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[Story] My wonderful nieces...

My “inzest” f****y interests started at a young age.....before I even knew what it was, and that is was highly taboo that was scorned by society.

I am the youngest, coming from a large f****y, eight of us in all, but I was kind of a surprise for everyone. I dropped on the scene some 12 years after my closest s****r.
As was the case in those days, most of my siblings had moved on, got married and started their own families during my early years, except for my third eldest s****r.
Tiffany had returned home after a failed relationship to care for our mother. With her she brought her twin gi... Continue»
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[Story] Market day!

Market day....a day filled with visual stimulant and an abundance of flesh.
The city usually hosts a market day at the park grounds on a monthly basis, the second Sunday of each month. I generally try to get to a couple of them a year, mainly because of the fresh produce on hand, and wall to wall skin......female skin.

The town bus also runs a special day service just for the markets. In and out only once on the day, it leaves at a much earlier time of 6am sharp, returning after 6pm in the evening. Sure, it’s a long day, but I generally find plenty to keep myself from boredom. As per usual... Continue»
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[Story] The neighbour, continued...

So, the next time I saw Michelle (to talk to) was a few weeks after our little episode...
I was sitting at the bus stop waiting to go shopping in the city when she strolled up and sat next to me.
“Going shopping?” I quizzed. “Yes” she said. “Ah, cool, me too” I added with a grin.
I apologised again for the other day and she said it was ok; she had enjoyed it and soon after had gone home and made wild passionate sex with Tim, her boyfriend. She did not explain her wanton condition to him and he never asked. She asked if there was a chance of seeing my monster a little closer, as the view the... Continue»
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[Story] My neighbour(s)

It was a beautifully crisp, yet foggy early summer morning. The sun was up, though still obscured by the tree line on the hills surrounding my home town. I checked my clock, 5.40am. Gonna be a great day I thought.
I was seated at my desk looking out over the gully that runs between me and Sandy’s house. I had on my old trusty track pants, and even though I did feel slightly uncomfortable (hot) wearing them, they were by far the best apparel I had for flashing. Old and loose, the elastic in the waste was almost non existent, and the simple task of just standing would allow them to fall, by “pu... Continue»
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[Story] Hot summer with Aunt Sue

Hot Summer with Aunt Sue......

As a teen, I spent many a year holidaying at my Aunt Sue’s. Not all year, but a week here and there, usually over our hot Summer months around Christmas. Aunt Sue was my Mom’s elder s****r, and had always been my favourite....I guess it was because she used to refer to me as “her little man”.
Hello, my name is Timothy, or Timmy as my Aunt liked to call me.
Aunt Sue was widowed; U. Jim had passed away at an early age, electrified at his work. Aunt Sue never really recovered all too well, not even bothering to try the open field again. My visits, at Mom’s enco... Continue»
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[Story] Old friend contined...

So.....the time frame between Jude's next visit was HUGE!
I mean, it was well over a month, closer to 6 weeks....I was concerned that maybe the last time she called, maybe it wasn't fully to her liking...
Oh, how things can change.......Or did it?

Yep, not 2 days after my anxiety was eating into me, Jude rolled up.
Our run of hot weather had continued, much to my dismay, but my prayers were answered this day.....yet again.
It was early evening around 6pm. The night air that was slowly moving in was doing little to relieve the heat that had built up all day.
Jan, my mom, had gone for a ... Continue»
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[Story] Old friend

This is a tale (?) about a good friend of my Mother.
My Mum is 89 and legally blind. She can just manage to make out who someone is if they are as close as a metre away. Beyond that and it’s a blank blur. She also suffers from hearing loss, so that can catch her out at times.
My name is Jim, and I’m a live-in carer for Jan, my Mum.
The youngest of 9, it was always my “duty” to look after our Mum. Now, at a single 39 years old, I have no love life to speak of, aside from my computer (porn) and my trusty right fist…..you get what I mean…..

Now, my Mum, with all her friendliness she oozes, ... Continue»
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[Story] My neighbour.... (prequel)

So, I thought I should give you some background regarding this lovely women who lives next door.

My story really started way back in my early teens as I said.
Sandy, who was a great looking girl back then, was the food for many masturbation fantasies I shared with my best mate.
Intermixed with regular visits between 3 families, my mates, Sandy and her hubby and mine. My parents and my mates parents were a lot older than Sandy and her new husband back then, but they had always been great friends.
An almost ritual like gathering was always of a Saturday night, getting together at one of t... Continue»
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[Story] Summer at the beach

It was a stinking hot summer back in '94.
At home on summer vacation, we had a few relatives arriving ready for the big Christmas gathering we usually put on at our place.

The whole week went really well, lots of hugs and kisses, heaps of presents getting opened, partying, drinking (for the oldies anyway) and just a load of good ol' fashioned FUN!

Most of them moved on after Boxing day, heading back home, or venturing farther to continue their holiday. Aunt Sue however, decided to stay an extra week. :)
This I liked, as Aunt Sue was one of Mums relo's I did like. LOL A LO... Continue»
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[Story] Sexy Mum and Aunt (part II)

Well, I think we were ALL a little surprised by what just happened between us.

Maybe not so much, little.....
Mum said,"geez, no wonder I got covered the other week".
I just looked at her with a blank expression...
She then went on to tell me that she had caught me masturbating at my desk, and my sperm had flew all the way back to my doorway, covering her nightie.
"Oh" I said. "I'm sorry Mum".
"Honey, no need to apologise, just make sure you include me next time, ok?", was all she said.

Once we all settled down, we went inside to have dinner.
Sitting at the table after we al... Continue»
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[Story] Sexy Mum and Aunt....

I'm a pervert....there ok, I admit it.

Back when I was a lot younger, (age set at 18 for obvious reasons, though I was a good bit younger at the time...), I was a young 18 Y.O. with raging hormones.
My Mum was 49 and still in great shape. Her s****r, Helen was 3 years older, and still looked fabulous.

Aunt Helen was on holidays at our place one summer. She would often visit, but this was a different experience, because she was grieving the loss of her husband.
Betty (Mum) had separated years ago, Dad took off with a young air head secretary.

Just weeks before A. Helen came to visit,... Continue»
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[Story] My neighbour....

Ok, so I'm a middle aged pervert. :)

I've had a "thing" for my neighbour since my early teens.
She is about 15 years my senior, and has always been part of my masturbation therapy.
They (she and her husband) have lived beside me (100 metres) for over 30 years.

Over the last 12 months, I have become more interested in Sandy (not real name), not really sure why, but that's that.
Sandy is about 65 years old, a little over weight, but has HUGE boobs.
Of a morning, they have a ritual which involves sitting on their back porch, sipping coffee before going back in for breakfast.
Sandy alwa... Continue»
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