures to just keep the best moments before the memory fill. The other three hover over his shoulder as he flips through. Britney takes her time squeezing the cum out of her rubbers to a glass. Like the dirty girl slut she is, Britney takes the rubbers in her mouth to suck and last traces of cum while she works her way behind the guys to looks at the pictures too.

“OH look at this one where your face is covered in cocks “Britney said as the guys started fondling her as she bent over at the waist to get a better look. “I remember standing on a chair to take this one for you, they sure made you a cum dumpster. Let me count how many cocks are on your face”. She bends over farther and I can see two of the guys each claim a hole and start jamming fingers in her. She slowly counts each cock in the picture as I just about finished squeezing the last of the cum in to the glass. “You have seven cock on you face Amy you little cock slut” she giggled while enjoying the exploring fingers in holes.

“Hey you can look some more after you take some pictures for me now” I demand. He complies quickly and I smile big and pose as I squeezes the last of the cum from the rubber into the glass.” "you guys have been waiting for a while with full nuts” I comment after looking at the quarter full glass. That’s “going to be a full mouth full” I say before taking the glass of thick cum to my mouth. More pictures with the glass then I tip it back slowly pouring the man juices into my mouth.

“Make sure you get her with her mouth full” Britney added while pushing back towards the finger bangers. My mouth was full to the brim so I had to get on my knees and tilt my head back for a good picture. I know how I look best and look forward to have another nice mouth full picture. The guy with my phone stands to get a good picture right over top of me. I hold my mouth wide showing off my cum smile. The other guys look on while finger banging Britney eager to see what I planned to do. I wanted to get Britney involved so I stood slowly and waved her over with my mouth filled with thick man juices. Brit knew what I wanted but took her time licking the guys used finger first.

After she was done she moved quickly to get under me with her mouth stretched open. “I get to pick where I put this cum next Amy” she said with a smile before opening her mouth wide again. She looks so fucking good with her long black hair, big wide eyes and thick lashes. Her tight white shirt is buttoned just enough to keep the nipples of her juicy tits hidden. I encourage my photographer to get up close while I start to dribble cum slowly in to Britney’s mouth. I know to take my time, because the men love to see a young sluts play with cum, so that what I give them. Britney is a great cum catcher and controls her breathing while I fill her mouth full. I dribble little by little till her mouth is near full and stop. With enough cum in my mouth to posse to the camera before making a big swallow. “You look so good with your mouth full” I sincerely tell Britney. She smiles with her full mouth then stands. I start to kneel down in front of her expecting her to feed me the cum to swallow. Instead she had me stand then bent over till I could grab my ankles bending at the waist. She lifted up the short white ruffles skirt that was barley covering my thong panties. While I was bent in this position Britney turned me so my ass pointed toward the table of men. I knew that they would be seeing my thin purple thong help hold my clear butt plug in and the strings hanging out of my pussy that when to my Ben Wa balls. The guys all cheered on the sight. A soon as Britney began to play with my butt plug I had a good idea what she wanted to do. I held my ankles and tried to relax as she began to pull the plug out. This plug had a two inch neck which when I look at the pictures later left me gapping nicely. That’s why it’s nice to have pictures so I could appreciate how dirty sexy we looked as Britney drooled cum into my open ass. There is not much for me to see as I kept bent over but I could feel the wet cum side into me and when Britney started talking I winked my asshole for the guys at the table.

“Well look at you being a show off with your ass” Britney said before licking the cum that dripped past to my pussy then working the butt plug into me again. Once I felt the plug seating in my tight ass I stood and got a round of applause from the whole club including the manager Chris. We both know that I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to this club.

Ï took my time standing up enjoying the feelings of the new juices adjusting “Well that gets to stay there till the end of the shift, thanks for the fill up boys and you to Britney” I said as I went in for a kiss from Brit. I savored the taste of spunk in her mouth as I swirled my tongue with hers. “Guys if you want to deposit your load directly you should talk to Chis our manger about our customer appreciation night.

With that I and Britney walked away from the table leaving them wanting more. That was one of the finest moments of that night working the club. I did have to go back to that table to sever more drinks and pick up my phone. The photographer had gone back to looking at my past pictures touching himself under the table. He begged me to let him look some more. I told him I would pick out three to text to him if he put his number in the phone which he quickly fumbled to do while I waited.

One of his table mates was brave enough to ask “any chance you would drink my cum from this glass right now” he asked. Well you have to reward the guy for at least trying I thought.

“Well you have to tip out the dance at least a hundred” I replied

“Done” he replied then grabbed the glass and pulled his cock out and started stroking it. By the time I got my phone back the guy had dropped a mouth full of cum into the glass. Without hesitation I took the glass and tipped it back. Selfie time with my phone and a mouthful of cum. I pose with the boys in the back ground cheering before showing the guy his load then swallow for him. That was easy for me and made that guys year. Again I just walked away leaving them wanting more.

By Dirtyomni
Feb 2014
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7 months ago
Dirty nasty girl. Just the way it should be. Great story telling.
8 months ago
I love this kind of tale. That girl is marrying material.
9 months ago
dirty dirty little tramp
god I love reading about your adventures
9 months ago
What a nasty girl, great story!