Bowling and a bj

I met a girl 3 months before she was shipping out to serve in one of the branches of the U.S. armed f***es. We both new this from the begining and we took full advantage of it, nothing but pure sex. One of the last nights we spent together was exceptionally hot. Her friends were throwing her a going away party at a bowling alley, my first thought was this is going to suck, I was kinda right lol!!

We went to the party and she was wearing this short ass mini skirt, she had a great ass and this skirt showed it off beautifully!! She knew I liked it and teased the hell out of me all night!! She kept touching my dick while all of her friends were standing right next to us. It got to the point were I had to tell her to stop so I wouldn't blow my load all over the girl sitting next to us. She kept me hard and the tip of my cock kept popping out of the top of my pants, it felt soo good!!.

It came time for us to leave the party and needless to say we were pretty d***k. I had to take her home to her mom's because she was living there before she shipped out. We pulled into her mothers driveway and began making out. She pulled my dick out of my pants and began stroking it very slowly. Then she told me she was on her period and didn't want to fuck in my truck because she didn't want to make a mess. My heart was broken and my balls were throbbing!! Then she looked me in the eyes and said she wanted to do something different.

She started licking the tip of my rock hard cock and she said play with my ass!! Like I was going to say no lol!! I started rubbing her asshole gently because she had never done anything like this. This went on for a little while til she bit me and said do it harder!! I was so turned on. I eventually worked 2 fingers into her tight little ass. The harder I worked her ass the harder she worked my cock!!

It finally got to the point when I couldn't stop the cum. I told her I was ready and she just kept bobbing away on my dick, it felt soo good. She wanted my cum and I was just about to give it to her. All of a sudden the light on her mother's driveway turned on. I looked over and saw her mom walking down the drive so I let my load go right in her mouth. She quickly put her panties on and I barely got my dick put up before her mom made it to the window of my truck.

We talked to her mom for a few minutes like nothing was going on. Her mom finally left. She looked over at me and she still had my cum on the corners of her mouth. She licked her lips at me and said she came 11 times!! God that girl was fun, I wish every time I went bowling went like that lol!!!!
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4 years ago
damn you rolled a strike and she had a turkey- about a flock of em. yall both won LMFAO kep em cummin
4 years ago
hahhaa i love the story !