Large Lactating Breasts

When a new neighbor moved in across the hall I have to admit I barely noticed her. She was an attractive blond but that’s about all I noticed. She was around 20 years old and I was over 40 so it’s not like we had a lot in common. I did however notice her low life boyfriend. Fortunately he didn’t last long and must have moved out after only a few weeks. Unfortunately he left something behind. That attractive blond was getting fatter by the week and as these things usually progress she gave birth to a lovely baby boy in the spring. By that time we were friends; I even stopped by the hospital with flowers and saw her and the k**. Of course I believed at the time she was just a nice lady with a cute baby. I never would have guessed that within six months I would be fucking her silly on the living room floor.

It was around six months after the birth when she asked me to come over and see if I could fix the sink. No big deal, it was clogged up and I had in fixed in under 5 minutes. We then sat around and played with the baby. We talked, laughed put the k** to bed and ordered a pizza. The whole evening just flew by. Then she said she had to pump. As in pump the milk out of her breasts. Wow OK I’ll leave. As I started to go she stopped me and said she would like me to stay. She said we were having such a good time, it would not take long and we are both adults. You know it’s all natural. As she got out this electric pump, bottles and clean wipes. I though sure I’m good with this. I am an adult and there’s nothing even sexy about this.

In the blink of an eye she was out of her top and in a bra. The bra was one of those nursing bras and in another blink of an eye she had it snapped open and sticking out were two very nice but small breasts and the most beautiful set of nipples I had ever seen in my life. My god, I just could not take my eyes off them. They stood there at over a ¾ of an inch long and over a half inch in diameter. Not to dark but more of a light brown color. They looked stiff and hard. Her breasts were so small by comparison. I had no idea those were hiding under there all this time. As she started to pump she explained the process to me but I didn’t hear a word she said. The pump pulled on her nipples making them look even larger. Milk was coming out and filling little glass bottles underneath the pump. She went on about how long she had to pump and about how she stored the milk. I just didn’t care. All I could think of was how much I would give to turn into that breast pump for a just few hours.

When I stood to leave she stopped pumping and said “Oh now look I have made you nervous” She stood up and walked over to me with those giant nipples looking right at me. I simply said “I’m sorry this is my fault. I really thought this was no big deal but I have never in my life seen a woman more beautiful then you. I have never in my life seen anything more erotic then you pumping and I am so very jealous of your breast pump. As she pressed those tits against me and softly kissed me on the lips she whispered “I haven’t been with a man in over a year. How do you think I feel?” Then she rubbed my crotch.

I sucked those nipples softly and I sucked on them hard. I rolled them in my fingers and at one point I even sucked on them and used my finger to jack them off. Later she gave me a blowjob the same way. I shot milk into my mouth and drank it down. I held the milk in my mouth before I drank it down and I took a load in my mouth and let it drool out while I eat her. She road on top of me coming and squashing those wonderful tits and spraying milk all over me and the carpet. When I eat her she came in around two minutes and when she came she grabbed her tits and shot milk strait up in the air. She then came again and again. I know she brought a whole new meaning to my idea of wet pussy. Eating her was like sticking my face into a sink full of warm water. And when I fucked her I banged her hard. We had at it in the chair, on the sofa, on the floor and in her bed. I came with her riding me and spraying milk in my mouth. Later on that evening I came with her in a doggy position, bent over the coffee table and just as the sun was coming up she sucked me off using her milk to flavor my dick and when I came she pointed my dick right at those wonderful, now empty tits and then she rubbed my come into those big beautiful nipples.

We have been together now for five years and still get along great. Her boy calls me dad and I call him son. She has lost a little weight over the years and her tits are even smaller than they were. As for those giant nipples. They still stand there on her almost flat chest as big as my baby finger just begging to be suck on and played with.

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1 year ago
1 year ago
Hot Story, Had My Mouth Watering with the thought of all that HOT Milk, Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
Lucky guy.
2 years ago
I love tits and nipples like that, more nipple than tit...oh I so want a lady with such a pair
2 years ago
Nice milker!
2 years ago
damn, that was hot.....
2 years ago
I love sweet Milk
2 years ago
Very hot...lucky guy!