Never knew I'd enjoy that...

I was hanging out at a friend's house the other day, drinking, playing on the Xbox, generally having a good time. His wife and I were flirting a little bit, like we always do, but nothing over the top or anything. My wife was out of town, so I'd already planned on spending the night there on the couch, something I've done a number of times.

While we were playing, he got a phone call and had to go to work, headed out of town overnight. After he left, she and I kept playing and drinking, since it was just the 2 of us in the house and we had nothing else to do - and of course we were way to d***k to go anywhere else anyway. of course, it wasn't long before the beer overwhelmed her tiny bladder, and she went off to use the bathroom.

Between all the beer I'd had and the sound of her peeing, I couldn't hold it either, and I stood beside the door dancing, begging her to hurry up. She giggled and said "there's room for you too, if you can;t hold it. Come on in." I opened the door, and there she was, sitting with her shorts and panties around her ankles, legs spread wide, slid back as far as she could get on the seat, leaving me room to piss between her legs. At that point I couldn't hold it, and excitement and need overwhelmed modesty, so I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out of my boxers, aiming between her thighs and trying not to stare at her lovely auburn bush.

she was still peeing gently as I unleashed my own stream. The feeling was exquisite, the release, coupled with the erotic thrill of seeing her pussy spread wide open, and of course knowing just how dirty this was. As I was pissing, I looked up and saw her smiling the most seductive smile, and when I looked down again she'd slid forward, putting her pussy directly in the stream. I was pissing on her clit, and the thrill of it made my cock throb! She noticed and said "you like that, huh? Want to know a little secret? You're pissing on his cum, too.. He fucked me right before he left for work."

All I could think about was the dark curly cunt lips I was pissing on, parted around a cock, and milking it. when I looked again, I could see a little of his cum oozing from her slit. As soon as I'd stopped pissing, she leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock, taking me in her mouth and feeling me swell as she encouraged my erection. She looked up at me with her lovely green eyes, then leaned back and slipped her blouse off, exposing incredible tits. She's a little chubby, with natural EE tits, and I've stared at them more times than I can remember. Without thinking, I reached down and started massaging them, feeling her nipples like little rocks between my fingers.

She stood, and I sank to my knees, eagerly leaning in to kiss her filthy cunt. I could taste the piss and the cum, but somehow her cream made it so erotic that I didn't care. With one hand I reached up and squeezed her breasts, and with the other I reached around and massaged her curvy ass, pulling her hard against my face. I curled my tongue and caressed her clit, then dove deep inside her, licking every kinky taste I could from her before sucking softly on her clit again. She moaned and ground her cunt against my face, squeezing my hand against her tits. Then she kicked her panties and shorts from her ankles and threw her leg over my shoulder, opening her freshly fucked pussy for me to kiss as deeply as possible.

My head was buried deep in her thighs, but I could hear her moaning, and she started to scream, then came on my face, squirting like no woman I've ever fucked before. As her orgasm subsided, she slid down on my, pushing me to the floor and settling her quivering pussy onto the head of my cock. She kissed me deeply, then slid easily down to the hilt, and I could feel her soft ass cheeks touching my balls. She grinned and said it was my turn, both to cum as she had, and to fill her with a hot sticky load. I watched her tits swaying as the rode me lustily, and kissed her hard, then whispered in her ear "I can;t hold it.. are you sure?"

She looked down at me and grinned and evil grin. "It's a little late for that now, don;t you think? You've pissed on my cunt, licked his cream from me, swallowed my cream and my orgasm, and you're fucking me harder than I've been fucked in years. You tell me if I want your cum in my twat, honey!" With that, I exploded, ramming my shaft deep inside her, feeling the opening to her womb, grabbing her ass so hard I left bruises. After what felt like hours of cumming, I collapsed beneath her, and she rested on top of me, still wriggling and milking my cock.

We eventually took a shower together, and then spent the rest of the night alternating between drinking, playing Xbox, and fucking in every place and position we could think of. We even went outside naked, in the pitch dark and freezing cold, fucking in the fenced in back yard. By the morning, I'd cum more times than I knew possible, and in every conceivable place on her body. We'd christened every room and every piece of furniture. the wildest was probably when she had phone sex with her husband while riding me (she told him I was passed out d***k, and she was fucking herself with a dildo). He came almost before they got good and started, but he kept talking and listening as she got incredibly filthy on the phone.

Now, all I have to do is make sure my wife NEVER finds out!
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2 years ago
2 years ago
I have read your story last week..great one
2 years ago
Very hot story..
2 years ago
Loved this story! Very hot!
2 years ago
Nice one
2 years ago
I'm wet now thank you
2 years ago
Hot indeed,,wow thanks
2 years ago
Really really hot story
2 years ago
dude great story...every bit. nice job!
2 years ago
A brilliant experience.
2 years ago
that was fucking hot my pussy is so wet cant wait till hubby get home