Becoming the girl i am part 2

I smiled impishly at B, standing there before me looking so sexy in his see-thru camisole, skimpy thong panties and heels. "Sooooo, can i dress up too?" i asked as i stood up and walked over to my best friend. "Sure, if you want to!" he replied excitedly, "you really want to?" Of course i do!" i told him in an excited voice, my own inhibitions overcome by the heat of passion we were having. "Go thru the other bathroom door into the spare room, my s****r clothes are all in there! Pick out something sexy!" he whispered as i slipped into the spare room. I opened the pantie drawer and spent some time looking until i found a sexy little hot pink and lime green thong, i was shaking with excitement as i slid off my boxers and pulled up such a cute little thong! I trembled with ecstasy as the sheer satin fabric lid up my legs and encased my smooth cock and balls and the little strip slid between my cute little butt cheeks like i'd always worn panties. "MMMMMMMM" i moaned to myself as i was thinking how sexy and right this all felt. Next i searched the lingerie drawer, finding a sexy little pink babydoll cami...soooooo hot! slipping into it made me feel even more girlie than the thong! In the closet i found a sexy little miniskirt and strappy black sandals with 3 inch heels! i pulled on the skirt, loving how it made me feel barely covered, yet sooooooo sexy and erotic! As i was about to pull on the heels I opened the bottom drawer, and among all the socks and t shirts if found a pair of black thigh highs....I thought to myself, "How sexy are thigh highs! AWESOME!" as i pulled them on, then slid my feet into my heels and slowly stood up. i walked unsteadily over to the dresser, where i looked through the makeup on top and found a shade of hot pink lipstick and did my lipstick for the first time!

Feeling hot and ready i slowly walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. As i steppped into the bathroom i whispered "Hey B, im ready!" After i closed the door, my best friend flipped on the light, when he saw me in the light he told me "you look sooooo fucking hot!" I giggled nervously and strutted over to him so we were face to face, looking in his eyes i whispered throatily "you look pretty hot too baby" and closed my eyes. I felt his arms around my waist pulling me towards him, i put my arms around his shoulders as our lips touched, and my head exploded with pleasure! Soon his lips parted and as i parted mine our tounges met, porbing and exploring each other in an explosion of passion and lust. Our make out session got pretty hot and heavy as our hands caressed and explored each others bodies! I felt him caressing and cupping my cute little butt as i reached down and began stroking his massive erection through the sheer fabric of his panties. As he moaned with pleasure i sank to my knees, licking and nibbling the outline of his shaft through his panties. "Oh god baby, thats soooooo good!" he moaned with pleasure as i pulled his thong down and licked the precum from the head of his dick, as i wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft and began gently stroking his rock hard pole. I was playing with his balls and stroking his cock as i looked up at him and slowly took his thick member between my lips and swallowed it. "MMMMMM OHHHH YEA" he murmured as I bobbed my head up and down, taking the monster between his legs deeper and deeper down my throat with every bob. Suddenly he grabbed my shoulders and groaned ecstatically "Oh baby, I'm cuuuum, I'm Cuuuummmm, I'M CUMMMMMMMING" as the tip of his throbbing cock erupted, spewing a thick stream of jizz down my throat! As I jerked back in suprise, B grabbed the base of his cock, spraying his load all over my lips and cheeks and rubbing his cock all over.....I was loving it, dressed up like a little slut, on my knees with my best friends cum in my mouth, on my lips and cheeks, and running down my chin to drip on my chest and lingerie! "Dont worry about the cum stains cutie" B whispered when his cock was finished shooting his juices, "We'll get them out
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3 years ago
please write some more
3 years ago
Very good in deed loved it. made me go and dress in my sisters clothes mmm
3 years ago
good story wqas very excitting thanks