What are neighbors for?

The recent ice storm knocked out power for most of the county, and it was out for more than a week. When you're in the country and on a well, that can be a major issue. Fortunately, we have a generator big enough to do more than light a couple light bulbs. We might still be in the dark most of the time, to conserve gas, but at least we could manage a hot shower. Since we get along well with our neighbors, we mentioned that they would be welcome to use our guest shower some time.

I was sitting at home alone, since I didn't have to work that day and my wife did. My cell rang, and it was my neighbor, asking if she could come over and take a shower. I said sure, and went out and started the generator to make sure there's be hot water for her. She came over a couple minutes later, wearing the grungy sweats that had become standard in the neighborhood as people tried to stay warm and comfortable. I suggested she wait a bit to let the water heat up, so we sat and talked about stuff in the neighborhood. After about ten minutes, I checked to see if the water was hot yet. It was, but I told her that I didn't have any lights on, so she'd have to shower in the dark. The one window in the bathroom doesn't let in a lot of light. "Or, I could just leave the door open," she said with a wink and a sly smile.

"Suit yourself! I promise to behave myself." I lied. It would be impossible for me to not at least try to peek, though I doubted I'd see much in the dark. Anyway, I thought she was just k**ding, so I figured I'd play along. However, instead of excusing herself and going into the bathroom, she started undressing right there in the living room. When she took her shirt off, I was thrilled to see she wasn't wearing a bra. Her perfectly shaped tits looked like they belonged on a woman a third of her age, and I couldn't help staring.

"You like them?" she giggled? "They cost a pretty penny, but I think they're worth it. He likes them too." I could imagine! "In fact, that's why I needed a shower right now. With the k**s at school and both of us sitting there cold and bored.. well, first he started playing with these.." she squeezed her breasts together playfully, pinching her nipples ".. and before long he gave me this." She pulled down the front of her sweatpants, pulling her panties down as well, and showing me a perfectly trimmed bush and a luge load of cum oozing from between full, dark brown curly labia. It was matted in her bush, and soaking her panties.

I licked my lips and whispered to myself, "Holy Fuck!"

"I'm glad you like it. I can't believe I'm doing this, but I'm still horny as fuck. If you want to add to this mess, this is a one-time only offer, and we can never tell anyone. What do you say?" To answer her, I stood up in front of her, then put both hands on her ass, sliding her pants down and letting them fall to the floor, leaving her naked in front of me. I slipped my own pants off, grabbed her ass and lifted her, then carried her to the nearest wall and impaled her on my cock against the wall. "Fuck Yes!" she screamed, "I thought you'd say that!"

My cock slid easily into her sticky, sloppy wet cunt, and my balls swung and hit her ass with every thrust as I pounded her against the wall. The only sounds we could hear were the generator running outside, and our sloppy fucking, bodies slapping hard and fast, as we panted in each other's ears. She fucked like a desperate a****l, and it was obvious she wasn't far from an orgasm even when I fist slid into her. When she came, her twat clenched tightly around my cock, squeezing some of his cum out between us. I felt her ass tighten, and her legs pull me in. She screamed in my ear, and then went limp. With her scream, I exploded inside her, depositing my own hot, thick load where her husband's had just been.

We collapsed on the couch together, naked and sweating in spite of the cold. As I slowly became aware of my surroundings again, I was shocked to see her husband sitting there watching us, also naked and masturbating1 He'd let himself in, using her moaning and screaming to mask the sound. She grinned that same seductive, evil grin she'd given me earlier and asked him, "How was that, honey? Is that what you wanted to see?"

"That was fucking awesome!" He looked at me. "Thanks for playing along, and sorry for tricking you a little. I've always wanted to watch her fucking another man, and we thought this would be about the best chance to do it with someone we can trust. Don't worry, nobody else will ever know. Especially not your wife!" I relaxed a little, knowing I could trust him. "And don't think I haven't seen you staring at her over the fence. I knew you wanted to fuck her years ago." He smiled, and she wiggled her bare ass on my lap.

We ended up showering together, and sharing her in the shower. I don't know if it will ever happen again, but I made sure they knew I was willing! She's quite the nasty little MILF, and I can't believe I've lived next to her for ten years before finding out!
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Very nicely done!