What happens on the island - Part 3

While all three of us were willing, even eager, to try pretty much anything that involved our genitals, it became clear to Adam and myself that we were really most interested in fucking Julie, that we'd do anything to please her, and that despite her calling herself our sex slave, she was obviously calling most of the shots. She loved the attention, and she loved being able to control us with her amazing mix of southern sweetness and eager sluttiness.

Still, she wasn't the only one coming up with ideas. The three of us were sitting around the fire one evening, just as the sun was setting. Julie said she had to go to the bathroom, and got up. We'd intentionally put our "bathroom" - a hole in the ground - where we could see everything, so Adam and I watched her go over and stand over the hole, legs spread, squatting. He leaned over at me, stroking his cock, and said "Have you ever watched someone taking a dump before? It's kind of weird, but cool."

I hadn't, and there was no time like the present to try it. "Hey Julie!" I said. "Hang on a sec, I want to watch."

She fingered her pussy a little and stood a little straighter. "Well then get over here, you dirty son of a bitch. I've never shit in front of someone before, but I will." That made me wonder who Adam had seen, but I left that curiosity for another time. I walked over to where Julie was standing. "You want me to turn around, so you can get a better view of my ass, baby?" she asked, playfully stroking my half-hard cock. She turned, and squatted again, bending over a little more than last time so her ass hung out toward me.

I watched in filthy pleasure as she began crapping into the hole. Adam was watching us both, grinning from ear to ear. I hadn't told Julie, but just when she got up, I was thinking of doing the same, as I had to pee. So as she finished taking a dump, I aimed my cock at her fat round ass and let go, peeing all over her. She squeaked a little in surprise, then giggled, "God, you are a nasty motherfucker, aren't you! I love letting you use me as your toilet, if that's what my master wants!"

Adam was staring, and exclaimed, "Holy Fuck, dude! You're pissing on my girlfriend. Wait for me!" He came over and urinated all over her as well, while she masturbated furiously.

When we'd finished, she stood up and turned around. Her legs were dripping, and her fingers were buried deep in her fat hairy cunt. "Thank you, masters! May I go get cleaned up now?" We agreed that she could go for a swim with us. "You're very kind! And would my masters allow me to return the favor?" We hadn't thought of that, but in keeping with our "anything goes" rule, we both agreed.

Later that evening, Julie looked at me and said "I have to piss. It's your turn, big boy!" She took my hand and led me to a spot a little away from the camp, and asked me to lay down, face up. She straddled me, and in the light of the fire I could see her parting her hairy lips and wondered where she was going to aim. My question was answered seconds later, when she released a hot stream over my cock, then slowly moved up my chest, stopping just short of my face. When she'd finished, she thanked me for allowing her to use me like that, and I took a quick dip in the lake to clean up before sitting down again.

Late that night, I heard her wake Adam up, telling him that she had to piss, and she was either going to do it there in the tent or outside, his choice. He got up and went with her, and I heard them walking through the woods for the same spot she and I had used earlier. I followed a little behind, looking forward to the show in the moonlight. I watched her repeat her performance, relieving herself on his rock-hard cock and then his chest. However, after she finished, instead of stepping off of him, she sat down and impaled herself on him. I watched her tits bounce in the pale moonlight as she rode him hungrily. Without saying a word, I walked over to them and began masturbating in her face, slapping her face with my cock. In a few minutes, as Adam came deep inside her, I exploded, shooting my cum all over her chubby young face. She licked me clean, then slowly got up and walked back to the tent. Without even cleaning herself up, she went back to bed, letting us smell her sex and piss all night long.

All three of us were so horny from the smell that we woke up and masturbated, or fucked whoever was closest, several times that night
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