Old friend

This is a tale (?) about a good friend of my Mother.
My Mum is 89 and legally blind. She can just manage to make out who someone is if they are as close as a metre away. Beyond that and it’s a blank blur. She also suffers from hearing loss, so that can catch her out at times.
My name is Jim, and I’m a live-in carer for Jan, my Mum.
The youngest of 9, it was always my “duty” to look after our Mum. Now, at a single 39 years old, I have no love life to speak of, aside from my computer (porn) and my trusty right fist…..you get what I mean…..

Now, my Mum, with all her friendliness she oozes, has literally 100’s of friends, if not thousands…They are a very diverse group, in background, oddities and ages.
One old friend is Judith or Jude as she is more often called. Jude is a very spritely 68 year old, still in very good condition, and she does like people to notice. Doesn’t have a lot in the chest department (I’m a bit of a tit man myself), but her athletic legs and shapely hips are to die for….And her almost jet black shoulder length mane, with just a hint of gray here and there, has never had an additive, or so I hear.
Jude is one of our more regular visitors, dropping in for a cuppa at any given time, no appointment needed. LOL. She had never given me an excuse to really “check her out” until a very warm day a few weeks ago. Sure, I had often eyeballed her, but never in a sexual way. She was always pleasant to me, and I had no intention of upsetting the friendship between Mum and her.

Oh how things can change……
This particular afternoon, we had experienced one of the hottest days on record. I had lounged around my room in just a very old, very “loose” pair of boxers most of it. Mum was content to sit in the living room with the AC blasting, thankfully some of it trickled out to my room next door. Now, perhaps I should explain a little regarding the layout of our home. My room is on the far side from our main entry, with the living room and kitchen between. I do however, have an unobstructed view of the front door, through the doorway leading from kitchen to living room…It is only about 20 metres, so you can guess, the house is not a mansion.

It was about 5 in the afternoon when Jude arrived. I heard the faint knock and waved her in. I got up and alerted Mum that she had a visitor and she got up to great her. They sat at the kitchen table with Jude seated at the end closest the doorway, and right in my view….I noted as Jude entered that she was dressed in a manner I had not witnessed at any time in recent history…She was generally a classy lady, often donning a lady’s suit/slacks, or very conservative day wear. This day, she was in a knee length summer dress adorned in a lovely light floral pattern, and I soon found, it was obviously very loose and flowing. Her white, almost sheer blouse was unbuttoned to almost nipple level, leaving me in no doubt that it was too hot for a bra this day.
Mum had poor the tea and I want out to make a coffee, ready to retreat to my room and continue watching the porn I had downloaded last night. As I walked back passed Jude, she flipped the collar of her blouse to stir a breeze, and I glanced down, straight at a brown breast and nipple. Lovely.  She had also glanced up, just as I had, but she had a wry grin on her face. I continued to my room, my meat starting to stir…..

I made sure I sat at an angle to give her the best view, just in case this scene escalated.
It did……My usually flaccid dick, all seven and a half inches of it, was hanging loosely down my left inner thigh. The skin covered head and about 2 inches were actually exposed to air, dangling below the warn out leg of my boxers.
Having immediately got back to viewing my movie, I noticed Jude having the odd “glance” in my direction. She was not backward in letting me know that she like what she saw either. Waving her legs together in an open/shut motion, she had also hiked up her skirt to mid thigh, and I got to see her pretty lacy panties. This action could have easily been interpreted as merely a way of cooling off…..but I was beginning to think otherwise. At one point I even thought I saw in the shadow of her crutch, a darker shadow. Could that be hair?

Yes, I’m a hairy lover, so what, there’s a lot of it these days, and I have one of the best photos on the net saved as my desktop. LOL. It depicts a gorgeous shapely girl spread out on the beach. She is wearing a bikini, and has a most magnificent bush protruding from all sides. It’s HD too, so the detail is second to none.

Jude asked, “what are you watching?”, to which I replied, just playing cards…Gulp!
She excused herself from the kitchen, and Mum was off to the loo in any case. As she approached my room, I quickly hid the movie, completely forgetting my desktop.
Jude gasped, and I thought, holy shit, I’m fucked now……
But instead of getting chastised, I was flabbergasted when she quipped, “oh, I see you like your girls hairy” with a sneaky chuckle. I was lost for words, and could only mutter a lowly “yes” almost under my breath. Looking down she then said, “that looks impressive” raising her dark eyebrows. Almost involuntarily my dick jumped.
It grew an inch or two and exposed itself even more.
Next thing, Jude pushed the waist of her skirt down to the top of her lacy undies showing a nice hair trail leading its way up to her navel. BONER!
My dick pulsed and squirted out a nice dollop of pre-cum onto the floor. It was now making a high arch towards my stomach, almost tearing its way free of my boxers.
With its full 10 inches now free, Jude’s eyes were fixated and wide.
She pushed her skirt down some more, pushing the top of her panties with it exposing a mass of thick dark hair. She slipped a finger into her already dripping slit and gave a couple of quick jerky rubs and almost instantly had a mini orgasm standing right in front of me.
She said “have you seen or heard of a woman squirting?” Holy fuck, yeah, only ever seen it on the net though was my response. She changed grip on her skirt and pulled it up from the hem, offering a much better view. Immediately she plunged two fingers up her cunt, rubbing her rather large clit at the same time. To offer her some reward (?) I began stroking my meat. It only took like 3 or 4 minuted and Jude squirted a massive amount of lady cum all over me, holding back moans of pleasure as best she could. I too had reached climax pretty quick and bathed her in 15 huge ropes of cum.

I gave her my “towel” to dry off as much as she could, even though Mum was hardly going to notice, Jude did still have to drive home to her husband.

To be continued…..

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1 year ago
LOL Prepare for a boner to remember......
1 year ago
More?? Very soon.....
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very hot! You made an old man hard...thx.
1 year ago
Wow mate,,I sure would love to read more of this very hot story...thanks