Gangbang Adventure.

When I met my partner we had only been together a month when he asked me how many cocks I had fucked?Two and he was the second.Why?I asked cautiously.Well,he said it gets him off knowing that other guys have fucked me and if I was in the right situation would I be willing to give it a try.I said maybe but the guys would have to have hot bodies,good looking and hung like him.He smiled and we fucked like rabbits all night talking about it.I guess
it was on the cards from that day on because 6 months went by and we packed the campertrailer and left for Darwin.We arrived in Kalbarri and decided to stay for a couple of nights because the surf was up and we just love the place anyway.After 2 hours surfing we got showered up and headed to the bar to get d***k and have some fun.The bar got full pretty quick as it was friday and to my surprise Their were some hot bunch of guys as well as girls but I could'nt help noticing a particular group of three guys looking at me and giving me a cheeky smile every time I looked over at them.Before long they had made their way right next to my side and began talking to me.Micheal,Steve and Rhys were stayin at the same camp as us and invited back after the bar closed.When we got to their place the boys were very polite and made us feel right at home with a couple of bourbons and a cosy couch to lay back on.My boyfriend,Christian was getting pretty horny and so was I.It was time to go to the ladies so I excused myself quickly.On my way back Christian came to me before I got to them and gave me a tongue job all over my neck and down my throat then whispered in my ear,I'll be back in a minute,go make yourself comfortable.As I walked into the den our hosts were all smiles and had a full glass in hand ready for me.I sat between Steve and Rhys whilst Mike sat on the floor right in front of me.I was sure he had a good view from where he was so I opened my knees alittle and decided to have a bit of fun.My skirt just barely covered the crutch of my panties which by that stage were wet with my horny cunt juices.Rhys leaned over to my neck and started kissing me.That was it I layed back and let myself go.By now Steve was kissing me and fondling my tits inside my bra.Mike reached for my knees and began to pull them apart while Rhys ran his hand up the inside of my thigh until he got to the crutch of my panties and slid his fingers inside to my hot swollen cunt lips.Steve pulls my top off along with my bra and started sucking on my big round nipples.God I was in heaven I thought.Three hot men ravishing me to bits and I was lovin it!Rhys and Steve had grabbed a leg each and had them spread as wide as they could when Mike slid his tongue from my arsehole to my clit.I told them to hurry up and fuck me please I could'nt stand it any longer.Without further ado they all stripped and got a cock in each hand and proceeded to position themselves around me.My eyes were just fixated on how big their cocks were.Mike sat me on his lap,spread my cuntlips and shoved his cock all the way up till his balls hit my arse then began pumping his big,thick cock slowly at first picking up speed as he got goin.Next Rhys has his cock thrust into my mouth and I almost choke on the shear length of it.With my hair firmly in his hands he starts to build up a speed that sattisfies him and wastes no time letting me know it.Just when I think I'm completely at their mercy I feel a tongue lubing up my arse.Rhys was'nt gonna be left out and before I could say something he's squeezing the head of his cock slowly but f***efully in my tight little arse hole.Telling me how he's gonna wreck me before the other guys get to fuck my arse.I am now impaled in every hole by three big cocks and I am loving every pounding second of it!They all had turns swapping around until they had fucked all my holes and blown as much cum in me till their balls were well and truely empty.Oh and my man got to film every second of it the sneeky barsted!He got to fuck me in every cum filled hole too.Now,where to next!
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3 years ago
very nice story.
3 years ago
Great story!gave me a boner.
3 years ago
great story more detail next time but well done
3 years ago
hot story