becoming the girl i really am part 2!

I smiled up at my best friend, dressed up in sexy lingerie and smiled, "Can i dress up too?" i asked in a hopeful tone of voice. "Oh, wow, really? Yea sure!" brian answered with excitement in his voice. "Go into the guest room, my s****r keeps all her clothes in the dresser and the closet, and pick out soemthing you like!" he said, "Pick something really sexy" he whispered as i slipped out the door and into the guest room.

Going through the dresser i found a drawer full of panties, i felt a rush of excitement as i examined the soft, silken panties....thongs, bikinis, g-strings and boy shorts....i pulled out a hot pink thong and fell in love with it instantly, strpping off my boxers and pulling it on...feeling the silken material glide up my smooth legs and then the incredible feeling as the cool fabric encased my bare teen cock and balls and the thong slid up between my cute little round butt cheeks, i felt soooooo sexy! i began searching excitedly, soon happily picking a see through pink babydoll cami and a tiny black skirt from the closet. Slipping on the cami and skirt i felt a wave of pure sexual excitement flood over me, and as i searched through the shoes i felt absolute bliss. Searching for shoes i came upon a bag full of nylons and looked through them, to my delight finding black thigh highs, which i immediately pulled on, feeling soooooo girlie as the sheer fabric slid up my calves and thighs and came to rest orund my mid thigh. I picked out a pair of strappy sandals with little 3 inch heels and pulled them on, then stepped in fornt of the mirror to see the what i looked like. With my shoulder length hair i looked just like a sext little girl! I glanced at the top of the dresser and found a tube of purple lipstick which i applied as best i could, not as good as i am now, but certainely giving me that 'naughty little slut' look i was going for.

All dressed i slipped back into B's room and into the bathroom where he was waiting with the light off. "Hey" I whispered to him as i stepped into the bathroom a little unsteadily on my heels and closed the door, "I'm ready, turn on the light" he flipped the switch the lighr came on, revealing me all dressed up in my see thru pink babydoll tiny miniskirt, my legs in nylons and a sexy pair of heels on......"WOW" he said huskily...."You look sooooo fucking hot" "Thanks B," i said, giggling a little nervously as i stepped toward him...."You look really fucking hot too" we were now face to face, looking in each others eyes with lust and desire as he put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him.....I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes, leaning my head into his, our lips touched and I felt a ZAP like a surge of electricity and we softly kissed for a few moments. Soon i felt his lips part and his tounge touch my lips, i parted my lips and our tounges met, probing and searching as we kissed passionately, two little girlie boys all slutted up, making our with wild abandon as our passion burned like wildfire.
I felt his hands caressing my ass as we kissed, moaning into each other as we caressed and groped each others hungry bodies. I slid my hand down between his legs and felt his massive rod thickening in his panties. Stroking his growing cock i murmured "You want me to take care of this big dick for you baby?" in his ear...."Yes PLEASE!" he moaned as a sank to my knees, kissing and nibbling on the outline of his fat pole through the satin fabric of his thong. "OOOOOOH" he moaned with pleasure as i pulled down his panties and licked the fat drop of precum from the tip of his throbbing cock, I looked up at him as i grabbed his thick shaft by the base and began slowly stroking him as i fondled his big smoothe balls and played my tounge along the base of his cock head. "OH GOD YES" he murmured in ecstasy as i licked my lips and took his rock hard, throbbing cock into my wet mouth. I felt his hands on my shoulders as i sucked and licked and nibbled his cock, and soon i was deep throating all 8 inches as he moaned and groaned with more and more obvious pleasure. I suddenly felt his balls tighten up and his cock began to throb more and more insistently, so i grabbed his cock and began stroking it as i sucked just the head of his cock and B grabbed me by the back of my head as he moaned."OH BABY IM CUM, IM CUMMM, IM CUMMMMMING!" and his big thick cock erupted in my mouth, shooting a massive jet of cum down my throat and making me pull my head back in suprise. Now B grabbed his cock and started spraying donw my lips and cheeks with thick streams of hot, sticky, delicious, wonderful jizz! "Oh god, that was awesome!" he whispered to me when his penis stopped shooting. He looked down at me, a sloppy, slutty, smiling, cum drenched mess, "MMMMMMM, baby that was fantastic!" I groaned huskily as he wiped cum from my face with his fingers, "Thank you!" i said ecstatically before licking his load form his fingers like a good little slut.

He smiled at me and said "lets get cleaned up a little" I stood up and asked, "can i stay dressed up? I feel so, great right now!" "of course!" he replied, pulling up his panties and helping me clean up the cum running down my cheeks and chin and dripping on my skirt and cami. "dont worry, i clean up the clothes" he said, leading me over to the bed once i was cleaned up, "lets lay down" to be continued
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3 years ago
Very hot. You made an old man HARD!
3 years ago
great fantastic what a story hope you write another chapter oh by the way i jack off while reqding your stoy thanks