The Training of Jody- Part 15 Conditioning

I awoke that Monday to the exquisite feeling of Wendy's eager tongue on my pussy. My orgasm approached as I was gaining full conceiousness. All manner of thoughts were going through my head, made all the more erotic by my slave's active tongue. What path was Jody's training to take became apparent to me during climax. Evelyn's involvement remained as murky to me as ever.
"Thank you, Mistress," Wendy said, genuinely grateful. "May I masturbate now?" she asked, embracing her new status.
Examining her pussy, I determined it was still too swollen from yesterday's activities, so I forbade her any release. Disappointed, yet obidient, she rose to prepare for her day's work at the hospital. "Leave my cunt on you!" I ordered her from the bedroom, "it will remind you of your place." No response was forthcoming, none was needed.
It was 6:30a.m. and I had many plans to consider. I donned a latex bodice and stockings that Sabrina had sent over. Tony appeared at my door, fully clothed, "I have to be going back Miss Margot," he informed.
"So soon?" I made no effort to hide my disappointment.
"Yes, my appologies. Mistress has summoned me back, so I must go," he explained.
"Of course you must," I answered, understanding fully.
"She said to tell you if you have any questions don't hesitate to call."
I turned and faced him, "Thank you for all your help, Tony. You're a credit to your Mistress." This seemed to gratify him more than any orgasm he had yesterday. With that, he departed.
At 6:55 I unlocked the door for Evelyn's arrival. After talking with several dominants on line, some knowledgable, some quacks, I formulated a plan. Evelyn arrived at 7:05, wearing the same raincoat as yesterday. I chastised her, "Try to be on time, please."
"Sorry, dear, couldn't be helped," she said, not very sorry at all. "I promise to be on time, if you remember I'm not one of your subs." She removed her raincoat, hanging it next to Jody's key and leash. I have to admit she looked rather sexy. Her plump form stuffed into a pvc merry-widow that complimented my own outfit very nicely. Her enormous breasts held in the form fitting fabric tightly. Her chubby thighs straining against its hug. There were also snaps at her crotch to allow her b**stly cunt to come out and feed. "What's the plan for today?" she asked.
"Just follow my lead. And remember our deal, don't interfere or contradict me, okay?"
"Of course, I always keep my word," she reassured me.
The door opened tentatively, I looked at the clock, it read 7:16. Jody entered siletly and saw me sitting at the top of the stairs, my cunt just higher than his eye level. His gazed turned toward Evelyn, and he hesitated slighly before entering and closing the door. He said nothing as he removed his clothes revealing his muscular perfection. His cock was still incased in its harness, and I wondered if he received much discomfort from it in the night.
He attached his collar first, then fumbled at the lock on his manhood. I signaled silently with my hand, and he sunk to his knees, still incased. I then motioned that he should continue. After a short while, he managed to unclasp the tiny lock. taking great care not touch the flesh he unzipped his prison. He then undid the metal clamp holding fast to his egg-sized balls, at last he was free.
He sat on his knees before us. For a moment I thought he'd need a reminder of his next task. But as he had yesterday on so many occasions, he pleased me. His monsterous cock grew to its full hardness, much faster than yesterday. My satisfaction would have been complete had I not heard a slight plopping sound. I looked next to me and saw Evelyn's snatch had already started to leak its juices on my floor.
Smiling ever so slightly at him, I beckoned him to me. He made the crawl up the stairs stopping at my closed knees. I parted them slowly, enjoying his anticipation. When they were sufficently opened, I allowed him to pay homage to my cunt, still wet from Wendy's attentions. I allowed this to continue but a moment, then bade him stop. Much as I would have liked to have him in every way right there, it was time for Jody to be taught control.
I took his leash and led him toward the bath, Evelyn followed us. I had him stand before me so I could examine him. I looked at his sl**p touseled, golden locks. I ran my fingers down his well defined back. Holding his rock hard buttocks I ordered him to grab his ankles. He bent over at the waist, keeping his knees straight as an arrow. I seperated his ass cheeks, revealing his bud. I had Evelyn turn off the light while passing me a Q-Tip. I placed a small flashligh in my mouth to spotlight my slave's anus. While Evelyn graciously held his as open, I examined him. I ran the swab over and around my target, penetrating him ever so slightly. I stood up, holding the cottony tip up to the pen-light. Holding it for Evelyn to see, I motioned for her to release his cheeks.
"Jody!" I said harshly.
"Yes, Mistress," he responded, still in his vulnerable posistion.
"Your asshole is to be kept immaculate at all times. Do you understand?" I asked, hinting something was amiss.
"Yes, Mistress" he responded, scared now.
"Your asshole is as important to me as my cock. As a matter of fact, it's my asshole now. Do you understand?"
"It's your asshole now, and it must be immaculate, yes Mistress,"
he said, desperate to please.
"Good!" Then more respectfully, "Evelyn, would you check to see if this slaves rectum needs cleaning, please?"
Evelyn wetted her forefinger with her own cunt and the slowly inserted in Jody's ass. Fingering him sensually, I could see the head of his cock enlarge. So, I thought, he's got a hungry ass. After a minute of fingering Jody's perfect ass I had Evelyn withdraw her digit. She held it up for examination. I studied it with the pen light and shook my head sadly. I then licked one side of her finger, wanting to taste him. Evelyn then sucked her whole finger lasciviuosly.
We then took Jody to the kitchen for his breakfast. He was given lots of fresh fruit, especially pineapple, as this has been proven to better the flavour of semen. A bowl of oatmeal, some juice and a glass of milk later and he was ready for the day.
We repaired to the basement. Jody was placed on the gyno-table and restrained. Evelyn got a washbasin of warm water, some soap, scissors, and various razors. He was not a hairy boy, but his legs, pubic area and belly would still have to be dilapitated. I decided to leave his golden-haired arms alone. We started with his legs. Using a feminine razor I first shaved his left leg while Evelyn rimmed his asshole. I handed Evelyn the razor, and she slowly shaved his right leg. I fingered his now wet asshole while she did it, his erection was momentous.
I removed the line of hair on his belly, while Evelyn stood opposite me playing with his balls, carefull not touch one bit of his throbbing cock. I then sheared his pubic curls with a pair of scissors. Then to show my appreciation I handed Evelyn a straight razor to shave his cock and balls. She looked as though I was giving her an award. We soaped up his tender area, again taking care to avoid contact with his cock. I adjusted the table so he could watch his proof of subservience. The dangerous looking razor sc****d across his pelvis with an ominous sound. The terror in his eyes at what this woman could do to his bound body hitting home with evey deft stroke. I manipulated his cock and balls this way and that, as Evelyn needed. After what had been an agonizing time, he was clean. We applied a soothing lotion on his new baldness, rubbing it in delicately, the feeling as wonderful to him as the shaving had been terrifying.
After careful examination we were satisfied at his hairessness. Only one thing remained. I took a pair of tweezers and handed a pair to Evelyn. We then began to pluck any hair we saw on his ass one by one. At first this was a minor discomfort to him, but the pain in this area began to accumulate. Half way through I stroked the shaft of his still hard cock while Evelyn played expertly with his balls. The pain-pleasure dynamic was being established and it was working wonders. Every sign of pain was accompanied with lovely pleasure, not enough to climax on, but enough that by the end I couldn't tell the difference, and neither could he.
We gave Jody a moment to rest, and then took him back to the washroom. Expressing my displeasure at his anal cleanliness, I prescribed a series of enemas for him. Telling him to place his head on the floor. I prepared an enema for him. Putting soap in the bag first, I filled up its two liters with warm water. Evelyn was shamelessly fucking her now exposed cunt with the nozzle. Attaching the hose to the bag, I signaled Evelyn to penetrate Jody's upturned ass with her improvised phallus. She took the nozzle and slowly guided it into Jody. It required no lubrication as it was already slimey from her cunt and slid home easily. Evelyn fucked Jody a little before leaving it burried inside him, he was still achingly hard. I released the bags contents deliberately fast, shocking Jody with how rapidly he could be filled.
"Look how much he took, Evelyn. And look how fast he took it," I said tesingly.
Evelyn was now working four fingers in her cunt. "Makes you wonder what else will go in there?" she said knowingly.
After I squeezed the bag empty Evelyn removed the nozzle. After licking it clean, she began fucking herself with it. I ordered Jody to hold it as long as he could. His abdoman was stretched, his ass full of the solution. Evelyn and I got behind him, the pen light once again focused on his anus. After a few minutes his butt-hole started to twitch.
"I really have to go!" he begged.
"Just a few seconds more, baby," I said gently, using 'baby' for the first time that day. I stroked his still hard cock at the base with my thumb, watching his sphincter convulse. I placed the light in my mouth so I could rub my clit. Evelyn reached underneath me to rub my asshole.
"Misstressss! Pllllleasssssssee!" his begging more urgent.
My own approaching orgasm had made his cries meaningless. All I knew was that I was going to cum before he would have any relief. "Jody! You will wait for my permission or you will be dismissed permanately! Do! You! Understand!" I screamed at him.
"Yes, Mistress!" he obeyed painfully. Evelyn's fingers had slipped in my ass while my hand furiously rubbed my clit. Jody's asshole was puckeing and unpuckering as furiously as Evelyn's fingers were working in my ass.
As I exploded I managed to tell Jody to release his enema between grunts of pleasure. I lay prostrate on the floor, my hand still fingering fourth and fifth orgasms out of my hot cunt. As Jody expelled his enema, my own ass was sucking on Evelyn's invading fingers. She removed them, making a sucking sound. I indicated that Jody should clean them. As I looked up at Jody sitting on the toilet, licking my ass off of Evelyn's chubby fingers, I could see his huge cock. It was still rock hard. I smiled.
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