Hot tub heaven

My wife and I and another couple we're close to recently rented a cabin in the mountains for a little vacation. February may not be the best time to go into the mountains, but it's certainly peaceful, it's cheap in the off-season, and it was the only time we could all get together for a week. The cabin was really more of a house, and a nice one at that! Three stories, four bedrooms, jacuzzi tubs, a hot tub on the deck, full kitchen, rec room, the works. A week of solitude, good food (we all like to cook), and plenty of alcohol was just what the doctor ordered for our stress.

The third night in, we were all hanging out in the hot tub. The air was freezing cold, so we were all sunk down to our necks in the bubbling water, relaxing and chatting after an early dinner and plenty of wine. After a while, my wife commented that the wine and hot water were loosening things up, and she needed to head to the bathroom. when she grabbed a magazine, I knew she'd be gone for at least half an hour. Someone joked about making more room for the homemade pizza we'd had earlier. Jen (the prettier half of the other couple) turned to her husband and said "Say, honey, now that I think about it, that does sound good. Why don't you go make another pizza and we'll have it ready when she get's back?"

He thought for a minute, finally agreed that it did sound good, so he slipped out of the water, wrapped a towel around himself, and quickly ducked inside before he froze to death. Jen sighed contentedly and slipped deeper into the water, until just her head was visible. She called after him just before he closed the door "Make sure to put lots of mushrooms on it, Brad!" He shot her a quick thumbs up and shut the door, headed for the kitchen.

As soon as Brad was out of sight, Jen (who was facing me) leaned forward and stood up, straddling me. She was topless! I'd admired the way she filled her bikini quite a few times, but I never expected such firm smooth breasts on a 40 year old woman. She sat down on my lap, her hand sliding down the front of my shorts and caressing my cock - which had been soft until then. I felt it grow as her fingers teased and stroked my shaft and she pressed her bare chest against mine. She leaned over and whispered in my ear "Think you can fuck me and cum before they get back? I'm horny as hell and ready whenever you are, if you've got the balls to do it."

We've been good friends for quite a while, but I never thought (outside a few masturbatory fantasies) that this would actually happen! Maybe it was the wine, maybe it was the half-naked woman with her hand on my cock, but I barely hesitated. "Fuck, let's do it, baby!" I reached up to pull her bikini bottom off, and it was only then that I realized she was already completely naked under the water. I slipped my hand between her thighs, feeling an incredibly long and curly pair of labia beneath a silky smooth mound, and her clit like a little pebble, hot even in the heat of the tub.

Jen threw her head back and raised her perfect breasts out of the water as she slid herself onto my now-throbbing erection. Even with the water drying her out I could feel how wet she was, and she settled herself easily onto me, balls deep inside her with a single slow stroke. I reached down and squeezed her breasts, sucking first one nipple and then the other, biting them softly as she moaned and bobbed in the water.

Feeling one of the jets hitting my leg, I had an idea, and pushed us out toward the middle of the tub. I turned us so that the jet and bubbles were shooting directly between our legs, tingling our asses, my balls, and her pussy lips as we fucked, wilder and hotter with every passing second. The effect was mind-blowing, and we were both cumming in minutes. To keep herself from screaming, Jen leaned over and bit my neck, hard. I was too busy pumping my seed into her sopping wet cunt to think about the explaining that was going to take.

After we'd both calmed down and stopped shaking, Jen slid off of me and settled back into her seat as though nothing had happened. About five minutes later, Brad appeared with a piping hot pizza - pepperoni with extra mushrooms. My wife came back soon after, and everybody was back in the tub, enjoying wine and fresh hot pizza. I felt like my face was on fire, and I tried my best to hide the hickey that I knew must be there. Before long, my wife looked over and said, "Umm, honey? Is that a hickey on your neck?"

My mind raced, trying desperately to come up with a lie that would save my ass and my marriage. Before I could speak, Jen smiled and said "It's a beauty, isn't it? I just gave him that. And he gave me this in return." She stood up. None of us, not even me, had realized she was completely naked. I thought she'd slipped her bikini back on. As she stood there on the seat, bare pussy exposed, she slipper a finger deep inside her and pulled out what was obviously a stream of sticky white cum.

I was mortified, but to my utter shock both Brad and my wife smiled. They stood up and stripped, leaving me the only one who wasn't completely nude. "Come on, you too! Take those shorts off!" Since I was still in shock, the took matters into their own hands, each taking a leg and pulling my shorts down underwater. I slid into the water and choked a little, coming up gasping and confused.

When I could breathe again, I looked around. "What the fuck is going on?" I asked. They all looked at each other, as though trying to decide who was going to speak first.

Jen said "If you two aren't going to tell him, I will. Yesterday, while you were in town buying groceries, I walked in on these two fucking each other's brains out. You know, you really ought to have locked the door or something, Brad." She had an odd mix of disgust and amusement in her voice as she spoke. "I told them that two could play that game, and that they weren't the only horny people in this cabin. I also told them that you had a right to know what was going on. They begged me not to tell you.." Brad and my wife hung their heads in shame. ".. but I said you were going to know tonight, one way or the other."

"But I also had to admit that seeing them together got me horny as hell, even though I knew I should be trying to kill one or both of them. So we decided to give you a chance. We set it all up. They'd leave the two of us alone, and I'd come on to you. If you were as willing to cheat as they were, we'd all be equally guilty and nobody would have a right to be mad. If not, I would tell you what I'd seen and give you a chance to fuck me out of spite. Seems you're just about as immoral as the rest of us, so here we are, four married horny cheaters, naked in a hot tub. So now what?"

I looked around at the three of them. Jen smiling like the cat that ate the canary, Brad and my wife looking at me with soft pleading in their eyes. I thought about it - I HAD just fucked Brad's wife, and we all knew it. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd been watching secretly (turns out, they had). We were, as Jen had said, equally guilty. I didn't want a divorce, and I definitely loved fucking Jen as much as I loved fucking my wife. Finally, I smiled and said "Okay, so are we swingers now?"

The only time any of us wore a stitch after that was when we had to go into town. There's an incredible thrill in watching a friend fuck your wife as she's bent over a freezing porch railing, tits hanging, and you're doing the same to his wife right beside them. And sl**ping with four naked people in one bed can get really interesting, to say the least. More than once I fucked whatever pussy happened to be handy, and wasn't ever sure which one it was. My wife even shaver her pussy so that they'd be more alike, and we frequently played a game we made up, called "Whose is it?" One of us would be blindfolded, and the two of the opposite sex would start doing something - sucking, licking, fondling, or fucking, and the blindfolded person would have to guess which of the two it was. Turns out, we're pretty evenly matched!

A hot tub is definitely a magical place!
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1 year ago
Great story. Sounds like a fun time for all.
1 year ago
Lots of fun welcome to the club
1 year ago
great day to have a hot tub and hotwives
1 year ago
very HOT