The Wife's Arrival.

My wife has finally realised a long dream of mine to be fucked by other men and was totally overjoyed by the whole experience.Now we have invigorated our evaporated sex lives.Here's our story.
.When we met our sex was unbeleivably exciting and spontaneously entertaining.We did it all except one.Her being fucked by other men.Of course fantasising was one thing but that's where she left it.I of course maintained a constant reference to the subject even when we were'nt fucking.After 15-16 yrs and five k..s later she was stilll adamant that's as far as it will ever go.Well that was till she joined the gym.She told me when we were first goin together that she's had an orgasm while working out!Man I knew then I struck the motherload.So I have that image tatooed on my brain and have always wondered what would it take to live out my fantasy.
.As luck would have it the personal trainer was just out of University,hot body,good looking and very inexperienced when it came to women.Especailly one who was hot after all the mothering over the last 12yrs.Best part was her tits had grown bigger along with her bullet like nipples.After 2-3 wks of intense workouts her body was definitely shaping up pretty good so I said to her if she reaches 8 wks non stop at 3-4 days a week I would take her out for the night along with a few of our friends.When she reached that milestone I told her I am booking the restaurant of her choice.Then she asked me to reserve a seat for her trainer as well as book us in at the casino resort for the night.Rhe night arrived the room overlooking the pool booked and the restaurant reserved for eight including Mike her tainer and his assistant,Tony.She dressed in a new skirt and heels for the occasion and looked an absolute dish.I got hard looking at her that we ended up fucking with my cum soaking her white lacy thong panties!Everyone arrived and Michele my wife introduced our close friends to Mike and Tony.They were toung guys of 26ish but boy did they have the bodies most men would love to have and good looking as well.Michele says while we are fucking that if she was to fuck other men they must be roughly the same age ( she's 33 I'm 51),hot muscly bodies,good looking and smell nice.So my thoughts were instantly what if she would fuck these two guys.They pretty much ticked all the boxes so I made sure our two new guests were in for one hell of a night but first I had to find out what they thought of Michele first without her getting suspicious and the guys uneasy.So we elected to go to the bar after dinner just to finish the night off and Michele and I retiring to our room to fuck like rabbits till whenever.Mike and Tony were well and truely relaxed after a few cocktails which they admit were goin down brilliantly.I noticed they kept looking Michele up and down quite alot which got my cock swelling so while Michele went up for a dance with our friends I slipped between Mike and Tony and asked them how things were going at the gym etc?They said Michele has improved so much that she looks pretty hot in her body hugging dress and heels they can't keep their eyes off her but were very quick to say it was a compliment and I am one lucky guy to be sl**ping with her every night.I thanked them and dropped the fact that she loved workingout that much she would literally have an orgasm be it only for 10 seconds or so.They could'nt beleive their ears and were speechless.I then whispered that if she was to fuck another guy you two would be the chosen few.Well their reaction was one of shock but definitely interested if I was happy if that were to happen.I looked at them and said it has been a lifelong fantasy of mine to see her being fucked by other men and that they would have my permission to fuck Michele tonight if all goes well.We high fived just before Michele came back.I wanted this to be a surprise so Michele would think I put these guys up to it and not on their own desire.Our friends decided to call it a night which left us four together.I mentioned to Michele how about we get some room service.She asked the guys if they would like to have a night cap before they leave,then looked at me and asked if that was ok by me?Of course!We made our way to the view from our room.Room service delivered our drinks and we toasted to Michele before I turned on some music then proceeded to kick back on the couch while our guests sat down on the arm chairs in front of Michele and I.Michele was quite d***k by now and very relaxed to the point she did'nt notice her skirt had climbed up to her waist and the guys and I could see the lacy white crotch of her panties covering her pussy.My cock got an instant rise not to mention our guests who were adjusting themselves due to the view on display.She made some lame effort to pull her skirt down but gave up instead.She leaned forward and whispered she is off to bed and not to stay up to long coz she's fucking horny.I said I'll see our guests are sorted and I'll be in their directly.She thanked the guys and left.When she left I winked at the guys and whispered pretend you guys are leaving then I'll go in the room and start on Michele then you two tiptoe in and wait for my signal.My heart was racing my cock was throbbing as I entered the bedroom.Michele was layed out asl**p on the bed and still had her dress on so I went to the guys and pretended to see the guys off voicing out aloud their goodbyes then closing the door.I said just follow me to the bedroom door and wait their till I check to see if Micheles' asl**p or not then I'll signal for you guys to come in and sit on the end of the bed.I spoke to her and gave her a shake on the arm but she was out so I got up and motioned to the guys go for it while I film the whole scenario and join in later.
.They both got undressed and I saw just how big their cocks were and the size of their balls.She is goin to get the fuck of her life from these two gauranteed.Mike moved in between her legs and slowly raised the hem of her dress till it was up to her waist.He then parted her knees till they were spread for them to take in the view and aroma emulating from her cum filled cunt from our earlier fuck session.The crutch of her cunt was wet from all the activity of the night which Mike got first sniff of then Tony had his turn.Both filling their nostrils with her aroma before Tony ran his finger along the lines of her pussy lips.Mike slipped her shoulder straps down from her dress and bras exposing those gorgeous tits to which he began kissing and sucking.Tony had pulled her panties to the side and was kissing my wifes pussy.He spread her cunt lips and licked the inside of her cunt.Michele began to move her hips which gave me a shock as I watched these two guys having their way with her.Mike slid his cock towards her mouth and I watched carefully for her reaction and fingers crossed she opens her mouth to suck his cock.What happened next made me almost cum right their and then.I am now watching two guys about to fuck my wife!
.Tony met her thrusts with his tongue well & truelly.You could smell the sex in the air.Tony raised himself over Micheles' pussy then began to fed his massive cock into my wifes cunt till he was slap bang up to her arshole with those cum filled balls.My eyes were fixed on her face to see her moaning softly while Tony began slamming into her cunt as Mike was pumping Micheles mouth hard and fast with that monster cock.Mike lets her know he's gonna blow his load and before my very eyes he slid his cock out and then blew his load all over her face!What a sight.I had my cock out and it needed releif so I moved to where Tony was and stood watching him pounding her pussy hard till he to began filling my wifes cunt full of his man cream as ut began to seep out the sides of her cunt.He wuthdrew his cock and I got in close to watch the inside of her cunt having spasms obviously from her orgasm she was having as well.Mike was hard again so he slid under her with her back on his chest so he coukd slip his cock in her arse.I watched as the mushroom head of his cock began to penetrate her arse till it was fully inserted up to his balls.Iwatched as Tony moved to her mouth and placed his cock at my wifes open miuth.I then moved my cock to her hot,red open cunt and slid my black cock into my cum filled wifes cunt.We all found our rythm and it did'nt take long before we injected Michele with more cum in all her holes.It was amazing to see her saturated with all that cum flowing from her cunt ,arse and mouth.The guys left and I proceeded to film her lying their in all her glory sl**ping like nothing happened.I cleaned up alittle but found myself fucking her again then falling asl**p titally spent and releived from the head rush.Next morning I woke to Michele having room service deliver breakfast.She kissed me and smiled then sat down to eat.She never mentioned anything about what webt on and so I kept my film in private till she asks me to see it when she's ready.By the way she did eventually!
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