Rob & I Have Sex On The Train

Sex on the train
This story was originally written by bigrob40 and takes place over 20 years ago

My girlfriend Michelle has very long dark brown hair brown eyes she is 5'10 150 and has 38D's 28 inch waist 40 hips very beautiful face. We met in high school we even lost our virginity to each other.

Here is what happened on this fateful night

Michelle and I were watching Risky Business on VHS starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. When the movie came to the scene where Tom and Rebecca having sex on the L train Michelle whispered in my ear because her mother and s****r were watching too!
She whispered she wanted to fuck me on the train the same way. I asked Michelle when she said in a few minutes as she wanted to put on something sexy. I was gonna go in the shower but she wanted me to just go as I was as she wanted to Fuck me right now.
I changed into some fresh clothes put on a pair of sneakers and watched the end of the movie while Michelle got dressed. She came out wearing a royal blue teddy with mesh arm sleeves in the same color a black leather semi-mini skirt. and as I would find out later no panties. And since it was the 80s she had a nice full bush but neatly groomed. Michelle then threw on her long tan raincoat.
We arrived at the subway station 6 blocks from her house
it was late around 3 am nobody was around .We went down the stairs at the Woodhaven Blvd. station we waited a long time so we started kissing and each other through our clothes.I fondled her breasts while she fondled my cock through my pants but we quickly stopped when we saw a cop on the other side of the station.When we saw him leave we started grouping each other .To our surprise he came over to our side of the platform and asked us if we were okay we said yes just that I i had a upset stomach and that she was rubbing it for me i f***ed out a fart that seamed to satisfy officer Krupke (I swear on my life that was his name ). Michelle started singing the song a lil. He said try to behave or I will run you both in going along with the ribbing we said we would then he left and said the train should be here shortly.
It is now 4 am the train finally comes we get on the train and move to a car that is empty.We go to the second to last car as it only has 3 people on it the only problem one of them was this homeless guy we stop at Roosevelt Ave station and the 2 of the people leave .As the doors closes Michelle goes over to the homeless guy and kicks him not to hard just enough to wake him up he starts to speak she tells him to shut up and listen she pulls out a 50 dollar bill and tells him if he gets off at the next stop it is his.He reaches for it she tells him not till you get up and leave the car I will put it in your pocket as your leaving.He does as Michelle tells him she slips the 50 in his pocket of his jacket with out touching him to long.To make sure he doesn't try to get back on I shove him away as the doors clothes .Finally now we can get down to business .I sit down on the triple seats next to the door in the middle seat.Michelle takes off her long rain coat to reveal her sexy blue teddy. she tosses it on the seat next to me and gets on her knees pulls out my semi hard cock and starts sucking me off i reach down and pull her breasts out of her teddy and start fondling them. Pinching her nipples she starts moaning she looks up at me with her beautiful brown eyes with such lust that I almost came in her mouth, Michelle then clutches my cock tight and stops till the sensation stops.Michelle then slowly lowers her pussy down my cock, as she is not wearing any panties. Damn she feels so good so fucking tight,I suck her nipples nibbling them. The sensation of me nibbling her nipples starts driving her nuts. She starts riding me like a woman possessed. Michelle starts having a huge orgasm shaking wildly as she rides me like a cowgirl at a rodeo.That causes me to shoot my load deep inside her tight pussy .The combination of both our orgasms causes a flood of juices flooding out of her.Michelle then got up leaned over the seat and said loudly Fuck my Ass Baby.I slowly enter my cock in Michelle's tight ass no lube needed as our combined juices has my cock ready for entry. I slowly go all the way in then all the way out to the tip and back in With slow but hard thrusts. Michelle is moaning and bucking me back as i fuck her asshole faster and deeper.She then with her free hand starts spanking her ass. I start fingering her pussy and spanking her other ass cheek to match the one she is slapping. Very soon I start getting the feeling we aren't alone i turn around and see this hot blonde chick and her bf fucking as well. Her tits although not as nice as Michelle's breasts were very nice small nipples and small areolas but just as big.Michelle turns and gives them a wink as I am fucking her harder and faster. Michelle then starts moaning that she is gonna cum again, and starts squirting her pussy juices all over me and the floor.That drives me crazy so I pull out and shoot a massive load all over her gorgeous ass and her back.I then proceed to rub it all in her skin.The blonde and her bf while still fucking start whistling and clapping. Michelle gets up pulls her skirt back down puts her breasts back in to cups of the teddy reaches between her pussy walks over to the blonde and lets her lick our juices as we are about to pull into 42nd street. We then get off the train the blonde says thanks for the show .As the doors closed we both said in unison your very welcome! We went to go up the stairs and get on the train to go back home.We sat down and I laid my head on Michelle's shoulder and told her how much I love her.She tells me how much she loves me and how incredible that sex was and how she got turned on even more seeing that other couple fucking too.I told her that it turned me on too.When we finally got to our stop Michelle buttoned up her raincoat as it was chilly .Michelle and I went by the mall and watched the sunrise,and after that we go to some diner on 57th Ave and had breakfast.When we got home Michelle kissed me deeply led me into the bedroom got undressed as did I and went to sl**p.We didn't wake up till 4pm that afternoon we woke up as we went to sl**p in each others arms.What a an amazing night of hot sex that was the first time Michelle and I had sex in public.
Thanks to the movie Risky Business we both had the greatest sex each of us would ever have

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