Amy The Teen Anal Slut

Amy The Teen Anal Slut
By DirtyOmni

I had a great last few years as a teen anal slut finishing high school. Anyone who really knew what I did during my school day would be offended by what I like. When I was entering my teens I found that boys always had some type of porn in their hands .Often I would get boys that liked me to show me their porn stash. I like the dirty pictures of women showing their bodies. The more I saw the more I knew what I liked. Usually it was soft light pictures of women in playboy .but when my friend Danny showed me his dad’s collection I found hard-core. Young girls like me pleasing men in every way possible. Here I went from soft porn with blow jobs and doggy style to now cute girls doing six plus men on a mattress. With a cock in her ass then to her mouth smiling while she gapped her ass to the camera. My heart still beats fast when I think of going thought those magazines. .
Danny had pulled the lucky card. He introduced a young girl to the dirtiest of porn and she liked it. It was hard to control myself as we sat in his dad’s shop. The shop was a small part of a large barn. The room was more like a bar then a shop. A room for drinking that had a wood fire place and bar with beer tap. Sure there was a work table with some tools but also a big flat screen TV, fridge and table for 6. Off to the far end he had two cots and under those were the dirty magazines. We sat there smoked pot and drank from his dads stash as I pretended I didn’t want to gag on Danny’s Cock right then. Danny was the first to use me in many ways and now he is a part of most of my mornings during my last year of high school.
When I wake up early for school it an easy start, Shower, shave my pussy, ass, legs, and pits. Then using the attachment I’ve had my mom’s Plummer install for me. Such a nice man all I had to do was tip him nicely. This is a separate hose that hangs just below my hips with a nice small but pug like tip that fits nicely in my ass. After picking the right temp I can control the rate. Three ten second fills with some yoga like stretches; I find work very well for the start of my day. The shower is big enough for me to stretch and have a few guys in here if needed. As I sit over the drain today, Very little leaves my body of colour since it was a rather busy night with little more than cum to fill me. The shower washes everything away then a good rinse then dry and style my long blond hair. I had made a choice to grow it long. Now if I do not braid it will often start carrying the cum from my day. Two quick braids then off to pick an outfit. Keep it simple is the plan. Decent plaid skirt and a concert t-shirt two socks. Skip the panties the skirt is long enough not to get attention and panties start to cut if you just push them off to the side. Back to the bathroom for a 20cc syringe of flavored lube in my ass and out the door.
I go out the front door leaving Mom asl**p then across the road to Danny’s house. The back door was left open for me and after grabbing a big glass of water from the empty kitchen upstairs I go downstairs to Danny’s room .It’s always dark down there but I know my way. Danny’s room has the blue glow of a TV lighting its posters. Most of the posters are of the local girls working the strip club. On the TV was a repeating loop of one of his newest DVD finds. He like to have this ready for me just like I love to suck his nut dry every mooring for being the dirty boy that showed me his father’s filthiest porn collection. The movie home screen has a dark haired girl coved in cum with one eye glazed shut and with the title “Clean my cock you anal slut".
Taking the remote I go to previews. The music starts fast “with a cute blond showing her cute red bikini near a pool smiling then quickly changes to her getting three holed by 4 guys. I’m already sliding my hands under Danny’s sheets while the preview showed her filling her mouth with cock. Danny likes waking up this way and turns on his back so I can watch the previews while I start slowly start taking his cock in my mouth. Nice slow strokes while I looked for my favorite parts. The preview showed her doing quick flashes of my favorites sex acts. Just a few second clip of her smiling as the guy fucking her ass brings it to her mouth to clean, the shots of her ass gaping and her taking the final load. Repeat with the next girl in the movie. Looks like a sequel to “taste you ass 4”is coming out soon. . I love the though if cleaning a cock fresh from any hole. The snail trail the little bit of cum spit and pussy juice that comes with that cock. That turns me on beyond reason. I must be insane but I love the thought of eating and taking in all those sex juices. I want I slimy I wand it messy I want to be that anal slut. At this point I’m closing my eyes just savoring the thought of taking a cum coved cock to my mouth. I pushed myself down hard on his six and a half inches.
Only into the third movie preview a pair of black and Latinos split a tiny wasted big titted Latino slut until she swallowed the cum. Danny’s cock stiffened to his peak while his balls tightened and as I’ve done so many times I brought his tip to the edge of my mouth then let him fill my mouth with his cum. Danny was not a strong cummer he oozed his cum slowly into my mouth . Just one good swallow was all he gave. Cum and Water is all I get to eat till two this afternoon so I take it all down. Then chasse it down with the water after I’m sure he’s dry. .
”good Morning Dan get dressed fast so I can skip your dad please I still have to get us a ride still” and I took off with my water to his b*****r mikes room next door over. Mike is the older b*****r and my ride to School. He has a shower in his room which is super convent for me. He was very willing to help me explore that box of dirty magazines but best of all he showed me where to find his dad VHS tapes. He was just getting out of the shower when I opened the door to his room.
“How my little super slut doing today? “Mike loudly greets me as I sit down at his computer desk.
“Very well" I respond, "do you want to keep my super slut ass lubed up". Or are you saving for later? “I asked knowing that my lube filled ass hole has already been well prepped.
“”well I do love to see your ass wink at me, roll over her and open your mouth like e a good cock sult” and with one quick push with my feet I rolled up on the computer chair to the doorway of his bathroom. Mike kept himself well trimmed and he must have just shaved because his ball sack was smooth. I started wetly sucking his cock. “That’s it slut drool on my cock make it nice and wet for your ass” so as I looked him in his eyes I spit in my left hand and worked his balls with that spit. Savagely I f***ed myself deep down on his dick. His cock was close to seven inches. It was great practice since every one like to gag me with their cock. Deep I went trying to touch my nose to his belly. The responses to gag is automatic nothing I have ever done has made that go away but how I control it has. My diaphragm tries to push up the water and cum from Danny. But as I relaxed I could keep those fluids down even as my throat jerked and contracted around Mikes tip. Hold for a ten count if I can then up for air. My first real time my face reaches his belly I only get to a six count. Mike is quick to critique “look Amy those boys are going to fuck your throat anyways, no need to be a show off to me.”
His spit covered cock pulls from my throat and I make sure that a long drool trail holds between me and him. Looking up at him I tell him directly. “If I can deep throat better you know there will be lots of our friends that will want to cum while fucking my stomach if they could, and this your turn to keep helping me be better” and with that I slowly made a big spit bubble with my open mouth.
“Fucking cum slut” mike yelled! Then grabbed my head forcing it down his cock and held me hard down. My body bucked uncontrollably and the chair I sat on slipped out. Mike released my head but I recovered fast and then went back relaxing as his cock filled my throat. I held back the urge to release my stomach but held till I couldn’t bare it. Coughing and gaging I spit out mikes cock. “fuck Amy if you can last that long no one’s going to want to cum anywhere but your throat.”
“But that’s not what I like, now is it”
“Lollipop time for my anal slut then” he said though his cheek to cheek grin
“Please feed me your cock from my ass so I can find out what flavor I’m using today” turning around the chair I got on my knees hanging my head off the back of the chair. Mike and I had worked with this chair lots. And we had it down to a science of how hard to fuck my ass and not knock me off the chair and the back was at the best height. So all he had to do was pull out, spin me and I could take his cock ass to mouth. Mike called it lolloping and I like to call it lick a stick after a few guys have used my ass to cum in. Full of sex juices was the best way to taste cock because it can tell you so much about where it’s been. Is the cock dry and fresh or smelly full of pussy juices and just salty from sweat? Now if it comes from my ass it going to be coved in cum and everything else most likely. Unless you’re getting firstiest like mike in the morning. He flipped my skit over my back spread my cheeks apart and aimed his cock at my pick star fish. With steady pressure is entered my ass. So nice to be filled. Mike stuffed me as much as he could but he was not wide enough to hurt. A few long stokes and I concentrated on relaxing so when he pulled out I could keep my ass gaping for mike.
“Pretty pink hole you got there “mike praised as he turned my chair so I could clean him. His pick cock looked like it was coved with sugar lip balm as I worked to take his cock using just my mouth. Blueberry was the luck of the draw today. And it tasted good. Again he flipped me around to use my ass.” Make it wink for me “he instructed and he jabbed in and out of my ass. So I waited till I could feel the air filling me and then tensed and relaxed to show how well I learned from his Porn tapes. “That perfect keeps that ass tight and trained. No one wants an asshole that’s falling out “he slammed back inside me and I squeezed tight. “That’s I slut milk my cock with your ass.
“Pop “went my ass when he pulls out next. I could feel my ass juices spill out onto my wet pussy. It dripped to my inner thigh as mike started feeding me his slimy cock. He worked fast to get in my throat. Then finding his groove and started jack hammering my face.
“Which hole you want me to fill slut?”Mike question as he worked my throat. I could only slap my ass to let him know because he wasn’t going to let me talk. He fucked my throat till his nuts tightened and I though he was going straight to my stomach until he pulled out swinging me around so he could plunge into my ass. He only kept his cock deep enough for me to hold his seed and I used my winking technique to milk him more. His heat filled me and he twitched as he worked to empty in me. Then he pulled out so I could clean his cock. “Fuck you make a great neighbour” Mike start to say as I work to my mouth around his cock, keeping my hands of the back of the chair. Such a nice sweet girl that loves to get her ass filled with cum and knows that she has to clean my cock “I slurp that last of his cum from his shrinking cock. It sticks to my lounge and I have to work hard to clean it form my tongue as I swallow. .
We are in the Mikes truck fifteen minutes later on the way to school. I got to skip Dad which saves lots of time. Sitting between the b*****rs is where you will usually find me. If not in the truck then getting filled by their cocks. Today we are out the door fast missing any distractions and since the boys have been taken care of they would be good till noon. We arrived at school early which is lucky because as I head to my locker I pass to close to the janitors’ room and get pulled in by young ted. The Inside of the room has shelves holding supplies and just enough room for four men to stand with me on my knees and a place to fill the mop bucket. Today as I stumble in its just young and old ted’s. “Shit you looking plain today. Why not dress like the whore you are with a mini skirt and some stockings” says young ted.
“Easy “defends old ted “the plain skirt keeps her out of trouble with those who do not know. She still fucks us anytime we catch her. Isn’t that right Amy”
“Oh yeah “I answer “if you keep opening the doors you can fill me up any time teddy, any time.
“How about me slut I have keys too “young ted asks as he fondles my ass already pushing my skirt up. I answer by dropping to my knees only to find that young ted is ready to go, hard and pulled from his pants. He wasted no time and finds my mouth and quickly starts probing for my throat. This was not a lesson for me this is just a guy that like to fuck and he used my throat while old Ted watched
“”Well I can’t hold back forever, Amy you still want it in your ass”asked old ted.
“Please fill my ass ted I love feeling you fill my teen ass” and I lifted my ass up and took a nice wide stance to get low for old ted. In three stokes he had pushed himself to his limit in my tight ass. The two teds enjoyed bouncing me back and forth. One invading my throat while I coughing and gasping for air just be push on old teds thick prick buried in my ass.
Ted enjoyed making me gag as he plunged deep. Old ted encouraged him to keep it up because it makes my ass that much tighter. .Young ted didn’t have much control in him and pulled my head down onto his fizzy crotch. As he swelled and soon gushed down my throat’. I tried to swallow helping his cum flow towards my stomach. :”yeah you cum whore tell me how my cum tastes you slut“ Ted had cum way down my throat so there was nothing to taste but as a suck the last drops of cream from his shaft I found his flavor.
“You taste like the balls it comes from, salty and with lots of extra juice. Maybe you have to pull me in a closet till you thicken up”
“”Oh fuck if I could only take you home for the weekend the things we would do to you.”Ted huffed.
Old ted kept his pace as I worked young teds cock of all his juices. Breathing hard he said” Fuck ted you planted that load in her stomach. Great girl Amy I love hearing you talk. Tell me what you are Amy as I fuck your teen ass. Make it dirty tell me what you want.”
More the willing to please I told him “My name is Amy and I am a teenage anal cum slut. I like it when men fill my holes like the willing cum slut that I am. My mouth and throat are meant to be fucked. I love to have my ass filled with cum. I love to lick sex juices off cocks straight from my ass. Please fill my ass with your cum so I can taste It when I clean your cock. I enjoy eating cum from as many men as I can and they can have any hole they want. Feed me like the ass to mouth gangbang cum slut I want to be. “Old ted need no more dirty talked and slowed his pace as he filled my ass. The dirty talk got me going also and I could now feel pussy juices escaping running down my pussy lips. Ted pulls out slowly and I squeezed saving almost all he’s deposit. I felt some escape as his cock head pulled out. I reached between my help to catch the drip of juices I licked it from my palm as I sank to my knees Old ted nodded his approval as he brought his cock to my mouth. His cock glistened from the only light bulb in the room. Very clean with a little bit of someone’s cum stuck to the head. My ass will be just that until late afternoon then I’ll need to clean again. Using only my mouth I sucked I his cock. You could taste the blueberry lube strong still but now now a little taste of cum. I worked hard to empty teds balls since I know as such an old guy it was so much more appreciated to have such a cute slut like me worship his cock.
“K slut till I see you again” young Ted said as he opened the door to leave. I was still on my knees using my hands to milk old Ted’s shaft. Just as Sara happen to walk past. She giggled even though she only had a few seconds to see me feeding. . Nothing she hasn’t seen before at least. The door closed and ted laughed also after hearing her giggle.
“Dam I would have loved to have Sara’s tight cunt again” Old tony grunted. “Maybe you could bring her to me Amy”
“I’ll see if I can pull her aside so she can respect her elders” I promised as I stood up and adjusted myself. Not much need to clean up just a swallow from the cold tap and I was good to go. Ted still was putting himself away as I left the janitor room. I started walking towards my locker again. Quickly popping my bag in to my locker, then to the south doors to meet joey. Joeys has an old cruiser van. Inside everything was old school with a plush blue rear bench. Mini fridge and a big open area right where the door opened to the passenger side. On the outside it looked like the **** van, with rusted blue paint and pin striping coming off. Everything that I’ve done in that van was by my choice. For me that Van has many of my favorite road trip memories ever. Joey was waiting in his usual spot and when I go in the van it was nice and warm. Joey handed me a bag of weed.
“There’s a half let me know if you want more” Joey said “let’s get to the lake before next block””
“Thanks for the hook up. You don’t want to try my ass before we meet your little friends “I offered.
“Thanks cutie but you know I love watching you have fun first” Joey and I have been using his parent’s old camping van for more than just driving around. He always has weed and made sure to always taking good care of me. Every few days Joey gets a group of his weed buyers to pay extra for a chance to fuck me. He gives me way more weed then I could ever smoke. Often I give away the extra to friends. I have no idea how much he charges them and for now I don’t care because the men he brings are easy to please and come with lots of cum. Joey lit a joint and we were only half finished when we pulled up to our normal spot behind the tree line next to the lake. Two cars were there already. We pulled up so the early day sun faced the passenger side of the van. I open the rear side door and started taking off my cloths. The boys that came were quickly moving from the cars and forming a crowd to the side of the van. Three from one car and four from the other. To me the sliding door felt like a curtain and the floor of the van my stage. I began my speech as I put my skirt and top off to the back of the van “My name is Amy and those that are new if you want to return again you going to keep this secret. I am the dirtiest cum slut that you will ever meet and worth keeping it a secret. Rules are simple today you can have any hole you want but cum in my ass or keep it in my mouth so I can swallow your load. I am an anal cum slut that wants to taste it. Just so you know what gets me off is when you feed me juices from my ass. I love ass to mouth and will clean you after you cum. . Cum as many times as you want and we have over an hour till I have to be in class so enjoy your time. Max is three in the van plus Joey, the rest can watch from outside till someone tags you in. No shoes in the van joey keep it clean for me.” The boys are blown away. I remember at least 4 as repeats but any girl talking like that stuns most anyways.
I lay on my back with my ass toward the crowd. Making a large v with my leg, a foot on each side of the door. I used two fingers to dip three knuckles deep in to my ass. They went in with ease and as I removed them lube mixed with cum held between my fingers. ”Someone get to licking my pussy and who every wants to cum quickly start filling my mouth with cum, kick your shoes off and jump in”. As someone jumped mouth first onto my pussy I was licking off my fingers mostly blue berry. I wondered after my hour with these boys what my finger will look like next time I checked. Two boys scurried under my legs and worked to get their cocks out. One wearing mirrored sunglasses was first to get his cock to my open mouth.
“Fuck yeah slut you suck that cock. I’ve been waiting all week to feed you “With that he mounted my face and began pile driving my face”. After finding a nice depth in my throat he started counting down his strokes. “Ten...nine...eight” I could not control anything and focused on enjoying the guy probing my pussy with his tongue. He drove his tongue deep into my pussy, working my clit with his nose. Sunglasses was not that big and only was reaching the back of my mouth for most of his strokes. I worked on sticking out my tongue trying to get to tickle his balls. My pussy licker worked just as hard on my clit while others had found my holes and were probing both my ass and pussy with fingers while my clit got worked. “three……argggg". I worked to control the urge to cough and swallowed thick squirt after thick squirt from his dick. He pushed hard down on my face keeping his dick in my mouth while he emptied his load. He had lots to give and I had three full thick swallows till he pulled out to give me air. Fight the cough swallow again. I can feel two hands trying to poke fingers in my ass while another hand has at least three fingers thrusting into my pussy. Gone is my clit tickler who is moving in the van while sunglasses steps out. My face soon has three young cocks hanging over my mouth while I let my waist hang out the door getting invaded by fingers. I tried to give each of the boy’s room to jack hammer my face like sunglasses. Using my hands to keep the other two dicks happy I tilted up my head to straighten out my throat for the first guy. Again once the dick in my mouth found a rhythm he started counting down.
“Ten…Nine...” he pounded the back of my mouth again but not enough to reach my throat. So I worked again on tonguing the shaft of his cock while he got to zero. A rush of salt and bitter sex juices. I love it and savor the taste but lacked texture to stay on my tongue. “He started to pull away quickly but I grabbed him by the balls and shaft sucking the tip of his dick getting that cock emptied. “You want more I Know slut. I got more for you but newbie next in line want to see you swallow his load” I smile with true joy as his friend starts moving over my face. He was smart enough to take of his pants and I rewarded him by licking his balls and taint when it was close enough. I relished the thought that I was getting to show them how well I fucked. I would show them how a true anal slut fucks.
Newbie never found a rhythm and started his count down randomly plowing my mouth .When he reached zero he was almost at the tip of my lips. I arched my back just to keep him from popping out and spilling my reward. His cock twitched and his balls contracted above my forehead. His load filled my mouth with a decent swallow worth which I held in my mouth. I waited till he looked down at me and I made sure I had eye contact with me. I opened my mouth wide and showed him what he left. I, make a big gulp then showing him my empty mouth. “Newbie you’re cum taste like piss, cum in my ass next time “I state. Then hands were gone from my orifices. Replacing was someone grabbing both my legs working his dick in to my asshole. I relaxed back so the next guy could start aiming for my throat. This guy was seven inches and eager to start fucking my face.
He wasted no time and started hitting my throat fast testing my gag reflex. “I love how hard you can take to take it Amy. I love pounding your throat” I raised my chin to meet his thrust and he took a more aggressive pace. “We are going to fill you I can’t wait to take my turn in your tight ass.”
“Slow down a second “I hear Joey say. “Let me get more of these countdowns on tape. I know that Amy likes to watch her own highlights”. Seconds later Joey had my smart phone in my face as I was getting my face fucked, working two guys with my hands and another guy fucking my ass while he held my legs together. ”hey Amy what you doing under that cock”
I spit the cock out to look at the camera. While I rocked back getting my ass fucked I said “I’m being a teen count down cum slut. Three...two….one…cum. Cum in my mouth. Fill my ass make, sure I get to taste it.” Then I go back to sucking the spit filled cock, on my cheek. I looks great on my smart phone. When I pop the cock out to talk a spit stringer hang between my lip and the cock tip throughout. I smile and lick my lips catching that stringer just before I go back to putting him back in my mouth. Never tried to do that but it looks great. He then pulls back and looks around. One guy is fucking my face while I work a guy on each side of me with my hands. The guy fucking my ass looks like he’s found his sweet spot. You can see a guy put his hands between us hooking my pussy with a few fingers. I remember this part because he was nailing my clit and g spot and smashing deep in my pussy as the guy fucking my ass hit his hand. Damm It felt good I remember and was close to cumming.
Joey pans to the three boys stroking and waiting for their turn. “Boys if I were you I would take off you cloths, you’re going to be up very soon boys. Ready for another count you two.” The boys working my hole looked up smiled at the camera nodding in unison. I remember them talking planning how to fill my ass and mouth together. The though pushed me over the edge and joey counted down for the boys. I was already cumming when he reached three. “…. cummmmmm!!!” he came with the camera to my face and you could see my throat move as I worked to swallow. The guys howl and as they cum. I wrap my legs around the ass fucker so he can’t escape. I milk the shaft of the cock in my mouth showing him a drop of cum oozing form his piss hole. He likes that attention and I want him to know I love it just as much.
Slowly I let the guy in my ass slide out keeping tight not to lose and cum from my ass. I drop to my knees outside the van door in front of the cock that was just in my ass. Joey got this nicely on tape you can hear him saying “straight from her ass… lick your ass from his cock. You can see the ring of foamy cum under the guys cock head and collected at the tip. I open my mouth wide to take him in. with no hands I push my face towards his hips. Then I slowly engulf his shaft with my lip. As I strongly suck back on his cock it looks so clean when get to his tip. No more ring of sex juices under his head. Just the sheen of my spit. Tasting barely of blueberry I suck him making sure he’s clean. “Whoever was fingerer fucking her pussy making sure she cleans you fingers also”. The cold grass felt soft under my knees. I reach out and grabbed two cocks while I ate my pussy juices from a stranger’s finger. I move to the nearest cock and quickly vacuumed up his balls in my mouth. Moving shaft up I leave as much spit as I can. Then to the tip easily taking him in my mouth. I loved looking up seeing a mass of guys almost drooling as they stroked their cocks waiting for their chance to fuck me. . After making a few dives up and down his cock I pulled out to the tip. Slowly swirling my tongue around the head while looking up at its owner. I moved to the next cock closest and changed who got hand jobs. Again I sloppily devoured that cock. I could feel spit splash down my chest to my little tits. I make sure the crowd got a show as good as the best porn star. My braids bounced off my back in the morning sunshine. Someone has started finger fucking my ass. I hum with joy around the meat in my mouth. One of the boys to my left tells Joey that he’s ready for a count down.
I turn to face him making a nice pop when my lips come off the meat I was sucking. He wants to feed me fast and starts pumping my face. I grip his ass and stand up bending right over at the waist. My ass is up in the air exposed to all and I can pull myself in to meet his strokes. “Three…two…one….cumming “. I held him there by the hip while his cock pumped squirts of down my throat. I controlled him and held his hips using my throat to milk him. The guys were working clumsily, to get at my holes “Thank you boys” I said after spitting out the dick. ” Joey can you show the boys how I like to set up an anal train.”
“Ok boys its simple, Amy’s going to get in the van doggy style on the floor and someone get to start in her ass then two get blow jobs. Try to cum in her ass and then let her suck you dick clean. A wet cock goes in her ass then someone new get to come in when she’s done cleaning. The rest enjoy the show till it’s your turn. If you’re going to cum let us know so we can record it for Amy. She loves seeing herself be s slut and sharing with her friends.”
I got into position making sure my ass stayed nice and high. Two cocks were quickly at my face. I took them in greedily. Hands spread my ass wide followed by a dick filling my asshole. The pace is fast and I suck hard trying to please. Soon the guy ass fucking me is calling Joey over for the cum shot. On the video you see his cock twitch as he works to fill me. As he pull out a gob of white falls out my slowly closing ass. ”Use the top of you cock to bring that ass juice so she can taste it“Joey suggest. The guy takes his time collecting the escaped ass juices between my bum cheeks. Joey works hard to get a good camera angle of this while I try to wink my asshole without losing to much cum. Then when he’s happy with the amount he stands up keeping his cock to the camera showing the goo collected on his tip. I open my mouth wide while I look to the camera waiting. The guy brings the ass cum covered cock to my tongue first. I wrap my mouth around him working towards the base then back to the tip sucking hard at the gooey cock. “Someone has already found their way into my ass and is bumping me forwards as swallow the mix of juices. One deep suck then move on to the other dick letting the guy tag out some one new.
Its sun glasses who jumps it the van and I great him with by spiting on his prick before I swallow it whole. He gets directly in front of me and starts fucking my mouth. “You look so good with a dick in your ass” he says as I tickle his shaft with my tongue. The guy in my ass is calling Joey over and soon he pushes deep into me and holds tight as he fills my bowels. He takes his time pulling out showing the pink of my ass as it slowly closes. He switches spots with the other guy to get to my mouth while sunglasses watch and admires. “Look at your fuck hole staying open like the well-used slut you are. Bring that cock straight from her ass” Again I go tongue first at his cock closing my lips at his root sucking hard. I grab his shaft with both hands squeezing while I make my way to the head. I know how much all men love having their cock cleaned like this and show off the foamy mouth full of juices for the camera and the guys. They watch intently as I swallow. “You fucking super slut look at you show off” sunglasses says as he remounts my face.
I’m next up your ass slut and my balls are boiling. It’s going to feel so good to fill you up” Sunglasses grunts as he fuck my mouth. The guy fucking my ass works fast and he fills my ass after just a few strokes. He quickly pulls out and switches sunglasses for my mouth. The dick tastes strong of cum but I can smell my pussy juices on his balls. A “Your asshole looks so good” sunglass says as he probes my ass. I squeeze with my anal tunnel as I suck the new cocks. “Daammm for a gaping anal slut like you are your ass is so tight. Fuck whore milk my cock with your ass.” He took long strokes in my ass, pushing into his root then pulling out to see me gape. “Fuck slut look how much cum you got in your shiiter. I see all that white cum inside you slut” When he erupted deep in my bowels I could feel his warmth spread inside me. A guy has already started working my ass when sunglasses got to my mouth. “Suck my cock clean, look how dirty it is” I grab the base of his cock and look in to his mirrored sunglasses and I lick that cum coved cock from base to tip along the sides. I watched myself in the glasses thinking how much Danny and Mike would love my performance today.
As sunglasses was switching out Joey gave the 30 min warning, The boys started moving though fast and I was often cleaning a still hard cock that hadn’t cum yet. Most had already emptied once and were just enjoying me. It’s hard to tell how many had cum inside me before it was time to clean up. My ass was numb from all the pounding but felt good as I squeezed tight to get on my knees outside. I clean each of the seven guys cock and let anyone cum in my mouth if they wanted. Only three did, including sunglasses, before I had to go to class. “Thanks guys for filling me up. Hope we get to play again but Joeys got to get me to class.” I say as I stand up. “The boys still literally have their cocks hanging out as we drive away. I’m on the back bench seat cleaning up my face with some wet wipes. When we got back to school we parked in the back and joey joined me. He connects his laptop to my smart phone. “Well how about you Joey I take all that cum and you’re not going to join in on the show” I ask?
“Fuck no I just wanted to get great shots. Give me a bit and I’ll edit this video down for you. Danny’s been bugging me to get some of your best van trips for your web site, I tried not to even touch my cock and my boxers are still wet with pre cum” I reach over and grab his cock though his sweat pants and can feel the wetness. He helps my pull down his pants and soon I’m licking the pre cum from his tip. I take my time to start using both hands to f***e the pre cum to the tip. I lick away the white drops teasing Joey with my tongue. “Oh I’m going to need more than that” and then pushed my head down into his lap. His thick cock f***ed my mouth wide. He took a hand and grabbed me by my ass pulling me in using the other hand to control my head. He slammed my face as hard as he could thrusting his hips working my throat. “Open your mouth Amy! Choke on my dick!” he yelled as he slammed my face. He reaches in my to my asshole with his fingers and thrust in repeatedly. My well fucked anal ring opens up easily for his fingers. “That ass been worked good already, Look at all this cum on my fingers you come taste your ass juices” I obey and suck the three fingers he’s used to spoon the mixture of cum and ass juices to my mouth. “You nasty slut eat that ass cum!” He pushes me so I’m lying on my back with my knees near my ears my pussy and ass on display hanging off the bench. His wide cock spreads me the most yet this morning. My anal ring gives into the full sensation and loosens to his assault. Joey is always a great fuck and my pussy burns demanding attention from my hand. I rub hard on my clit, building to another orgasm. My juices flow freely from my pussy and make great lube. It’s my asshole contracting from my orgasm that sets Joey off and he starts bucking while he unloads his nuts inside me. It’s those warm spurts that keep my orgasm going that much longer. Finally he fell still atop me with his head besides mine. “Amy you will always be my true love” Joey whispered in my ear. I never answered but went to cleaning his cock in silence when he rolled off me.
The silence would be awkward if I wasn’t working hard to suck him dry while I thought if what to say. Joey knew the things I liked and my deviant desires. “I love it when you show guys how to fuck me like the slut I am. I love it when you take me on road trips. I will always be open for you.” I said as I clean my pussy and ass with my hand then clean of my fingers with my mouth.
“Yeah I know” Joey said with a note of longing. “Here’s your phone I downloaded the video and I’ll play with it later.” I got on my clothes and started putting them on. Giving Joey a kiss on his lips before running off class.
I only had a few classes and it was Math today with Mr. Roberts. Really I only kept a bear course load so I could stay in school for all the benefits it brings me. Usually I enjoyed things like math and did very well since it was so much easier with repetition just like lots of things in my sex life. Class with Mr. Roberts has been awkward since I’ve seen him at my job waitressing at the local strip club, so I struggled to concentrate. As I sat in my chair my ass tingled with emptiness. I tensed my ass muscles to make sure I did not loss any of this morning’s fill. I looked around the class and I have fucked every boy here and a hand full of the girls. Danny is sitting to my right in a shared desk. “How was breakfast” he asked
“I could always have more” I replied while trying to find a comfortable way to sit. My ass felt noticeable empty while my pussy still leaked juices.
“When are we going to finish that new DVD” whispered Danny
“Soon I hope, it’s been a bit since Britney hasn’t drag me along after work”
“Yeah I was hearing about last night already. Please text me if you’re going out tonight I hate missing out.”
“Sorry my hands were full but I’ll make a better effort next time” and under the shared desk I squeezed his crotch quickly. Mr. Roberts must have noticed Danny jump because he started his lesson loudly right then staring at me. I paid attention for the rest of the class. The last thing I needed was to fail math when I was in my last year. After math I went quickly to the gym door where mom was going to pick me up. She was waiting in her new white escalade which had a Smith b*****r Cars logo in the back window. I thought the banner Ad looked tacky but they did keep us in nice vehicles. I hopped in to the front leather seats. “Morning mom”
“hi honey” mom greats” you ready for some community service” She start driving to the local sheriff’s station.
“As always mom” I replied. Mom Was a great looking Thirty-six year old women. She had me young but that never held her back and she knows how to party, ask any of my friends and they will tell some of her block party stories. I hope to look as good as she does when I’m that age. Her near perfect body is barely covered by a tight white lacy summer dress. Her blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail that made her look even younger. She has always been great to me and has showed me how to get the most out of life.
We arrive at the Sheriff’s station. It’s a large brick building with a larger Double layer barber wire fence for prisoners’ rec yard. Not only was this a sheriff’s station for our county but also it had twenty cells for people surviving short sentences here or waiting to go to court. We go through the main doors but I spit to go to the jail side while mom goes to reward the boys in Blue. What she did here keeps so many of my friend s out of trouble. While she does her part I go to do mine. I help to keep everyone happy and in control. They guard love it because they know they will behave if they threat to take my visits away. I get to the first control gate and wave at the guard who buzzes me through. Short walks down a hallway and I’m in the holding area. There are six guards waiting for me almost the whole crew for the twenty cell jail. The only two that aren’t here are watching the front entrance whoever let me in and the person in the control room watching the cells. I have to make sure I don’t miss them on the way out. :
“Hi boys ready for your lunch break” I said as I stripped down naked. There was no reply from the guards but instead they started pulling out their cocks and stroked them. I know my role and took the hardest cock I could find into my mouth. I sucked it nicely trying to keep his pants clean since he just pulled his dick out his zipper. That seemed to be the preferred style of all the guys. I found it amusing how everyone’s keys jingled on their heavy belts along with other cop paraphernalia as I went from cock to cock. I kept my ass up high bending at the waist letting my slutty holes show. There was hardly anything said as I made my way round the guards with my mouth. The energy level was pretty low in comparison to even the high school boy that had just run a train on me. Does a young teen slut fucking these guys letting them use her ass as a cum dumpster become boring? I encouraged the guards “do you guys want to cum in this teens sluts ass or feed me”
“Shut up whore and suck” and my mouth was quickly stuffed with a dick. I was kind of insulted. I still felt that a whore sell her sex but a slut just love sex. There was a difference for me but at least someone was starting to invade my ass. These guards were mostly older men and as I’ve learned is that older me have thicker cocks. The stretch made me groan as he worked his way past my sphincter. I fell into the rhythm of getting passed around from Guard to guard key jingling like constant cymbals. My ass was stretched nicely and was taking the largest of the group. He pulled me back towards him filling me. I couldn’t help but scream around the cock in my mouth. The base of his cock stretched me in a good way and as his ball slapped my pussy I felt a wave of orgasm approaching. His pace in my ass quickened and soon I was screaming as I came around the cock in my ass. I was using the cocks in my hands to brace myself as my knee went weak.
“Legs straight whore I’m trying to cum here” ordered the thick guard in my ass. There’s that word again but I obey make my legs lock. He rocks me forward as I continued to cum. A cock is feed to me as I open my mouth to please. He pulls me back on forth on his pole filling me with each stoke until he stutters deep inside me gyrating. He savored the moment working to empty his balls inside me. When He pulls out turns quickly grabbing his cock.
“Please officer I cannot let you leave messy like this” I said while looking him in his eyes. He’s smile grew while I cleaned his juicy cock. Soon someone entered my ass as I worked the shrinking shaft. He walks away tucking in his cock to his pants. Someone stands in front of me to feed while my ass is being plowed. I ride a wave of men and my own orgasms. My knees weaken as another man fills me. I reach slapping his leg to jeep him moving. “Fuck me harder don’t stop keep me cumming” He gave all he had left which was unfortunately not enough as he started to shrink back. When I finally turned to clean him he was covered with my foamy ass juices. L open wide and took him to down to the base and back up sucking him heard. Leaving the cock nearly dry when I came off. Proudly I showed off my mouth full to the rest of the guards. Swallowing with a big gulp I expected more of a response from the group but instead he just stepped back and was replaced by another set of keys to jingle. Fuck my moth fuck my ass switch and repeat. I kept this rhythm up till the last few guards fill my ass. My ass may be getting full but sexually I feel Disappointed and unappreciated. After I suck the last guards cock he zips up and e****ts me to the cells.
I was feeling totally under whelmed by my time with the guards. Maybe I should be spending my afternoons somewhere I’m more appreciated. “Here you go whore eighteen cells out twenty, have your fill of all the boys except cell 13”. The guard explained “13 tried to spit at the Cell manager. BIG! Mistake” When the doors open to the main cell area a roar of yell seems to escape from the opening. “Enjoy” He says as he slaps my ass when I cross the door way.
The cheers are over whelming as I stood staring down the long row of cells. Each cell five feet wide ten on each side. With a ten foot hallway between each side. The boys were used to their lunch time treat and they hung their cock from between bars. “Yeah cum slut I’ve got your first load right here:” called out the guy to my right”
“Bring that slut ass here so can fill it” called out someone to my left. This is why I come here, to feel appreciated for what I can do for them. Most of the cells also have mirrors held out the cell so those farther down could watch the show as I worked my way down and they stoked their cocks waiting.
I stood their relishing the moment and raw lust. While I squeezed my ass tight to hold the cum already deposited I ached for the fullness I had just moments ago. “Slut! you going to lick your ass off my cock again? ” someone yelled from down the hall. I loved the power I held to use all my holes to pleasure these men in ways only seen in the hardest of porn. Knowing that they want me so badly my pussy dripped in anticipation. I went to my left and grabbed the cock sticking out and slowly drooled spit down on the long thick hard cock while staring at its latin owner. Then after working it with both hands I turn and aim it to my well fucked ass. Leaning back he easily invades me and grabs my hips setting a fast pace. Looking up I see the opposite prisoner stroking his cock in his cell. He can wait for his turn to fill me since the distance between was at least 10ft, for now he get to watch me get fucked. I smiled and moaned loudly as I got pounded from behind. The cock in my ass was nice and thick and the stretch burned as he went deep inside my ass. I reached up with my hand and rubbed my cock slowly knowing there were lots of cell to see yet. Some my ass was pulled against the cell bars while the prisoner kept his cock root deep as his cock throbbed with cum to fill my ass. I learned form the best and let him savor my ass for a few more moments before I turn and drop to my knees.
I make sure the opposite cell can see everthing as I take the slimy cock into my mouth. The salty cum taste from the cock fill my mouth. I stroke the cock hard from base to tip drawing up the last of his cum licking it slowly away as it comes drop by drop. Standing I hope to the next cell on the left leaving the opposite side for last. I attack the next cock with my mouth. It’s a dark long thick piece of meat that I tried to push my throat down on. Soon he got smart enough to hold my head against the bars and took control fucking my throat. I stiffened my legs bending at the waist holding my hand to my loosened asshole to prevent the cum from splashing from my ass as he gagged me with his long cock. The best way to allow a man down my throat is by lifting my head up allowing a straight path from mouth to throat instead of just banging my tonsils. I could feel him ready to explode but didn’t want to waste his juice so pulling away from the bars. “Hey you bitch I was just about to fill your stomach” complained the black cock owner. I kept silent but instead turned and guided his long back shaft in to my pink cum filled ass hole. “Oh I’ll fill your ass then, push back you slut” and after a few pumps he exploded in my add pulling me back against the bars. When he done he pulls out of my ass and I drop to my knees offering my mouth to clean him. “That it slut clean my cock” he said as I admired the strands of cum left on his dark black cock. When I touched the head of his cock he grabbed my head then pulled himself deep into my throat causing me to gag, almost making me lose control of my ass spilling the cum I’ve worked so hard for. When I came off the cock it was still full of my spit and juices. That was no way to leave a cock so again I went back sucking that long shaft clean. Happy with my work I moved on to the next cell I didn’t even look inside the cell just leaned my ass back against the bars and let whoever take what they wanted. Quickly my ass was being invaded again pushing past my elastic asshole. The guy had one hand on my hips and used the other to grope my tits. I laughed to the opposite cell watching a Santa look alike strokes his cock waiting his turn. After the dick had deposited his load I turned and showed Santa what type of treatment he wold get when I got to his side of the cell block. I worked hard to tighten my ass then moved on the next cell.
I felt so in powerful as I made my way down the cell block allowing each guy to cum deep in my ass. I hardly looked at the owner of the cock I was fucking or sucking but rather only enjoyed being stretched and the cheers of the men. I like the things they called me like cum slut, cum dumpster, and told me how much they wanted to fuck me. I enjoyed watching across the cells watching the guys’ stroke their cock waiting for me. The cells are number up to ten on the left down eleven to twenty on the right. Soon I could see cell thirteen. He must have really pissed off the cell block manager because he was zipped tied to the bars with thick white plastic straps around his arms and legs and even his neck. He was in a standing position with his dick out but with his arms strapped so he couldn’t reach himself. His cock stood achingly hard as he watch me get fucked. I teased him while I sucked a cock clean showing him what he could have had if he was a good boy. Next I move on and slide ass first on to the next cock. The last two cells number ten and eleven are empty. I remember when this cell block was full double bunking each cell. Forty guys would use me in so many nasty ways. I swam in the memory of those times while my ass got filled again. I squeezed my ass to milk his cock and keep that cum as I came off it. A fast spit polish then I cross the hallway and start at cell twelve working my way to twenty. I use my cock sucking skills to get him ready to explode only to turn and finish him off with my tight teen ass only to suck his cock again after. I wanted to tease the man in cell thirteen again and inspected him as I passed. His cock is hard and has drops of pre cum oozing from the tip. I would love to taste that pre cum it looked so tempting but I know better than to piss of the cell manager. Instead I went on to f******n and used my ass to milk the cock.
When I got to Santa it was a quick ride but with his belly he had trouble giving me all his cock. But he came in my ass all the same and I used my tongue to lick the underside of his cock while he tensed himself squeezing his last bit of cum into my mouth. Then on to the next one fucking each cock so it could fill my ass and like the well trained slut that I am I clean each cock to thank him for his gift inside me. The last few were very quick after waiting so long but I had to move slowly to make sure I could keep my ass tight so I would not lose any Juices. When I clean the last cock the opposite side is begging me to cum take another load but I have to leave soon. I wait at the cell block doors waiting to be let out.
A loud buzz sounds before I hear the lock click. When I enter the holding area again only two people are waiting for me. Cell manager Laura is a Tall amazon well-built blond with a short Mohawk. She looks powerful holing a long black baton. Next to her is a young guard who let me in the main doors. “Hope you’re having fun out there slut because you know you’re taking my studs cum. Those pricks inside those cells are for my fun times” Laura ranted.
“Just trying to do my part for the community” I answer meekly knowing she only wants me to eat her pussy again.
“Shut up miss goody two shoes and go lay on the bench, on your back!” Laura says as she starts taking off her heavy belt and pants. She looked so tall with great proportions of long legs and big firm tits. She laid her pants and belt on another bench then started taking of her shirt and bra. “Newbie you’re going to miss out if you doing start getting naked.” The young guy stood staring, it wasn’t till Laura straddled my head that he clued in and started stripping. She grabbed my heals and pulled up towards my head exposing my pussy and ass. “Let’s see how you did today you nasty slut relax that asshole of yours let me see inside you” As she held my legs apart I wasn’t hard to allow myself to open up after that ass stretching session. As I relaxed I could feel the cold air of the room inside me. “that it keep that ass up in the air so you don’t spill. Wow you are ass slut look at all that cum”. She started to play with her finger circling the ring of my ass hole. ”you think you’re the only one that likes to fuck” She says as she starts to lower herself on my face. I great her pussy with wet long licks finding a very juice pussy. “You taste that pussy get your tongue deep in there” she moaned out. “” can you taste the nights shifts crews cum because I made your there was lots in my pussy for you to taste” As I dig deep with my tongue I unleash a torrent of Juices. My mouth fills and I struggle to keep swallowing the pungent mix of cum and pussy juices. “Wow yeah good girl keep licking, Newbie you going to get some of the teen slut or what” My feet were lowered and I could feel him putting himself at the entrance to my pussy. As I kept licking he used his dick to push open my pussy lips. He worked in slowly while Lara started really grinding my face hard. The change of having someone in my wet pussy was nice and I think I was Laura’s hands playing with my clit. I worked to please Laura sucking hard on her huge clit. Her pussy was big just like her and it smeared its juices along my face. It felt really good to please Laura and with the amount of juices she was oozing was easy to tell that she enjoyed fucking as much as me. I took a rick and started to use the ample juices to start lubing he rose bud ass hole with my fingers. All it took was one finger pushing past her anal ring that set he in to orgasm. Her pulsing pussy pushed out even more cum and Juices. Taste, lick, swallow and enjoy the juices of a well-used sexy slut. Laura moaned “damm you’ve been trained to lick a pussy good. So young and already as nasty as you are make me wish I would have started earlier in life.” She continued to grind her pussy on my face while received a steady pumping to my pussy. I was in the moment enjoying getting well fucked and pleasuring another women. I used her juices to lube up another finger and started using two fingers on her tight pink ass hole. I could tell she was building to another orgasm and she started yelling. “Fuck her, fuck this slut, fill her little slut pussy” The pace picked up and I was the first to start cumming followed by Laura soaking my face in her wetness. Newbie felt so good in my pussy and I kept twitching as he kept pumping before finally filling my pussy with his hot seed.
“Ahhhhh” moaned out newbie in a long strong groan. He pushed his hips deep into mine. I could feel his warmth flood my pussy. Laura was nice enough to get off my face so I could turn to clean newbie’s cock. As I turned to get on my knees I could feel his cum fall on my legs but I held my ass tight. His white cock was tickly coved with sticky cum base to tip. I grabbed it by its base and worked it like a popsicle licking it from the sides I took my time being nasty for Laura showing her how much I enjoyed this task. After licking it very clean I took it deep in my mouth sucking hard as I came off.
“Good job Amy” Laura said as she started to put on her shirt.
Newbie held my head to the side watching his dick stretch my cheek out. I played along making loud popping slurping sounds when his cock popped out just to suck it back in so he could do it again. “So your telling me you took all eighteen prisoners cum on your ass, I want to see this bend over slut.”
I got on my hands and knees tilling my ass up, grabbing both cheeks to spread my well used ass. “There was lots on People I need to see this morning including your coworkers who I hope aren’t bored with this teen slut” I said as I tried to relax my sphincter.
“Use some fingers I want to see this cum pool” Newbie demanded impatiently. So I used my right hand to plunge three fingers on my ass easily starting the gaping. “You look full to the brim” Newbie says with astonishment,
“You didn’t cum in her pussy but you can add something to her ass” I heard Laura say as she walked towards me already in her pants again.
“Hold your ass open Amy I want to add to the party” Laura said as she stood above my gaping ass. She worked together a mouthful of spit and drooled that into my open ass. I sucked my fingers clean of my ass juices while newbie to his aim over my ass with his spit ball. He got up nice an close, it sounded so sloppy as he spat in my ass. I could feel it hit me making me feel like such a slutty nasty girl. “Ok you two get your stuff together we got to get back to work” Laura ordered. I tightened my anus up and stood slowly not wanting to spill.
Newbie stared at me as I worked to get dressed. “I’m going to like this new job if your part of the benefits”. I smiled then noticed the clock, it was five to one. Damm running late spent too much time with Laura.
I was cleaning my pussy lips of leaking cum with my fingers when Laura started walking me to the outside gate. I could feel more cum fall from my pussy as we walked out. My pussy is well used but not overused, but I could never hold cum in my pussy. It always fell out as I moved but I could always keep my well trained ass shut. We got to the gate and Cell manager Laura gave me a hard slap on my ass as we parted ways. “Great seeing you Amy I’ll make sure there is more cum inside my pussy the next time you come.”
I made my way to moms SUV making sure not to lose anything on the way. We I open the door mom greats me with “honey put in a butt plug I really like this new leather there’s one on the glove box”. Not wanting a mistake like before I open the glove box to find a four inch long Two inch wide butt plug made from clear plastic.
“Any lube? “ I asked.
“No sorry sweetie but do you really need any.” I gave the plug a spit wash before sliding it in my ass. I was not hard to push the plug till my anal ring could grip its neck. Once I had it in place I hopped in and we drove to the Smith b*****rs’ dealership. ”What was taking you so long” Mom Questioned.

“I got caught up with Laura she was very happy to see me”
“Yeah I always remember her as a Wall flower” Mom added.
“Well she has changed now” I said while trying to get comfortable with this butt plug in.
“The b*****rs will be waiting for us” Mom Said as we hit another red light. The drive took longer than it should and by the time we final got to dealership. We went past reception and straight up the stairs to the main office. The walk from the SUV was bad enough but the stairs with a butt plug is something that move your whole inside as lifted each leg. The hug office overlooks the dealership sales floor. The floor to glass the make up the far wall is mirrored one way so you can only see out. In the room there is a large group of guys in grey and blue coveralls surrounding a couch and the three b*****rs with Britney’s and Sara’s moms by the large Desk.
The youngest b*****r Rick greets us loudly “Well look who decides to join us. Come in come in. Amy I got the perfect spot for you”. He takes me by my hand and starts leading me to the group while mom goes towards the b*****rs who are being grinded on by the bothers. Rick breaks the crowd of Mechanics and I can now see Britney and Sara. Britney looks so fucking great; she is sitting on top of one cock in her ass while another guy between her legs also fucks her ass. She is using one hand to spread open her pussy lips while jacking off someone with the other. She is holding a butt pug that has jewels on the end that match her clit and nipple piercings in her mouth and she grins around it when she sees me. D****d with her head over Brits’ leaking double stuffed ass was the red headed Sara. Sara’s red hair bounced back and forth as she got pounded from behind and it was hard to tell but I’m assuming in her teen ass also. I didn’t really even see the men but rather was over whelmed by the sight of such unabashed extreme carnal lust. Sara was working to try to get at the white frothy juices that came between the two cock fucking Britney’s ass. “Get down here and help Sara Catch that leaking cum” Rick instructed. Mesmerised by the sight I willingly obeyed and got on my hands and Knees. The guys fucking slowed to a near stop and I and Sara went to work. As I licked up and down the stacked shafts with barley the head of the cocks stretching Britt’s ass. Her fuck hole wept cum from between the cocks at the sides and as I worked to lick that up to I thought to myself how you can’t even get type of debauchery even from the hardest of porn companies. Rick was reaching under my skirt and found my butt plug and started pulling it out so I felt the thickest part of the plug before pushing it back in. “everybody drop you last load in these girl because next we bring out the measuring cups” Rick yelled out before working his cock in to my pussy while he kept playing with my plug. I felt nice to have both my holes filled even if one was just a toy. The guys went back to working her ass and I watched and enjoyed seeing Britney’s ass so full.

I can’t express how much I love Britney. She is one of the few people I would every swallow anything straight from their ass but she is the one who showed me how to prep my ass for a long day of fucking so I know she is clean. Britney has the palest skin and the dark black tights that she has on her forearms and long thin legs make her look so much whiter. She has long thick black hair that goes down to her luscious ass. It looks so hot when she throws it around while she fucks. When I first found hard-core porn I thought I was perverted for even liking it but then I found Britney who was already doing more nasty things in her real life. She’s the one who showed me how to please a man and what fun it could be. She loved to fuck in every way possible and has practically trained me how to be an all hole slut. She was so well fucked that when she relaxed her ass and pussy both would gape. The butt pug she has in her mouth now is weighted with lead so she always has to hold on with her ass muscles or it would fall out as she walked. She often would also had two balls in her pussy just for the extra pleasure which I though was the reason her pussy gaped but really she had be taking lots of cock for many years She was always a stretch queen wanting more cocks in her, more cum in her, everything to the max.
Sara had been Britney friend for long then me and she has always been a part of our debauchery. She’s got a gorgeous slim tall body with perfect C cup tits which I always evened. She has nice red hair with a cute shoulder length haircut making her freckles look better. I tried not to compete with Sara but I was hard not to when we were both just trying to keep up with Britney. Her we were again both of us licking the sex juice of our best friend Britney. The boys in Britney’s ass managed to cum at the same time and when they pulled out us each to a cock to clean. I’m not even sure how many guys were standing in their coveralls but they were all yelling their approval. Sara spat out her butt plug an it landed with a thud on the floor. ”We need a new position if we are going to make this go faster I still have to go to work today” Britney announces before climbing off the guy underneath her. Rick was still fucking my pussy hard as Britney walked towards the bar and took one of the bar stools to the open area and bent over it. ”Any hole you want boys, girls get up here” she commanded! The guys had moved the stools for us and Sara had already cleaned up her depositor and was moving on to the stools.
Rick has me by the braids and is plunging at my pussy with fury. He yanks my head back hard when his cum filling my wet cunt. He pumps a few more time before he pulls out of me and yank my head to his cock. “Ok boy fast and furious you guy got to go back to work you got ten minutes then we measure” shouted Rick as I clean his thick sloppy cock. After doing that I found my stool and I positioned myself so I was to Britney’s right while Sara was to her left. Just like Sara I laid down so my ass was to Britney knowing the boys would be feeding her my juices.
Britney took a step farther reaching over and taking my butt plug out making a popping with my ass. “Amy give the boys all the options don’t be a prude” sucking my plug clean before spiting it out to suck another cock. The men started filling me working my ass mostly and using my mouth as a fuck hole. I only swallowed two loads but judging by how many guy were taking turns in my ass that were they were cumming. It was such a rush of men that I had no idea which hole the cock being fed had come from ass, pussy, or from me. For well past ten minutes Britney, Sara and I offer all three of our holes to anyone there. Allowing them to use us for their pleasure, to fuck as hard as they wanted and to drop more cum where ever they wanted. The guy had no mercy on us and used us just like three anal cum sluts should be used like, cum dumpsters making us clean cum coved cock from my slutty friend’s holes. Damm this is when I want someone to record us so I can watch it later seeing myself on film taking being so nasty. Ass, pussy, mouth slammed repeatly with their balls banging off my chin and my clit. Throbbing cock after throbbing cock filled my ass spilling cum deep in my bowels. I sucked ever cock put in front of me turning my head to see Britney getting ass fucked while Sara cleaned another sloppy cock. Finally Patrice the oldest Smith b*****r called an end to the fun.
Rick was already bring out a familiar set of big red funnels and measuring beakers, setting up three stations in front of the couch. The Smith b*****rs have been doing this for a while and our mother recommended us so we could make some extra fun money. My mom said she use to play the same game with the Smiths b*****rs’ dad before he passed away. The game work very simple push out any juices from your ass or pussy into the beaker using the funnel to help. The beaker get measured and you get a buck a millilitre if you drink it all and the guys bet on who was holding more cum. “Ok girls let’s get over here and see how busy you’ve been” Rick ordered. So we all walked over picking a place on the couch while the mechanic formed a crowd in front to watch. I liked to see how much cum I had inside me but the funny thing is when getting cum from inside me it really embarrassed me to make farting sounds. I know it sounds so silly that just minutes ago I was getting slammed in the ass while I licked cum off a cock that now making a fart sound while I pushed cum from my ass was embarrassing to me. I tried not to make any silly noises by just relaxing my ass while I hooved over the large funnel. The big red funnel prevented any waste because it was so big and hard to miss. I was very full by now and I looked forward of reliving myself of all the juices. As the large crowd of mechanics in coveralls, our moms who were now kneeling of front of the smith b*****rs sucking their cocks through their pants suits zippers watched us young sluts push cum.
At first the cum pours from my ass and I use my fingers to spoon out my pussy. Sara and Britney are doing just as well. Brit was using her butt plug to open her ass better. She looked so fucking hot sucking the plug clean every few strokes, enjoying the crowd’s reaction. Sara is fucking her pussy hard with most of her hand making sloppy smacking sounds. She was not the type to be embarrassed by what sound she made but she did like to embarrass me when she could. She would often expose me to strangers while I was experimenting with sex which usually lead to more fun but was always embarrassing to be seen being as nasty as I was. Sara is the one who showed pictures of me air tight with all three holes filled to the basketball team. That did lead to my first cream pie gangbang with more than ten guys but still. My ass was not dripping without pushing so I asked someone to find my butt plug to use it to open my ass like Brit was doing. Quickly someone brought it to me and after a quick spit clean I used it to gape my ass. More cum leaks out as I pull the plug out of my ass. Soon that doesn’t even work and I start to bear down pushing more cum and air making sick farting sounds as I do. I’m not the only one; Britney and Sara are working hard to push all they have inside them out. Britney laughs as she slaps her pussy to impress the crowd while Sara is using her hand on her pussy. Sara makes sloppy sucking sounds while she slams her fingers into her pussy looking like she is working to reach another orgasm. The scene for the crowd must have been intense with three young hot sluts pushing cum from their fuck holes.
The show didn’t last long before Rick called time. We used our fingers to push the last bit of cum down the red funnels into the beaker. Britney was licking the end of her filter when Ricked picked up her cum filled beaker to consider carefully. “580 cc’s! Well done Britney” Rick announces. He then picks up Sara’s beaker and the call out “360 cc’s! Wow Sara had a slow morning?”
“Fuck that just too many repeats. I need a new morning spot” Sara replied.
“You could always join me at the coffee shop. A double double and a ass fuck usually leads to some great tips” Britney adds.
Rick has my beaker in his hand, carefully deciding “530 cc’s, well done Amy you’re a very close second. You’re really figuring out how to use that sluty body of yours” I smile enjoying the praise. Looking over to Britney she winks at me adding her approval.
“Ok girls drink up to get paid up” Randy the oldest of the Smith b*****rs yells over the crowd. I look over and I can see my mom and Britney’s mom on their knee sucking Randy’s cock while he stands watching us. Sara’s mom was grabbing Rob’s ass pulling her mouth on to his cock. I remember taking my turn in front of Randy. He has a shorter cock but very thick which he used on my mouth for near a hour before he filled my mouth with loads of cum. While my mom was too busy to watch, the crowd of mechanics and b*****rs eagerly awaited us to drink up our cum cocktails.
As always Britney was the first and she began chugging down hers and Sara started shortly after. As started to bring the beaker to my mouth I felt like a super slut being watched by so many as I drank my ass juices. The first mouthful was thick and warm but as I continued to swallow it got thicker and thicker. I had to stop and catch my breath half way through. Britney was already finished her cum shake and was using her fingers to clean the container making a big show of it. Sara finished her’s as I started working on my slut shake again. Thick mouth full after thick mouth full I swallowed finishing everything in the beaker. Britney got down between my legs and worked on cleaning my holes. I held the beaker above my open mouth letting gravity drop everything into my mouth. Sara was taking the beaker away from me while I Swallowed the last chucky cum mouthful. As soon as I was done Sara was pushing me down on the couch. She straddled my face and found my willing tongue.
“I’m not getting off till you make me cum “Stated Sara as she started to grind on my chin. Brit is currently showing her tongue deep in to my ass and I could feel her wiggle it strongly in a circle. I tried to do the same to Sara and quickly understood how hard it is to do when my tongue started to cramp. Britney pleasured me while worked to make Sara cum.
“Ok guys’ shows over for you. Let’s pretend that I pay you guys to fix vehicles instead of fucking sluts. Get back out there” Rob yelled from behind his desk while getting blown by Sara’s Mom. She had the same bright red hair as her daughter and it was bouncing around as Rob slammed her throat. The boys shuffled out as I worked on making Sara orgasm. I had my thumb up her ass while I sucked on her clit. Britney has her whole mouth around my pussy sucking every bit of juice she could from my sticky wet pussy. I was feeling incredible as she kept sucking harder and harder while driving her tongue deep inside me. I could feel my orgasm building and worked harder on Sara licking up and down her used pussy then back to her clit tickling it with my tongue. Sara was getting close to cumming and started grinding on my face. Britney had started sticking her fingers up my sloppy ass which set my pussy and ass into orgasmic contractions. My ass clamped down on her fingers, my pussy around her tongue. This was astutely glorious to be the filling in this super slut sandwich. Wave after wave of orgasm rolled over me. I pushed my tongue into Sara’s pussy forcing her to cum and was rewarding for my work when she starting cumming too. I drank from her pussy as she came pushing juices from her well used pussy. We sat in our juices and sweat like a lump on the couch, Britney curled up around my waist softly kissing my hips while Sara enjoyed pinching my nipples.
We sat like that watching the b*****rs taking turns on our moms. This is often how our contest would end. Since I’ve turned eighteen I got a job serving at the strip club with Britney. We had to start soon and I need to eat. We excused ourselves quietly after getting dressed knowing our moms would take care of the b*****rs and the money we won would be paid out whenever we wanted. We all loaded in to Britney’s Jeep, which was a massively lifted four door Rubicon with all the steel bumpers lights and winches she could put on it. That Jeep was her pride and joy and you can guess how much cock she took to get all those cool parts added to it. It was a busy start to my day but I still have lots to go with work and tonight’s plans, but for the moment I enjoyed to top down and the wind in my hair.

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8 months ago
Nice little cum slut
9 months ago
I love this!! Great writing and I love your style.
10 months ago
Amazing story! Thanks for sharing! On to part two!
10 months ago
Great story. Please friend me would love to see everything in your profile
11 months ago
Luv it.
1 year ago
Perfect story, she is a good anal slut
1 year ago
9000 reads and only 2 posts not from me
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Nasty!! loved it
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very good
1 year ago
Well it really messed with the spacing when I moved it from my word doc. I was eager to post this so help with error but ill reread later