The Training of Jody-Part 13: Lines Drawn

Pressing the side of her face into the pillow, Evelyn continued to relish Tony's relentless pounding of her ass. The sound of her violation interspaced with her moans as Tony relentleddly pounded her rectum. I was dying to know what she whispered to Jody while I watched her loose ass take Tony's full length and girth. Wendy stood behind them, a bird's eye view of Evelyn's penetration to enjoy. She must have been thinking of Tony's pounding of her own ass. There was something different about the way Evelyn was being violated though. During it, Wendy's ass-fucking had seemed more friendly, this was more of a hate-fuck.
After her anal session, that lasted nearly 40 minutes, Evelyn was finally satisfied. While still staring at Jody, Evelyn grunted out, "Okay, I'm ready. Shoot your load in me. Cream in my ass."
After a few more strokes of his cock, Tony came in her wide ass. Making gutteral sounds as he deposited his tasty cum in Evelyn's satisfied asshole. He withdrew his cock right after, a violation for him as he normally would have waited for an order to take out his cock. Evelyn breathlessly said, "Come here, lover. Let me taste us." Tony walked around the bed past Jody and myself. He stood where Evelyn could see him. Lifting herself on all fours, she grabbed Tony's still hard cock in her left hand, pulling him toward her. She then took his slick cock-head, sucking it into her in her mouth. Reaching between his legs, she placed her hand on Tony's muscular ass at the crack, and began to clean his cock, pulling him towards herself. Making noises of pleasure again, she again deep-throated Tony, all the while staring at Jody as though this were all for him.
After she had cleaned Tony to her satisfaction, Evelyn collapsed on the bed. "I think I need a little nap," she purred as though shed had just taken a massage. The four of us stood around the bed silently in the pleasantly muted light. I looked at Jody, Wendy and Tony, all were looking exhausted. Understandable as it had been a morning of some energy expendature. I suggested we follow suit and take a nap as well.
Jody looked at me intently. I looked at him and asked, "What is it, baby?"
"I have to go pee," he replied.
I found I had to go too. I looked at Wendy and she nodded her need for the toilet as well. Looking at Tony, he shook his head no, the sweat from his exertions making his skin glisten. "Tony, go to the guest room and take a nap," I ordered softly as Evelyn was now fast asl**p, and begining to snore. "You two come with me," I said as took Jody's leash from Evelyn's grip.
Tony left to the guest room, while I took my slaves to relieve themselves. When we got to the bathroom, I went first. I placed Jody on his knees in front of me, spreading my legs slightly so he could watch my urination. It was a powerful piss, and Jody stared intently at my cunt as I let it go. He wasn't so much aroused, as fascinated. I looked at him and asked, "What?"
"I always thought it came right out of your vagina, I didn't know you had a hole just for pee," he explained. Wendy and I smiled at his inexperience. He took this as us making sport of him. He said nothing, but I could see the hurt look on his face.
I reched out and cupped his cheek while Wendy dutifully handed me toilet paper. As I wiped myself, I said to him tenderly, "Don't worry baby, You'll learn everything there is to know about vaginas, I promise." I stood up, making way for Wendy. I knew it would have been more comfortable for her to hover. Instead, she made the effort of sitting down on her whipped ass, as to show Jody her cunt and its similarities to mine. Again Jody watched intranced, staring at Wendy's pussy as though it held all the secrets of life. When she passed her last drops, Jody reached out and handed her the toilet paper. She looked at me a moment before taking it. I shook my head once, answering her silent question. She took the paper from Jody and wiped her pussy clean.
She didn't flush, just as I hadn't. No sense in wasting water. I pulled on Jody's leash slightly, signaling for him to stand up. "Now your turn, baby," I said. Taking his flaccid penis in my hand, I directed him at the centre of the toilet. Wendy got on her knees, her face centimeters away from Jody's cock. Lifting the seat up, she presented me with a bigger target.
This was obviously a new experience for Jody. Probably no one had held his cock for him to piss in his life except for him. It was new for me too, I tried to remember if Wendy and I had ever talked about it before. I stood there behind him, holding his cock, waiting patiently. "What is it Jody?" Wendy asked. I could have killed her for breaking his concentration.
"Nothing, I've just never gone like this before," Jody said, embarassed.
I turned on the tap in the sink. Making sure the water was the right temperature, I guided his left hand with mine, never letting go of his cock. I put his hand under the warm, running water, saying to him, "You better get used to it Jody. Someone here will always be holding you when you piss."
The water was begining to have the desired affect. I could feel his cock pulsing as the urine made its journey through him. Holding his penis, I looked over his shoulder, making sure my aim was true. With a sigh of relief, he let out a powerful stream of piss. Guiding his stream, I made a direct line for the middle of the toilet water. Suddenly I remembered something and ordered Jody to stop. With supreme effort he cut off his stream.
"Okay, go," I said, giving him permission to go again. I felt his muscles contract as the yellow liquid was again f***ed from his body. "Now, stop," I said after a longer period than the first. I kept this up for the whole time. Ordering him to start, ordering him to stop. I kept it random, puposefully free of predictability. When at last his bladder was spent, I shook the last drops out of him and told him to flush.
We took something to drink from the kitchen and made our way to Wendy's bedroom. When we arrived I had Jody and Wendy remove my corsett and stockings so I could have a more comfortable sl**p. I looked at Wendy's ass as she turned to get into bed. "Does it hurt very much?" I asked, genuinely concerned.
She smiled at me, "Had to be done," she said. "You were right, I was trying to defy you."
Apreciating her honesty, and valuing our friendship I decided on something. "Whenever either of you are in bed with me, and we're naked, you can speak to me normally." I figured friends, even slaves, have to speak their minds sometimes.
"You mean I can call you a cunt!" Wendy said jokingly.
I was surprised at my reaction. I knew she was k**ding, but I reached down and grabbed her spanked pussy. Holding fast to her over-sensitized cunt-flesh, I squeezed it hard, "You still have to show respect, understood?" I said softly.
"Yes, Mistress," Wendy replied, once again knowing her place. "What did Evelyn whisper to you Jody?" she asked, freeing me of the need to.
"She said that, 'one day, you would be mine. And that I'll make your giant cock feel good all the time. That I'll give you all the fucking and sucking you want, and that you'll forget about her.' I can only assume she meant you, Mistress," Jody recited from memory.
"That fucking bitch!" Wendy blurted out. "We should go into that room, and drag her and her gaping asshole down the stairs, and throw her naked into the street!"
Although she was expressing my exact sentiments, I knew I could not do that. "We can't," I said flatly.
"Why not?" Wendy asked. Her long arm lying under my breasts while her hand cupped Jody's balls. "She can't do anything to us. What do we care? The neighbourhood already thinks we're sluts."
"You are a slut," I said jokingly. Then more serious, I said, "She can do plenty to Jody."
"What do you mean?" she asked, as concerned about losing him as I was.
"She could tell Miss Marlene what we are doing," I explained.
"So, he's over 18. What's she gonna do, arrest him?" Wendy asked, almost shrill.
"No, but she does have power of attorney. She can cut him off without a dime," I tried to explain.
"And then he comes here, lives with us," she explained, as though to a c***d.
In the same parental tone I said to her, "Then we have to look after him for the rest of his life. No money for college, no home, no prospects, and no skills. Just a giant cock and a good attitude." This seemed to deflate her. "No, we bide our time. We have a gun to each-others head. And I'm not putting mine down." I shook Jody's cock to emphasize what my weapon was. I turned to face him.
Looking at his lovely green eyes, I saw the fear in him. Cast out into the cruel world, suddenly alone, he was almost helpless. I understood, as I lost both of my parents suddenly, but at least I had some security. Jody had nothing, and I knew I had to protect him. I pulled him to my chest, stroking his hair, trying to comfort him. we fell asl**p, embracing.
I awoke to a flash. Rubbing the sl**p from my eyes I could see Evelyn with a camera taking pictures of Jody. Wendy's hand was still on his balls. With more calm than I felt I asked, "What the hell are you doing?"
"Just a momento, dear. Don't worry, you can't see his face. See," she explained, handing me the camera. I scrolled through the digitized photos, they were all of Jody'd cock. Taken from different angles, there were about 20 pictures. "Will you make him hard for me Margot? Just something to keep me warm at night."
I thought about it a moment. I supposed it would do no harm if his face wasn't visable, but it still bothered me. "Leave the camera, I'll get some shots during his next hand-job for you, okay," I said softly so as to not awaken my slaves.
"Sounds fair," she said reasonably. "How long until he's ready," She asked. Standing before me naked I could see her hair was no dye job. Carpet and d****s matched.
I didn't know how long it would take. I made something up until I could talk with Tony and his Mistress. "Could be a while, months for sure," I informed her. She looked disappointed, to say the least. 'Yeah, stick that up your loose shitter, you cunt,' I thought to myself, 'I know your game.'
She was staring intently at Jody. "I"ll wait," she said absent-mindedly. There was menace in her voice. She then looked at me, friendly again, "When do you think Tony will be up?" she asked.
"It's almost 3 o'clock now. I should wake him," I said as I rose from the bed. "Why, do you want your pussy fillled now?" I offered, while reching down to rub her cunt.
"Yes," she said, breathlessly aroused. "Fill my cunt with his fat cock," she demanded rubbing her cunt against my hand. I could feel her labia parting around my fingers. More out of habit than anyting, I formed my hand as to more easily penetrate her. My whole had slipped inside her fuck-hole as easily as a finger would mine. With a sloppy wet sound, I fisted my uninvited guest. She lifted her chubby leg to rest it on the bed, Wendy and Jody still asl**p. I fist-fucked the middle aged woman mercilessly. She made no noise, only faces of supreme pleasure while she slid her fingers down to play with her clit.
I don't know why, but I suddenly so turned on I felt the need to eat her. I dropped to my knees and started to lick her clit, replacing her busy fingers. Watching her work her clit had given me an idea of how to eat her; I put it into practice. While I could feel her approaching orgasm, I looked up past her belly to her face. She was holding the camera, scrolling through the pictures of Jody's cock as I made her cum.

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