The Training of Jody- Part 12: Pleasure Denied

Evelyn grabbed hold of Jody's monster cock, pulling it toward her mouth. If I'd not been so alert she would have gotten it in her hungry mouth. Just as she was about to start sucking him, I managed to cover her mouth, blocking his entry. Evelyn was disappointed to say the least, "I paid for it!" she screamed, as though money could buy everything.
"A minute ago, you thought you bought Tony," I challenged.
"This is the one I want," she shot back, pulling Jody's thick shaft towards her mouth again.
Having a firm grip closer to his tip, and her being on her knees, gave me the leverage I needed to stop her. "You can't have him! Unless it's on my terms!" A battle of control was ensuing. Jody stood there dumbfounded at the tug-of-war his erection had become the object of.
Evelyn stood up, eyeballing me the whole time. I found this deeply offensive, since I had assumed a dominant persona. "I paid for it, and you get what you pay for," she growled through clenched teeth.
"You want your money back? Fine. Tony, there's a cheque on the end table in the living room, go get it," I ordered my borrowed slave. "You can keep his cum, it's a gift," I said to Evelyn cordially.
Tony turned to obey. Evelyn's arm thrust out grabbing Tony at the elbow, giving him pause. "What are your terms?" she asked, her hand still holding Jody's manhood.
"First off, release him," I said softly. As she released Jody I loosened my own grip. Still keeping a loose hold on him protectively, I could see her fingers had left a weal on his cock. 'I'll pay you back for that, you bitch!' I thought to myself. 'Nobody hurts my baby!' Using his prick as a handle I guided Jody behind me. We stood there silently, regarding each other. Jody's leash swinging gently, spanking against my ass. We must have made quite a sight; me in my corsett, her stark naked, ready to fight over a boy young enough to be her son.
"Secondly?" she asked none to patiently. If she had have been tapping her foot she would have been the perfect immitation of my mother.
"Secondly, Jody is not ready for mouth, ass, or cunt," I was speaking of him as though I wasn't holding his cock, protecting him with my body. "He has much training to do before then. Today, he is to be milked-out, completely drained of spunk. After today, many things must happen before he's taught to fuck." Because I wanted to end this confrontation I said, "If you want to help, you can. Because of your generousity. If you don't, take your money back and go." My proposal sounded reasonable enough to me.
"When he's ready, can my mouth, cunt and ass be used?" the words sounded extra dirty coming from her matronly mouth.
Not trusting her, I came back with, "Of course. But if I catch you trying to make an end-run around me, I'll keep your money, and deny you this." I then moved to the side, placing Jody's wonderful meat in her hand. "Tell me honestly, as a secret slut, is it the biggest you've ever seen?"
Not taking her eyes of Jody's member while stroking it, she replied, "His is the biggest I'd ever seen," indicating Tony, "this is other-worldly." Lovingly fondling Jody she looked at me and offered, "I'll give you $100,000 for him."
Staring into Jody's eyes, I said without looking up, "I wouldn't give him up for a 100 million." Jody smiled so sweetly at me, I thought of killing the offensive cunt stroking his cock. Thinking I would sell my sweet boy, who the fuck did she think she was? "Do we have a deal?"
She gave me her free hand, reluctant to let go of my slave's cock, "Deal!" She laughed, in order to reduce the tension I supposed. Looking at her mean, fat face smiling at me, a chill ran up my spine.
Jody tapped me on the shoulder. "Mistress, sorry to interupt, but I'm ready," He dutifully informed.
"Everyone, up to the living room," I ordered. The five of us repaired to the main floor. Evelyn was masturbting Jody's throbbing hard-on the whole time. When we arrived, Wendy handed Jody's semen container to her. "All that from one orgasm?" she asked in disbelief.
"Two actually." Wendy said, holding up a peace sign with her fingers.
"Still impressive," Evelyn whispered, holding the container up to her eyes. Still manipulating Jody's cock with her free hand. 'How much cum have you seen, you slut?' I thought to myself.
Seeing my slave's chest heave, I knew he was ready to blow his load. "Get ready, Evelyn. Don't lose any," I said, commanding again.
She threw me an annoyed look. "I won't, I'll collect every last drop,"
she snarled. Then more cordially, "Can I drink it?"
Now, I was annoyed. "If you do as I say, you can guzzle his cum. But only after we've gathered his full day's production." She looked disappointed so I added, "I'll know what I need to know, and there will be more for you." That seemed to satisfy her.
Jody began to add to his total. The amount of cum he spewed into its receptical would have put an ordinary man to shame, even though this was his third cum in as many hours. I could even hear the splash as it jetted out of his piss-slit. Evelyn expertly stroked his huge cock and, true to her word, lost not a single drop. She regarded his milky addition with awe. I secretly hoped she would start to drink his seed so I could throw her and her sloppy cunt, out into the street. However, she merely rose from her knees, keeping the cylinder upright as to not spill any of it, and hugged Jody against her humongous, saggy tits. The hug offended me more than anything she would do that day.
Evelyn brought Jody's spunk container over to me for examination. After agreeing on its fantastic volume, I looked at Evelyn, "Thank you, Evelyn. Now, pussy or ass?
"Pussy or ass, what?" she asked sincerely confused.
"Tony's recovered now. So do you want him to fuck you in your pussy now, or your ass now?" I said, honouring my offer to her.
"Ass! Then when he's ready, I want him to fill my greedy fuck-hole. If that's okay?" she asked with sweet urgency, trying to be one of us.
"Of course," I said, being just as friendly, "Use my room. The bed is bigger than Wendy's." I smiled at her, then playfully swatted her fat ass. She giggled slightly, and took off for the bedroom. Wendy rolled her eyes at me, embarassed at the phony cunt's display.
I beckoned Tony to me. Walking over on his muscular legs, Sabrina's naked slave stood at attention before me. "Yes, Miss Margot?" Tony said obediently.
Having full faith in Sabrina, I didn't bother asking if he was ready to fuck. "Make sure to use lots of lube, and make sure she has a good time."
"Yes, Miss Margot," he answered.
As if on cue, Evelyn called from up the stairs, "Tony come put your cock in me! My ass needs to feel you! Anyone who wants to can come watch!" she invited in her annoying voice. I nodded to Tony who took off to anally please our unwanted newcomer.
After Tony went to fullfill his duties Wendy turned to me "How's your ass?" I asked softly, still looking at Tony as he rounded the corner.
"Whipped and well fucked," she answered, then added, "Mistress." I went to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen. Getting some balm for Wendy's ass I returned to the living room, my slaves were waiting silently for me. I was going to apply the salve myself, and then decided Jody should do it. It seemed more dominant.
"Mistress?" Jody asked in the silence.
"Yes, baby?" I replied, my mind still reeling at Evelyn's intrusion.
"Would you have really sold me to her?" Jody asked, seemingly unable to say her name.
I looked down at him, watching him on his knees applying the salve ever-so-gently to Wendy's whip-marks. Seeing the care he was taking on his compatriot's ass, he must have been wondering when it would be him in need of a soothing touch. Loving him more than I thought possible I hissed, "Never! I would never give you to anyone, let alone her." I pointed up to the lewd lady getting her ass reamed in my bed. "She's a necessary evil right now." Looking down at him, again putting the balm on Wendy's buttocks. So gently was his touch she didn't even wince. I lifted his chin, and gazed into his innocent eyes. Seeing nothing but adoration there I said to him gravely, "You must tell me everything she does. Right away, understood?"
"Understood," he smiled so sweetly at me, I lifted him up and kissed him on the mouth.
his loving kiss contrasted with the calls from my bed. "Fuck my ass with your thick cock! Stick it in my shit-hole! Give me my creamy enema! Bring that horse-cocked boy up here! So he can see the way to fuck my ass!"
"Come, let's go watch," I said to my slaves, "it'd be rude not to." Normally watching other people turned me on greatly. I liked to be watched too, but something made me not want to go upstairs. I couldn't figure it out, since she had virtually the same body as Rosalie and I loved watching her fuck. Something repulsed me about her.
I looked down at Jody's flaccid, swinging cock. At least I could watch him and my Amazon and think of plans for them. Letting his leash hang loose, I took Jody by his cock and led my slaves upstairs. Halfway up I could hear the slurping of Evelyn's ass as it was being repeatedly penetrated. The sound of an ass-fucking unmistakable, even through the cries of her pleasure. At the top of the stairs I could see Tony's muscular ass flexing as he stabbed at Evelyn's willing bung-hole over and over. Going into the bedroom I rounded the bed, holding Jody's spent cock in my hand. Looking into her eyes I could see the raunchy pleasure Evelyn was taking from Tony's accomplished tool, and our attendece.
"Let Jody watch! Let him see my ass all opened up! All gaping and hungry for cock! Big, fat cock, fucking my big,fat ass!" Evelyn demanded. Her using Jody's name was almost as offensive to me as her embracing him. Wanting Jody to see anal, (he was eating my pussy when Tony was ass-fucking Wendy), I led him around to Evelyn's back door.
"Tony, stand on the bed so Jody can get a better view of your cock going into Evelyn's ass," I ordered.
Tony complied, but said nothing. He stood on the bed bracing his hands on her wide hips. Once he got his balance, Tony began to jack-hammer Evelyn's wide ass. I must admit, she took all of Tony's 9 thick inches balls deep, like a real pro. "Pull out, Tony!" she ordered like someone who was used to being obeyed. "Let Jody see my hole gaped!" Again his name sounding dirty in her mouth. "You see that Jody! See my ass all open! This is me getting ready for your cock! Put your cock back in my ass, Tony! Fuck it open, so it can be ready for Jody to have it!" This was her fucking my sweet Jody vicariously, the dirty bitch.
"Jody, come over here so I can see you," Evelyn said sweetly. Looking at me, I merely nodded my concent. I released Jody's cock to allow him to be seen by Evelyn. Tony was fucking her ass rythmically, using his whole length. Gritting her teeth, she reached out. I thought she was going for Jody's cock, but instead she grabbed his leash. Pulling him down so that his face was level with hers, the butt-fucking slut hissed something at my baby with great urgency. Jody whitened slightly and stood up. Evelyn held his leash in her teeth. Wanting to know what was said I looked around the room, in order to cover the curiousity on my face. My eyes fell on the clock, it had just turned noon.

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Brilliant again. What's that nasty Evelyn up to? Hmm? I don't trust her!
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keep it goin very good!!
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