The Training of Jody-Part 16: Help Wanted

After Jody had his rectum thoroughly cleaned, I had him repay Evelyn for me, for her invaluable aid. We went to the bedroom so she could have her pussy licked in a more comfortable setting. I had Jody lie down on the bed with Evelyn crouched over him. Placing several pillows under his ass, he began to eat her while we both worked his anus further, all the while taking care not to touch his cock-flesh. His condition and flexability made access easy. As he hungrily sucked her cunt with his amatuerish, yet talented mouth, we took turns licking and fingering his asshole. His enormous cock-head was pulsating as we violated his hole, getting it accustomed to being used. Jody found this no hardship, he seemed to totaly enjoy the attention being paid him, as his throbbing cock proved.
As Evelyn came the urgency of Jody's orgasm continued to build. I determined that he must not cum, that his cock-conditioning must take precedence. After Evelyn climbed off of him, she turned her ass toward me in order to sample her juices on his face. When she did this I could see her anus showed no signs of the fuck Tony gave it with his substantial meat. "How do you tighten your asshole?" I asked her.
"I'll show you, later," she responded, not wanting her tasting of Jody interrupted.
Once she had her fill, she sprung up off the bed with surprising agility for a woman her age and weight. Say what you will, she was a spritely old slut. Admiring Jody's cock and the hardness we induced, I took his leash and led him back to the kitchen for lunch. We all ate silently, dining on the salad Wendy had made. Jody kept his erection the whole time. The morning's activities and the scent of our cunts permeating the room relentlessly reminding him of his missing release.
After we finished eating I ordered Jody to clear the dishes. We admired his flawless body. Every movement he made a testimony of his physical excellence. His endowment bobbed enticingly, and his denial was my denial. When he finished his chores, he was again placed on his knees. I led him back to the main bathroom and had him lay down in the tub. I ran the cold water. It was uncomfortable for him, and my heart went out to him, but it was necessary. As the cold water began to work its magic, his erection subsided. For Evelyn and I it was like seeing an old friend leave. Once it was completely dissapated we proceeded with his bathing.
We started at his feet, working our way up his massive legs. Once his legs were clean, I put him on all fours in the tub. His cock and balls were immursed in the cold water, maitaining his softness. While Evelyn scrubbed his buttocks with a rough wash-cloth, I carefully cleaned his genitals under the water. I wanted no accidental discharges. Not used to cold water baths, he began to shiver as we cleaned his muscular torso. I could feel his muscles vibrating, trying to generate warmth, as I cleaned his back. Taking pity on him, I let him stand as we washed his curly blonde hair. As Evelyn sensuously massaged his scalp I saw his completely flaccid penis start to grow. Knowing my time was short, I incased it back in the duplicate harness Sabrina had wisely provided. The look on Jody's face when he was put back in chastity was so sad he could have had his own telethon. I rinsed his hair in warm water. The temperature change must have made it feel scalding.
Jody stepped out of the tub and into the embrce I held for him, wrapping him in an out-sized cotten towel. We concientiously dried all the cold water off, hugging him between our warm bodies. When he at last returned to some state of warmth, we led him back to the table in the basement.
Fixing him to the table, we applied lotion to his chest, his nipples were rock hard. We then began to roughly massage his chest. One of the more usefull pieces of advice I received was that a slave's nipples needed to be sensitized. Evelyn and I rubbed, tugged, pinched and pulled Jody until he was hissing and thrashing in pain, only held immobile by the engenious table. After about 15 minutes we stopped to admire our work. His nipples were an angry purple colour, and hard enough to cut glass. Following the advice to the end, we began to softly lick and suck the area we had so cruely violated moments ago. He purred like a contented kitten for a while, then began to move uncomfortably again. Wondering what was wrong, I looked up at Evelyn, she shrugged and motioned to Jody's crotch with her eyes. The harness was poking his hardening cock with its spikes.
After I had soothed him enough I kissed him kindly on the forehead. Evelyn and I met at the foot of the table. She made the necessary adjustments to the stirrups, and removed a piece from where his ass rested. Jody was now totally vulnerable to any attentions we deemed his ass needed. I stocked this information away for later use.
Evelyn broke the silence, "This is how I tightened my ass up after yesterday." She then licked her fingers, inserting them in Jody's asshole. "He needs to strengthen his sphincter. Like any other muscle, the way to do that is exercise." She turned her fingers inside Jody, pushing them in all the way. "Jody, I want you to squeeze my fingers 100 times, counting aloud as you do."
I watched fascinated as his hole began to tighten around Evelyn's invading digits. I had always let my anus to go back to normal on its own after an ass-fuck. I could have kicked myself. All the trouble of my own gaping ass could have been spared with a little exercise. I watched as his pucker began to rebound to normal. When Jody reached 60, Evelyn removed a finger, and Jody's asshole tightened around the single digit. After 90, she slowly withdrew her finger, so that by the time he reached 100, she had totally withdrawn and his ass had completely closed.
I made a slight adjustment to Jody's harness as his cock would have returned to its normal, flaccid size. I then dismissed him for the day. The look on his face when he realized that no orgasm would be forthcoming gave me a sense of enormous power. Once again Sabrina's advice had been spot on, the key to this boy was his cock. The more control I had over it, the more I would have over him. One day, I promised, it would be total.
After Jody departed, Evelyn and I took coffee in the atrium. We remained in our outfits, this seemed perfectly normal, as we sipped our beverages with our hairy cunts hanging out. "How do you think it went?" I asked, genuinely interested in her opinion.
"Very well, I think," she answered.
"But?" I asked, knowing she was holding something back.
"Well, a couple of things, He needs to work on his oral," she stated, like it was a report card.
"I think he does very well, for someone who started eating pussy only yesterday," I said, defending him.
"No, no, don't get me wrong, it was delighful. I just think he has to be perfect, if you're going where I think you are."
"What would you suggest?" I asked.
"I know someone who makes cunt-licking an Olympic sport. Get them to instruct him," she replied.
"Bring someone else in?" I asked, suspicious.
"Were you hoping for monogamy?"
I laughed, "Hardly! It just doesn't seem very discrete."
"I've got this place so wired. I know everything about everyone. Believe me, they all have more to lose than you do. Discretion is a certainty, it's all a matter of how much your willing to share."
"He's got alot to share," I continued. "Okay, what else?"
"What are you planning to do when he goes to school next week?" she asked.
"I hadn't even thought about that?" i admited.
"Well, have no fear. I think I can work something out," she said reassuringly. After our coffee Evelyn left. I still didn't trust her, but she was proving to be such a valuable asset I couldn't possibly have cut her out.
When Wendy got home she stripped naked at the door as Jody had. She placed a collar around her neck to show her subservience to me. I would have liked to put her through her paces but her holes were too swollen from the previous day. As I related the days activities to her I had her lick my asshole, occasionally quizzing her to make sure she was paying attention. I forbade her any release, hoping to speed her recovery. She then presented me with a chastity device she had purchased.
I patted her cheek affectionately and examined it. It consisted of a hard leather bikini bottom, that had adjustable straps. Extending them to their full dimentions barely allowed them to fit over her huge hips. It had a kind of cup that fitted over the anus and another one that covered the entire vagina. The cup that fitted over the vagina had a small tube that when inserted into the urethra, allowed urine to be expelled. I fitted it onto Wendy then ordered her into the bathroom. Holding the tube at its exposed end, she demonstrated it, peeing standing up, the tube acting as a penis. Pleased at her thoughtfulness I attached the lock. We were both delighted.
As Wendy prepared dinner, the phone rang. The caller I.D. said it was Marlene. Normally a call from my neighbour would have pleased me, but now I was filled with dread. Had she called to say that she knew about Jody and my compatriots? Had she seen Jody's giant cock in its prison? Would she take him from me?
I pushed all these doomsday scenarios from my mind and answered. "Hi, Marlene," trying to sound as normal as possible.
"Hi, Margot," she said, friendly as ever. We made small talk for a while, then she came to her call's purpose. "I wonder if you could do me a favour?"
"Sure, what do you need?" I answered, liking her very much.
"Could you take Jody to register for school tommorow? I would do it myself, but I can't get away from work," she explained.
"Sure," I said brightly, relieved at what the call was about. "Where's he going, the community college?"
"No, he's going to St. Catherine's," she said, naming the Catholic high school.
"Isn't he too old, I thought they didn't take over-age students in high schools?" I asked, the problems of this begining to whirl in my head.
"He's been given a special dispensation because of his mother's death. He only has to take three classes for one semester anyway."
"Sure, no problem," I said. "Have him come over in the morning and I'll take him."
"You're a doll," she said gratefully, and hung up.
I mulled over how this would affect his training. It would certainly cut down on our time. Students where we lived were required to take phys-ed. I couldn't send him there in his device. And there was the problem of girls. If it got out that my Jody had a horse-cock, how long before some adventurous slut tried to get her hands on it. Not that I minded the thought of sharing. The idea of watching Jody's fucking and sucking with others made my cunt drool. I only wanted to enslave him, not keep him to myself.
I then did the only thing I could think of, I called Evelyn. After a few perfuctory questions, she told me not to worry. She said that she would meet me at school first thing in the morning. I went to bed after Wendy sucked my clit to a very satisfying climax. Not trusting Evelyn, but trusting her insatiable cunt, I fell asl**p.
Wendy awoke me in the morning. I removed her harness to allow her to clean herself while I supervised. After she groomed herself I inspected her cunt and asshole. The swelling was going down nicely and it wouldn't be long before I had the full use of her again. Applying the disinfectant gel to the chastity device's tube, I insrted it into her urethra. Fitting the rest of it on her, I secured my slave's fuck holes against any unauthorized attention. Wendy then donned her uniform and left for work.
I then watched out my kitchen window, preparing Jody's breakfast. I saw Marlene drive off to work. As soon as she was out of sight, Jody made his way over. I heard the door open, it was 7:16 exactly. I told him to remain in his regular clothes and come to the kitchen. He stood at the entrance of my kitchen, waiting to be allowed to sit down. I gave him permission and told him to eat. As on Monday, his breakfast consisted of oatmeal, milk, juice, and lots of fresh fruit. I tried a different variety, but as always plenty of pineapple. I wanted his cum to be as tasty as Tony's.
"We have to take you to register for school. Evelyn says she can help us, so I need you to remain quiet, and do as you're told. Do you understand?" I intoned his mantra.
"Yes, Mistress," he replied dutifully.
"And don't call me Mistress in front of others. Call me Margot."
"Yes, Mis... I mean Margot," he said, as nervous as I was.
He finished his breakfast, cleaning the table as expected. We went to the garage, I noticed that his clothes hinted at his remarkable physique. I would have to remember to dress him more modestly to avoid unwanted attention. As we drove to his new school, we practiced using my first name.
I pulled into the full parking lot. I saw Evelyn waiting for us wearing a very conservative pink suit that belied her voracious and kinky appetites. If I didn't know her I would never have guessed at her true nature. It got me to wondering how many other freaks lived here, and how many of them did she know.
Evelyn greeted us politely and took us inside. We went to the main office, she shook hands with the lady at the desk. I looked at their entwined fingers and wondered what the lady would say if she knew where Evelyn's fingers had been yesterday. I pushed all these thoughts aside, not wanting to give anything away. Jody was registered for physics, chemistry and the dreaded phys-ed. We were told that once his classrooms were assigned, he would be called, or if we wanted we could come back and get the information. We said we'd be back.
Evelyn then told us to follow her. She led us through the school to the far wing of classrooms. We entered one of the science rooms where a woman of about forty was sitting at a desk. "Caroline!" Evelyn said warmly, "it's been ages."
"Evelyn, it's so good to see you again," the teacher greeted her just as warmly. She had an aprehension in her greeting that I recognized. It was the same one I had for Evelyn.
"This is my neighbour, Margot, and a new student here, Jody," she said introducing us. we exchanged 'nice to meet you'. Caroline looked exactly like what she was, a teacher. She was about 5'9", with brown hair, pulled into a bun. She wore very large glasses and a calf-length skirt that showed no form. Her blouse was very high at the buttoned-up collar that was almost severe looking. If I hadn't been told, I still would have pegged her as a teacher.
"What can I do for you?" she asked courteously.
"We'd like you to be Jody's teacher," Evelyn explained simply.
"Classrooms are assigned randomly," Caroline explained.
"I want him to be taught by you," Evelyn explained, "he has some special needs."
"What 'special needs'?" she asked suspiciously.
"Lock the door," Evelyn ordered. Caroline did as she was told. "Jody needs someone that we can trust."
"Trust with what?" Caroline asked, confused.
"Show her," Evelyn said to me. When I hesitated, she said confidently, "Don't worry, Caroline's one of us."
Against my better judgement, I stood between the teacher and Jody. I loosened Jody's belt as he leaned back on a desk. I pulled his cock out, following Evelyn's instructions, I removed his harness, letting his naked and still flaccid cock out for viewing. I stood aside so she could see it. Evelyn proudly pronounced, "Help with that!" while holding her hands out like she was a hostess on a game show.
I could see Caroline trying to lick her dry lips while she stared at Jody's slowly hardening cock. "Oh, my," was all she could say.
"Oh, my indeed," Evelyn said as she slinked over to Caroline. I don't even think she noticed as Evelyn unfastened her skirt letting it fall to the floor, revealing her unpantied and hairy snatch. Jody and I stood and watched while Evelyn's expert fingers started to rub Coroline's fur covered clitoris.
"Do you like that cock?" Evelyn asked, circling Caroline's hard clit with her middle finger.
"Yes," Caroline responded breathlessly.
"Hmm, I know you do. You want to suck it don't you?" Evelyn asked.
"Yesssssssssss!" Caroline choked out.
"Tell me, dear, do you and your fag husband still like to share cock?" Not waiting for a response Evelyn continued, "Oh my, yes. Let me tell you, when those two get together there isn't an empty ball-sac in the house. Pair of cum-guzzling sluts they are. I have some wonderful videos I'll show you."
Jody was fully erect now. I walked over to Evelyn and Caroline, pulling them toward Jody. Evelyn kept up her attention to the teacher's cunt, while walking. I picked up her yard stick and joined them while they admired my slave's meat. "Measure it!" I commanded Caroline, smacking her on the ass with it before handing her the ruler. Her ass was surprisingly firm.
Taking the ruler, she placed one end on his pelvis, on top of his hardness. Moving so that Jody's cock and the ruler were parrallel, she took its measure. I began to finger her slippery cunt and tight asshole simultaniously. "What does it say? How big is my slave's cock?" I hissed in her ear, while Evelyn and I did double-duty on both of her fuck-holes and clit.
Caroline could barely stammer out, "Eleven and a half inches."
"That's a lot of cock, hmmm?" Evelyn teased.
"And what would you do for me, if I allowed you my slave's giant cock?" I continued.
"Anything," came her reply.
"Anything?" Evelyn asked.
"Anything!" Caroline yelled. Evelyn and I smiled at each other.

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