My neighbour.... (prequel)

So, I thought I should give you some background regarding this lovely women who lives next door.

My story really started way back in my early teens as I said.
Sandy, who was a great looking girl back then, was the food for many masturbation fantasies I shared with my best mate.
Intermixed with regular visits between 3 families, my mates, Sandy and her hubby and mine. My parents and my mates parents were a lot older than Sandy and her new husband back then, but they had always been great friends.
An almost ritual like gathering was always of a Saturday night, getting together at one of the 3 homes for a game of 6-handed euchre. The nights were often long and boring for us youngsters, until my mate opened up this wonderful world of voyeurism to both of us.

It began one night at his place, during one of our hot summers. My mate and I were sitting on the floor in the lounge room watching TV, no such thing as Play-stations and such back then. He noticed that from our lower vantage point and angle, he could see straight up between Sandi's legs. Lucky for us, she wore a light summer dress that night, revealing lots of thigh, and an unbelievable view of her panty covered bush. My view was obscured as I was just to the side of the doorway view. Ken said, "I can see the hair sticking out"......"Really?" was my response. I leaned in for a better look, only to get busted by Sandy, who looked up just at the wrong time for me. :(
Ken was mesmerised, and soon started to get wood!
I said, "what are you doing?", to which he replied, "she's watching" with a huge grin on his face.
"No way" I said, and leaned in again to see if he was telling the truth...
Sandy was sitting there, waiting her turn to play a card, legs opened, and a sheepish grin on her face. I didn't back away this time.
She waved her legs apart, as if to try and keep cool, all the while, her face never lost that grin.
I was getting worked up seeing this, just out of Sandi's view, but she could easily see my mates engorging cock.
Ken was somewhat larger than me too, in stature we were a close match, but his dick was huge. Even as a teen, he stood at over 10inches long. Mine paled in comparison at 6inch, but I was happy with it.
Nothing happened that night, but things got better at time moved on.
From then on, Ken and I often shared masturbation nights, given that he would nearly always stay at our place over weekends.
One of those weekends was our turn to host the card party.
Kens parents arrived about 5 minutes before Sandy and Jim.
They all (the adults) sat around our kitchen table, with Sandy making sure she got the seat facing towards our lounge area through a doorway.
Ken and I set up, making sure we both had a good view, and Sandy didn't disappoint. The short skirt she wore that night didn't require much hitching up to expose most of her panties. Sitting with her legs parted again, we were treated to the best display you could wish for, without seeing her nude.
Our place is a bit more protected as far as being caught by someone we did not want to catch us, so it didn't take Ken long to get out his swelling dick.
This time he actually started stroking it, not content to just let Sandy "see it". Her eyes lit up, and her grin turned to an open smile...I think she drooled.
She developed a wet spot at her crotch, which amazed both Ken and I. Her free hand went down, inconspicuously, to gently caress herself.
As worked up as Ken was, he soon shot about a dozen huge wads all over himself and our living room floor. Thankfully, I had placed a blanket on the floor for us to sit on. Sandy saw most of this and her wet spot got huge, she had cum.

It was several weeks later that the next experience went down.....
My Mum was a home seamstress, doing odd jobs altering and making peoples clothes. She was very skilled at making clothes fit "just right", and had a good steady clientele.
Sandy wanted a skirt altered, so had organised to come over one weekend.
Now, my dear old Mum's biggest fault, is that she can be easy going, and rarely closed the door to her sewing room fully.
Sitting at our kitchen table, you could easily see all that was going on in there, not that I had needed to do so prior to this, as most of Mum's work was for older people or really young c***dren. YUK!
It just so happened that Ken was also here that day, and we both got treated to seeing Sandy strip off her skirt in full view. Mum must have heard us in the kitchen and pushed the door lightly, but it only closed ever so slightly.
Sandy looked out and just smiled.
She stood, in just here blouse and undies for what seemed like an eternity, whilst Mum got busy on the machine. She did walk around the room several times, but always returned to the spot where we could see her.
I was sitting, pretending to read the paper and concealing my boner, Ken was pacing around the kitchen with a huge boner sticking out the top of his shorts.
It stuck out by about 4inches, so he was pretty hard.
Next thing, all hell broke Dad walked in the kitchen, saw Ken's boner and realised what was going down. He started yelling at both of us as he chased us from the house. We'd never ran so fast. Ken, being as worked up as he was, was spurting huge wads as we ran.
Thankfully, that scene never got discussed, though I'm sure Dad was always wary when Ken came to visit or stay the weekend.

About a month later, we were all at Ken's parents place again.
Sandy put on another great display, he panties a bit higher cut this time, allowing a lot more hair to spill out. Paradise......
She soon had that wet spot growing, obviously enjoying it as much as us two.
Again she came that night, fighting back groans of pleasure I'm sure.
Ken and I both shots huge wads all over the blanket covered floor for her.
We then retired to Ken's room, feeling pretty tied. There was a spare bed which I took, and we just talked about what had happened.
After a short while, we heard footsteps. It was Sandy. I lay there as if I was sl**ping, Ken lay on his back. She crept in, knelled down beside him and quickly jacked him off, and quietly left the room.

Soon after, I got a yell from Mum saying it was time to go home.....

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1 year ago
Oh to have had someone like her to stroke to when i was growing up!
1 year ago