The Training of Jody- Part14: Bargains Made

Tony obediently fucked Evelyn's sloppy cunt. I rubbed her clit, taking many photos of Jody's hard cock being mastubated while I did so. Wendy was stroking Jody's giant erection, while Evelyn was playing with his balls. Jody, being an amatuer, managed to produce two cums while Tony kept up his relentless pounding of Evelyn's hairy snatch. He never even lost his erection between orgasms, merely softening a little before Wendy's expert touch had him ready again. By his fifth cum of the day, his production of semen was down to what I would call a normal amount.
By the time Evelyn was ready to feel the splash of Tony's jizz, she demanded that Wendy increase the urgency of her stroking so as to have Jody cum when she did. Jody must have known that it would displease me, for he managed to hold his climax until after Tony had already deposited his goo in Evelyn's cunt. Despite the rauchiness, dispite the relentless masturbation and ball massage, my slave held out for me.
Tony climbed off of Evelyn, the mixture of their fluids dripping from his slimy cock. I looked down, my sheets were wet with her sweat, the area surrounding her ass particularily so. They were soaked with her juices and doubtlessly Tony's cum leaking out of her gaping asshole. I'd throw them out later, washing them didn't seem like enough.
Evelyn lay there catching her breath, staring at Jody's freshly milked cock. I ordered the three submissives out of the room, leaving Evelyn and myself. "Will you be staying for super?" I asked cordially.
"No, thank you. I have to be going home. Besides I'm full enough," she said, laughing.
I smiled mirthlessly at her joke. I handed her the camera, and said with more of an edge than I intended, "Here's the photos you wanted, you know, to keep you warm."
She reached out for the camera and scrolled though the photos of Jody. "You'll never keep him, you know?"
"What?" I said, feeling I'd been slapped in the face.
"Or should I say, he'll never keep you," she answered, still looking at the pictures.
It took every ounce of restraint I had to not throttle her. Instead I calmly replied, "We'll see."
She put the camera down and looked at me intently. "Come on Margot. You and your friend have found a new toy, nothing more. A magnificent toy, but a toy none the less. Sooner or later your going to get tired of him and throw him over. Believe me, he won't bounce more then once before I scoop him up. Then you'll miss him, and want him back. But it'll be too late, I'll have him. I know all about his mother, and his abondonment issues. Don't worry though, I'll make him and his giant cock very happy."
Her self-confidence was unnerving. "I don't think you should come around anymore," I decided.
"Oh, no my dear, I'll be coming around. Every day. And Jody had better be available. I'll let you introduce him to all the pleasures you and I know so well. In fact I'm looking forward to watching. But if you think for one second of cutting me out, straight to Marlene I go." Her manner told me this was no bluff. "If it's any consolation to you, you never had any choice. Call me tonight once he's milked out," she said with finality, walking down the stairs naked.
She donned her raincoat in the entranceway. Picking up her umbrella, she was once again the paragon of f****y-values. With a pleasant, "Goodbye!" she left the house. Come hell or high water, I decided, I was getting this bitch out of my life. I summoned Jody and told him to call Miss Marlene to tell her he'd be staying for dinner.
After a lovely supper, I felt better, though I still had a feeling of foreboding. Wendy and I continued to stroke on Jody's magnificent cock until his balls were dry. The cylinder was 1/3 the way full and I idly wondered how many sperm were swimming around in it. It was nine o'clock and time to send Jody home. I took him to the bathroom to allow him to piss before sending to Miss Marlene's house. I again repeated the process of holding him, starting and stopping his urination at my whim. "Why do we do that, Mistress?"
"It's a technique for controlling your cum, baby," I explained. That seemed to satisfy him. Seeing his milked-out cock and remembering how well he behaved today, I bent down at the waist and kissed the giant head.
Despite the 12 cums he made that day, he began to stiffen. I looked on with astonishment at his rising cock. "I'm sorry, Mistress. Should I have stayed soft?" he asked, as though he disappointed me.
"No, baby. That was the nicest compliment you could have paid me," I said to reassure him. "Now off to living room, I have a present for you." I watched his muscular perfection walk toward the living room, following him.
I had Jody stand in front of the three of us. I was sitting down, Tony was standing, and Wendy was on her knees. I presented Jody with a cock harness. "What is this for, Mistress?" he asked, very confused.
"It's to keep your cock for me," I explained.
"But it's already for you," he said, more confused.
"I know, baby," I cooed to him, "But this assures me that you won't masturbate, or let some nasty slut touch my cock. I told you, only I, or someone I say, can touch my cock. Do you understand?" I said, sternly intoning his mantra of obedience.
Automatically he replied, "I understand, Mistress."
"Your cock belongs to me now. It's mine, and mine alone, not yours. I have rid you of your cum. So from now on you'd only produce slave's cum. And only I decide what to do with slave's cum. If I bring it forth, you'll be suitably grateful. If I leave it in my balls, you'll keep it there. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress," he said meekly.
"Good! Tony, harness my cock!" I ordered, very much the dominant again. Tony went over to Jody was standing. Jody put his arms behind his head, as ordered. Tony took Jody's cock in hand and inserted it in the thick leather sheath. This excited me more than I thought it would. I"d seen much gay sex before, but watching my slave's cock in another man's hand did something to me; a pleasure I'd see repeated, I thought. "Isn't my cock marvelous, Tony?"
"Yes, Miss Margot," Tony answered.
"Have you sucked cock before?" I asked him.
"Of course, Miss Margot," he replied, as though all men have. If my slave had been ready, I would have had him suck Jody right then. Realizing that the games were over for tonight, Tony fastened the heavy-duty zipper that ran the unedrside of Jody new present. Attaching the zipper to the metal harness that fastened arond his balls, My slave's cock had disappeared into its shiny, leather prison. Tony then fastened a small padlock on the junction, seeling up Jody until I saw fit to release him. After Tony handed me the key, I admired the craftsmanship of the device.
"What if I have to pee?" Jody asked practically.
Jolting me out of my revelry, I had Tony explain that urine could still pass through the tip. "What if I get hard?" he said, again asking a very good question.
I had him come over to where I was sitting. Standing him in a way he could get a good look, I had Wendy lick my slit, while I sucked Tony's well trained cock. Ignoring the remnants or Evelyn, I sucked Tony like a dirty whore, Jody began to harden
"Ow!" he yelped. "What was that?"
Tony explained, "There are spikes about 1/2 an inch from where you flaccid cock ends. If you get hard, your erection will drive your hesd into them."
I interjected, "This is the only place you get hard, do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress," Jody answered.
"Good. Now Jody, your cum tastes terrible. You will come here for breakfast from now on. I will see to your bathing as well. You will find the key for your harness at the door. When you arrive here unlock and remove it, presenting yourself as I told you this morning. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress," he repeated the only two words he would need to remember.
"Good. Now thank Wendy and Tony for their help, get dressed, and go home," I said with finality. Jody did as he was told. "Call that bitch and tell her her drink is ready!" I ordered.
"Yes, Mistress," Wendy jumped to obey.
When Evelyn returned I invited her in. Presenting her with Jody's full production, she sipped it like it was fine wine. "He isn't eating enough fruit," she said. "And he's consuming too much red-meat." Her analysis matching mine.
"I don't think you can play with us Evelyn," I said, watching her drink Jody's cum.
"I don't care what you think. I"ll be here, everyday," she shot back.
"Go ahead and tell Marlene, she'll get over it," I said more asuured than I was.
Evelyn smiled her malicious smile. "Not after she sees these," she said as magician at the end of some trick. Pulling a bunch of photographs from her pocket, she presented them to me. They were taken in various rooms, at various times, but the subject matter was unmistakable. All showed the lurid goings-on that day, from Wendy's attentions for Jody in the living room, all the way to us sl**ping in the same bed. "I particularilly like this," it showed Wendy getting whipped. "What time does he get here?"
"7:15," I said, admitting defeat.
"I'll be here at 7;00a.m. Leave the door open, will you?" She finished the last of Jody's cum. She smacked her lips, then made a face like she ingested something unusually sour. Handing me the container back, she left without saying anything.
After she'd made it down to the sidewalk, I pondered the deal I had made with my own personal devil. Could I lose Jody to her? Would I discard him as I had so may others, only to want him back? This bitch had gotten in my head.

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3 years ago
she wants his Money & cock awesome
3 years ago
great story please keep it coming
3 years ago
Oh no! What's next? That nasty Evelyn has got to be got rid of!