Kelly gooes to college Part 2

I was a little shocked to here him say this, and i was a little buzzed, so i challenged kenny right then and there. "If you think I'm so hot big boy, why don't you fucking kiss me?" I said sassily as i stood with my hands on my hips as if to challenge him physically. To my suprise he took two steps towards me, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply, our lips touching softly as they melded into one for a moment, then parted, our hungry tounges darting and probing each others mouths as we stood wrapped up in the heat of one anothers passion, never wanting the feeling of ecstasy between us to dissipate.
We stood there at the bar making out for just a couple of minutes, and I didnt want it to end, when we finally broke our kiss, Kenny kept his arms around me and was looking only at me. After a few seconds I asked him why he kissed me. "Because I think you're beautiful!" he told me. TO BE CONTINUED
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2 years ago
Wow what a start looking forward to the next chapter
3 years ago
Love the story kelly, can't wait for the next episode xx
3 years ago
HEY don't leave me like this god you have all the fun and than don't write it down