The Training of Jody- Part 18: Cock Training

After I recovered from my orgasm I asked Ruth if I could use her tub. She graciously allowed Evelyn and I to give Jody a cold water bath. After his ass had been scrubbed hard, his massive erection subsided enough to allow his cock harness to be replaced. We said our goodbyes to Ruth and got into Evelyn's vehicle. Jody got dressed in the back seat as we drove back to my vehicle in silence. We stopped briefly at a shopping centre as Evelyn wanted to pick something up. When we arived at Jody's new school to pick up my car, she handed the bag to him.
"This is a cell phone for you, so you can be contacted at anytime," Evelyn explained. She then looked at me to finish instructing Jody.
"You are to keep it on vibrate. You are to keep it with you at all times. You are to answer it immediately when it rings. If you can't answer, you are to call back the second you can. You are not to call out on it, unless it is to call back. You are not to give the number out to anyone, ever. You are not to tell Marlene about it. Any breach of these rules will result in severe punishment. Do you understand?" I asked levely.
"Yes, Mistress," Jody replied dutifully.
Evelyn said goodbye and got out of the car. Jody and I drove home in silence. When we arrived I dismissed him for the day, telling him to return at the usual time tomorrow. The look on his face was priceless. The effect of the cold water had already dissapated and I knew he would be in for an uncomfortable night. I had faith in his harness, and knew his cock would be perfect in the morning.
Evelyn arrived as usual the next day. She was dressed in everyday clothes as she had been asked. Jody arrived at 7:16 on the dot. He stripped, placed himself on his knees, and deftly unlocked his harness lock, freeing his cock. He then fastened his collar and leash around his neck. His cock was already begining to harden. His training was taking firm hold of him.
After I was satisfied with him, I beckoned him to crawl up to me. I was clothed so he couldn't pay proper homage to my cunt. He handed me his leash and I led him crawling to the kitchen. After he was seated in a chair, Evelyn and I tied him to it firmly. We then removed all of our clothing, Jody's eyes went wide with desire.
"Jody, as your training begins in earnest today, I have determined you will eat your breakfast while in bondage. Until Ruth teaches you how to suck a cunt properly, you will not be allowed to touch mine," I said. Patting him on the cheek I reassured him, "Don't worry, I'll still have pussies for you."
Evelyn walked into his veiw with a large bannana inside her cunt. She brought it up to his mouth for him to eat. Stopping her just short of him, I removed the fruit, switching it around so that her juices would coat the whole bannana. I held the exposed 6 inches and told Jody to lick Evelyn's cunt off of it. He obediently licked the bannana from its tip down to my fingers. I shoved as much of it her as I could. I then flipped it around again so that the cleaned end was back in her snatch. Instead of having Jody lick it, I ordered him to take as much of it in his mouth as he could. Once his mouth was full, I had Evelyn rythmically fuck Jody's mouth with it. Watching him fellate this cunt-flavoured banana at my command I began to fantasize about it being replaced with something else.
"That's it, baby. Suck it good, make Mistress proud," I praised him while kneeling down for a better view. Now he must have not understood what was in store for him, or secretly desired it, for his cock was throbbing and its huge head was an angry purple colour. I had Evelyn sit on the table in front of Jody so he could bob his head more comfortably. This must have been very arousing for her as her snatch was dripping wet and she began to moan softly. Jody was unaccustomed to giving fellatio, so it wasn't long before his jaw began to tire. I held the bannana and let him eat it out of Evelyn.
I inserted a large pineapple spear in Evelyn's ass that she had prepared. Getting her up on all fours on the table, I positioned them so the smallest bit of fruit was jutting out of her sphincter, millimeters from Jody's open mouth. I had Evelyn push it into Jody with her strong muscles. I then had Jody push it back in her ass using his mouth. The fruit, although firm, was being squeezed by both of them as they passed it back and forth. As they fucked each other, juices were running down his chin onto his muscular chest. It was also leaking out of Evelyn's asshole, running down her cunt, and forming a puddle on the table. After a few minutes of this, I let Jody consume the pineapple. Keeping the last bit for myself, I shared it with Evelyn.
Staying on all fours, I then smeared warm oatmeal on Evelyn's large ass crack. Jody licked his cereal off of her ass with gusto, until she was completely clean. We fed him his whole meal like this. Inserting his food into one orifice after another, coating it with our flavouring, and having him eat it. When he had finished his food, I filled Evelyn's cunt to the brim with milk. I then had Jody lick it out of her. After he had his milk, I then filled her with apple juice. I repeated this until he had drank his fill.
I untied Jody and guided him to the basement. Once there, he was placed on my training table. He was secured by the arms first. Then a strap was fastened around his chest and another around his waist. He was then blindfolded and his head was then strapped down. Lastly, his legs were secured to the stirrups, and spread to make him totally vulnerable.
Looking at my slave, I marvelled at his beauty. His perfect body so powerful, yet completely helpless under me. His incredibly huge cock, hanging hard between his immobile legs. His egg sized balls, so full of juice after no release in three days. His puckered anus, which had only begun to be violated. Thinking of what I had accomplished in a few short days with him, I felt a sense of pride.
I put my pride away, knowing there was much training ahead, for both of us.
I set the clock I had purchased next to the table. It was accurate down to 1/100 of a second. I told Evelyn to start it when I told her to, and to stop it the instant Jody began to cum. She pulled up a stool so she was at eye level with Jody's cock-head. I then took a bottle of mineral oil and held it above the base of his cock. I dumped a generous amount of the lubricant on his cock base, simultaneously telling Evelyn to start the clock.
I began a slow, rythmic massage of his cock and balls. Stroking the thick fuck-stick from the head to the base, then kneading his testicles gently. Feeling the power in his cock-meat, I masturbated him, all the while thinking of what I would do once it was trained. As I slid my hand up from his balls all the way to his cock's head, I contemplated the distance my hand had to travel. Looking over the small, but perfect body this horse-hung boy had, I knew Evelyn was right. My slave and his monster cock was a gold mine.
Evelyn kept one hand on the stop button, while fingering her well-used cunt with the other, as I continued to stroke Jody. As the timer approached 5 minutes, I told Evelyn to play with Jody's balls hard. She released her cunt-flesh and kneaded his sac. I then wrapped both hands tightly aroung his throbbing meat and stroked him rapidly. Squeezing as hard as I could, I counted my strokes on my slave's cock. Jody moaned as the pleasure he had been denied since Sunday began to build in him. If he hadn't been immobilized he would have writhed with delight. The oil was pooling around my fingers as I kept up my relentless stroking. For a second I thought he would have made it to 100 strokes, but as I approached 80 I could feel his cock pulse and knew he was about to cum.
On the 95th pull, his milky whiteness made its appearence. Evelyn alerty stopped the clock before jumpimg to her feet. Continuing her rough ball handling, she placed her mouth over Jody's spurting piss-slit. I guided a globule of his semen into her mouth. I then shot some in my own mouth, all the while keeping up my stroking of his huge erection. As I swirled his jizz in my mouth I noticed that the change in diet had already taken effect. His cum was already much more palitable than it had been just three days ago.
As the last of his huge load was squeezed out of his cock, I looked at the timer, it read 5:45.12. Evelyn went to lick up his spilled juice but I shook my head. Jody was going to have acquire the taste sooner or later, and this seemed the perfect day to start.
I adjusted the table so that he was laying at a 45 degree angle. He had a small drop of cum hanging on the tip of his now slackening cock-head. Evelyn squeezed the base of his cock and running it up, f***ed out a much larger drop that she caught with her forefinger. Placing it on the tip of her tongue, she held the goo out for Jody. Without having to be told, he shared his semen with the middle-aged lady, kissing her passionately. I was very pleased.
"Five minutes, forty-five point one-two seconds, that's how long you lasted," I informed my slave. He didn't know if I was pleased or displeased and I kept up the ambiguity. "Tomorrow you'll make it it to at least seven minutes...or you'll be punished. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress," he replied, still blissful from his orgasm.
"Evelyn, would you be a doll and release Jody?" I asked. She silently nodded her consent. "And make sure he licks up all of cum." I then looked at Jody. Ordering him, "And be quick about it, you have a busy day ahead." I left without waiting for a reply. I went up to my bedroom and took out the large dildo I bought that reminded me so much of Jody's giant cock. I then mercilessly fucked myself with it, stretching my hole so I'd be ready once he was trained.

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DD, it's a shame you didn't continue, you have a fantastic way with words, come back and continue Part 19!!
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awesome series of erotica
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Fabulous - next please
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