Kelly goes to college part 3.

I stood in the club, the music pounding and the lights pulsating around me, with the taste of kennys kiss still on my lips. I was shocked! This cute boy Kenny had just kissed me and told me I was beautiful, i felt sooooo warm and fuzzy inside when he told me was awesome!

i stood bubbling with excitement and happiness for a moment, in my mind i couldn't quite believe that this cute college dorm mate of mine had just kissed me and told me I was beautiful! "YOu're soo sweet" i said, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him again, "You just made this girl feel soooo good" i whispered in his ear as our kiss broke. "YOu want to dance?" he asked, wrapping his arms around my waist and grinding his crotch into me. "yes please baby! " i replied enthusiastically as he took my hand in his and led me to the dance floor. He spun around to face me, his hands falling to me hips as he pulled me close to him and we started dancing dirty, bumping and grinding hungrily as i spun around and ground my ass into his crotch, feeling the massive erection hidden neneath his jeans. "oooooo baby, is that for me i moaned to him as his hands cupped my titties and he pinched my nipples, driving me into a tizzy of sexual excitement. "Let me feel you against me" I moaned, spinning around and straddling his leg. He slid his hand up my leg, his fingertips sliding gently up the soft skin of my thighto the hem of my skirt. Then his roaming hand slipped up my skirt, lifting it to reveal his hand gently caressing my cute little bubble butt as i ground the crotch of my panties all over the straing bulge in his pants.

My desire was unchecked, i was sooooo HORNY! As we looked into each others eyes he whispered "Your sooooo hot, I want to..." his words trailed off as i kissed him lustily, my tounge darting into his mouth as soon as his lips parted, mewing and groaning as we made out in the middle of the dance floor. As our lips parted we looke dinto one anothers eyes and wordlessly moved off the dance floor into the dimly lit lounge area along the sie of the dance floor. Breathlessly we sat on a couch together, his hand gently caressing my inner thigh as i ran my finger through his hair. "What are you doing after this?" i asked nervously, still afraid he might not be interested. "I dint have any plans, but" he hesitated for a moment, unsure of his words, "what is it?" i asked, "It's ok, you can say it" i told him, hoping he wanted to come home with me . "Well, I was hoping you might want to hang out after this." he said, "Maybe go somewhere for cofee or something?" I smiled impishly at him, "How bout we just go to my place for the or something and forget about the coffee baby" He was suprised for a minute, then his face broke into a smile and he kissed me long and hard, "YOu turn me on so fucking much" he growled, when can we leave?" "I'm ready now cutie" i said smiling mischievously as i stood up with my back yo him and bent over, sliding up my skirt and teasing him with a long sexy view of my delicous ass and cute thong. "MMMMMMMMMM, soooooo fucking sexy" he said as he cupped my ass cheek and caressed it for a minute. "Lets go find my friends that i came with and tell them i dont need a ride ok?" "MMMMHMMMMM" i said , nodding my head as he took my hand and led me through the crowd.

We stepped outside into the street, arms around each other, giggling like long time lovers as we walked to my car. " so your friends weren't upset that you were leaving?" i asked, "No they were cool, especially when I told them I'd just met my dream girl." I looked over at him as he slid into the seat, "SO I'm your dream girl huh?" He looked at me "Yea and they know that my dream girl is a T, so maybe sometime we can all hangout." he said it as a statement, and as i started the car and pulled out i said "So you're assuming that we are going to see each other again." "Well, I certainly hope so." He exclaimed, "I mean I am going home with you after all!" "Could just be a one night stand you're looking for!" I said joking with him, he looked at me and kissed my neck, sliding his hands up my skirt and caressing my girlie dick through my panties. "This right here is what gets me going" He murmured huskily in my ear, "The fact that this totally hot girl taking me home has a big cock up her skirt makes my cock rock hard." I just chewed my lip innocently and glanced at him, thinking to myself how lucky i was to be taking home this sexy guy with me tonite!
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3 years ago
Mmm i love all your stories
Your storytelling is so hot, so sexy
i get so hard n horny just reading,
cant wait to read part 4 :)
3 years ago
your story is getting me really hard... want to know what happens next...
3 years ago
keep telling hun!! i want to know more!