Summer at the beach

It was a stinking hot summer back in '94.
At home on summer vacation, we had a few relatives arriving ready for the big Christmas gathering we usually put on at our place.

The whole week went really well, lots of hugs and kisses, heaps of presents getting opened, partying, drinking (for the oldies anyway) and just a load of good ol' fashioned FUN!

Most of them moved on after Boxing day, heading back home, or venturing farther to continue their holiday. Aunt Sue however, decided to stay an extra week. :)
This I liked, as Aunt Sue was one of Mums relo's I did like. LOL A LOT!
Sue was 4 years Mums senior, making her a healthy looking 56 year old woman.
Mum was pretty hot herself, getting herself back in shape after Dad passed away, trying to encourage another never paid out for her though.

So, with a week of fun (?) still ahead of us, we decided to spend some of it at the local beach. Now, as an 18 year old (age set higher than actual), you might wonder why an 18 y.o. would choose to spend time at a beach with two old ladies??
Well, I like older women in general, and my Mum and Aunt Sue are really two strikingly HOT "older ladies". :)
I also happen to have a fetish for female body hair.
Mum has lots of it, she has never tried to hide things from me, and although she has never said, "hey, do you like my bush?", she has never minded me seeing her in her bra and undies.
Being brought up in an open f****y like this has paid off.
I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist as a result.
You see, I was gifted with a good size penis.....all 13inches of it. :)
When it's soft, it hangs at about 9inches, and is very uncomfortable encased in tight jocks. This has led me to only wear boxes around the house, preferring to free ball in jeans when I go out.

Mum has noticed my manhood hanging loose a few times, stealing glances when she can, but not wishing to be drawn into any thing sexual with a member of her own f****y. Let alone her son.....I'm sure she fantasises though....

I tried my best to keep it discreet with Aunt Sue around, but that didn't go so well either. I overheard their conversation one morning as I made my way to the kitchen for brekkie. Aunt Sue, "you didn't tell me young Timmy was a horse!".
Mum's reply was, "I'm sorry hun, I wanted to tell you before you noticed"...
"I really have no explanation, and NO idea where he got THAT from..."she trailed off.
I took a back step, not wanting to walk in straight on top of their conversation. I entered some 5 minuted later, appearing not to notice, or giving away that I had heard them.
"Morning Mum, morning Aunt Sue" I greeted them. Mum gave me a big hug and Aunt Sue followed. She gave me a good once over, running her eyes up and down my short figure, wondering how the heck I could have such a large tool for a small boy.

So, with breakfast out of the way, we packed lunch for a picnic at the beach.
Mum and Aunt Sue come out to the car just as I was finishing loading it up. They both had on open front shirts tied at the waist, and a sarong tied around their bottom half. They had obviously got into their bathers too, as I could see the straps around their necks. Bugger....I was hoping to see them change at the beach.
Me, well I had decided feeling uncomfortable for a few hours wouldn't hurt, so had put on a pair of budgie smugglers. You know the kind, the lifesaver undies.
And man, were they tight. Checking myself in the mirror I had to lay my slab across my lower abdomen, it reached far to the left and was quite prominent. My balls were another story. I had slid on some boxers to cover things up some.

We made the short trip to the beach without incident, arriving before it got too crowded. Picked a nice spot near some dunes for a little comfort.
The beach by the way, is "clothing optional".
Mum and I had been here often, and it's not uncommon to see people naked.
So, as we settle in, Mum and Aunt Sue laid out their beach towels while I erected the umbrella. Sue was first to strip off her sarong and top. Mum followed suit and before me I had two glorious bushy ladies. Heaven!...
I slid down my boxers exposing my bulging Speedos. Both women looked wide eyed but said nothing, just glancing sideways at each other.
With an hour of sun-soaking behind us, the beach had filled dramatically. People closest to us were no more than 3metres away. A good looking blond with her boyfriend. They were "clothes optional" and were displaying a great set of "silicon boobs", a neatly trimmed bush (Mohawk)and a nice dick. She had been fondling him for about 15 minutes, gently caressing his balls and stroking his slowly stiffening cock. Not caring that people are close by or even watching.
Luckily, Mum had drifted off into a deep sl**p, worn out from constant partying the week before. Under cover of the umbrella, she was safe from sunburn.
Soon, two guys walking the beach, passed by us and noticed the action next door. Their arousal was obvious as they come closer for a better look. Next thing, they both dropped their cocks out and started stroking, merely metres away. Another couple, followed by 3 more in a group, two males and a girl, all stopped to voyeur the action. Perverts! This was great. LOL.
The blond started to work it with vigour knowing she had drawn some attention, obviously not knew at this I thought.
My Aunt, well....Aunt Sue was enjoying it too. Propped on an elbow, she was massaging her pussy not caring that her nephew was right behind her. I checked Mum to make sure she was still sl**ping...She was, thank goodness.
Aunt Sue glanced over her shoulder and saw my swollen tool trying to break free.
It was already sticking out the top of my Speedos in an effort to relieve the strain. She said, "you should take care of that", giving me a wink.
I obliged, not even thinking what I was doing.....Sue's eyes lit up. Finally, she had seen what she had hoped for. 13inches of solid cock.
The guy getting the attention next door looked over and said, "sweet fuck!".
His blond bimbo looked too, and seeing mine, started stroking her boyfriend faster. He shot a nice load up his tummy which she rubbed in. The two guys blew their loads all over the blond and the other couple, along with the trio set off, probably to fuck each other senseless....
My Aunt had swung around to face me, just as she was climaxing, opening her swollen pussy, sending a gusher at me. He glorious hairy, wet hole, gave me something to aim at. A few more strokes and I blasted shot after shot at my Aunt. Aunt Sue relished in the excitement, shoving two fingers into her hairy cunt, making her squirt again. She was drenched, 20 ropes from me is enough to cover anyone. Several shots even made it to the blond which she enjoyed, still wiping off the cum from the other guys. She had a big smile.
Unbeknown to me or Aunt Sue, Mum had stirred as we were cumming, seeing the whole thing. I looked around and Mum had a hand down her bikini bottom, rubbing briskly. She said, "I want some of that when we get home!".

To be continued......
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