Kelly gooes to college!

this is another installment of my life as a girl, im gonna flit around the different parts of my life so enjoy!

Wheni was eighteen i went off to college, no more sexy playtime with my best friend B (or nicole, which is what i will refere to her as) no more sl**ping in panties and a babydoll or short slip, or anything kinky! My first year i lived in a double and my roomate was a partier, constantly bringing home d***k girls and having loud, sloppy sex as i lay in my bed stroking my girlie cock and fingering my tight little whole, imagining it was me being a dirty slut and getting fucked good and hard.

At the end of my first year at school i moved off campus into a studio apartment. I found a job about ten minutes away at a retail clothing store to work at part time while i took a couple of classes during the summer. I spent my days working and going to class and my nights i spent as Kelly at home or out driving around shopping.

I began to realize i was a pretty passable girl when I began catching guys checking me out and even hitting on me! Although I would always giggle and act shy, I loved the attention, and sometimes wished that one of these boys would be onto my little secret and wanted to come home with me.

One night I was out and happened upon an adult video store, naturally I went inside and happily spent an hour or so shopping. As I left with a couple new TG videos and magazines and a new dildo I picked up some free fetish newspapers from a rack by the door. At my apartment I was leafing through the papers when I noticed an ad for a TG club in a city about twenty minutes away from where I lived that was open friday and saturdays.

All day tuesday and wednesday that week I thought about the club, although i desperately wanted to go, I was a little nervous about it! However, by wednesday afternoon when I got out of work I had made up my mind to go.
That night I drove almost an hour to a large mall to go shopping. Although i'd been shopping as Kelly for quite some time now, this was my first trip to a mall as my female self, and i was just a little nervous! At the mall however, I quickly lost my nerous feeling, and as I shopped I definately noticed the glances and appreciative looks of a lot of boys! I bought a whole new outfit for my big night out, a white mini skirt that hugged my curves, a pink tube tube top and a matching pink thong, pink peep toe pumps with 4 inch heels, a cute anklet, new hoop earrings, pink lipsitck and glitter eye shadow and a big pink ring! With all my new purchases in hand i went and had my nails done and headed home.

The rest of the week I could barely contain myself! I was soooo excited to finally be going out! Friday I left worked cashed my check and ran home to get ready. A nice hot soak in the tub and then I was getting dressed, slipping on my cute pink thong and top, and sliding my new skirt up felt great! With my body tingling I did my makeup and hair, slid on my heels and jewelery and grabbed my purse. I checked to make sure I had everything i might need, Phone: check, ID and money: check, makeup: check, spare panties: check, bottle of lubricant: check, smokes and lighter: check. Sure I had everything I headed out, feeling fabulous and sexy I hopped in my little white acura and headed off to the club.

When I got there I found out that the club was twenty one plus, and as I was only nineteen there was no way i was getting in. Feeling a little depressed I went back to the parking lot and lit a cigarette as I considered what my options were. As I was leaning against my car thinking about it, a cute guy walked up and began talking to me, Introducing himself as Rob and asking me my name and where i was from, the usual stuff and then asking me why i wasn't inside. "Cause I'm only 19." I told him "It sucks" He nodded in reply and bummed a smoke from me, "If I can get you in would you be interested?" He asked me as he lit up "Of course" I replied, thinking He couldnt pull it off. We finished our smokes and he told me to come with him to the door. As we walked up he introduced me to the bouncer, "James, this is Kelly, she's a good friend of mine and this is her first time here." "Nice to meet you Kelly" James said to me, his eyes travelling from my head to my toes "Looking good tonite!" he said and stamped my hand with an OK stamp. Rob led me inside to the bar and ordered a drink as I looked around in wonder at the club. Everywhere I looked there were T girls and Cd's, hot guys and girls and I was one of them! Rob let me get acclimatized for a minute or two, then leaned into me and said "Ok sweetie I got you in, how bout you buy me a drink?" I complied happily and told him to order whatever he wanted. "A rum and coke for me, and a cosmo for the lady" he told the bartender who quickly got our drinks made. Rob handed me my cosmo as he said "Thanks for the drink cutie! I'll talk to you later!" and left me standing by the bar. I stood there for a minute, cosmo in hand, unsure of what to do, when a voice behind me asked me if I wanted to dance. "Sure!" i replied and was led to the dance floor by a tall T girl who introduced herself as Jessica. We danced forever, bumping and grinding and shaking our asses, sometimes with guys, somtimes with other girls, sometimes just with each other!

At some point much later in the evening, I was outside on the deck having a cigarette when a cute boy walked up to me with a look of recognition and quietly asked me "You go to ***** college right? Did you used to live in Adams hall?" A little too late I recognized him as Kenny, who had live four doors down from me last year, and with whom I had spent a good amount of time hanging out. Unsure of what to do I was speechless, finally replying "Yes, I did." He looked me up and down, finally saying to me "You look sooooo hot, how come i never knew?" "I hid it pretty well" I said, "I really dont want to be insulted cause of my personal preferences." " Well, I'm more than fine with your choices" he said. "In fact, I think you're one hot fucking girl" to be continued
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2 years ago
wow what a story so many posiblities
3 years ago
Great start hope you write more to this story it should be good thanbks