The Training of Jody- Part 11 Busy-Body

I took a deep breath and opened the door. It was my neighbour, Evelyn.
She was standing there in a raincoat, an umbrella protecting her from the rain. I didn't like her. She was one of those people who used being a conservative as an excuse to be mean-spirited and a bigot. She was a plump woman, about 50 years old, with reddish-orange hair you only saw on women her age. I was at a pool party at her place once and saw her in a bathing suit, she was built like a turkey.
"Hi, Evelyn," I greeted her as warmly as possible.
"Oh,hi dear," she said, as though expecting someone else.
"What can I do for you?" I asked.
"May I come in?" she said.
I lifted my raincoat by the pockets, "Well, I'm kind of busy," I replied, indicating my outerwear.
"Oh I'm sure you are," she said mysteriously.
Wanting to seem casual, I opened the door wider for her to enter. I stepped backwars onto the stairs. Seeing Tony had tidied up, I breathed a sigh of relief.
Evelyn came inside. Shaking her umbrella outside she siad jovially, "Cats and dogs, huh?"
"Come on up, can I get you anything," I asked nicely, hoping she would say a beating with a bat.
"No, I'm fine, thanks," she said with a sweetness that would have been endearing, had I not known her.
"What can I do for you," I asked, getting to the point.
"Well, it's more what I can do for you," she said cryptically.
"What do you mean?" I asked, more guarded now.
"I have something I think will help," she offered.
"Help with what?"
"That huge penis," Evelyn said.
"What?" I feighned astonishment.
"The huge penis Wendy was masturbating while licking his testicles. The penis on the young man who was performing oral sex on you," she said as though reading my horoscope.
"That's not true," I said. Wendy, at the time, was actually eating his ass.
She just gave me a look like we both knew I was lying. "Where is Wendy, by the way?" She asked smugly.
"She's tied up right now," I said. Wanting to add, 'With a swollen asshole and cunt.' I hated this bitch thinking that she had something on me. I hated the cat and mouse game we were playing. But most of all I hated lying about my personal life. If she didn't know it was Jody pleasuring me, then the only reason for lying was gone. "Well, if there is nothing else, I really have to be going."
"I can help you. We can help each other," Evelyn said, ignoring my dismissal.
"How?" I demanded.
"That penis is going to need a special vagina."
"What do you mean, 'special,' vagina?" I made quotation marks in the air.
"If he's as big as I think he is, he's going to need some room," she said, certain of herself.
"I think we have it covered, thanks," I said, attempting dismissal again.
"I don't think you do. Even with Wendy's and your predilections, I don't think you can accomodate it," she said, insulting me.
I grew tired of her. Still smarting from the 'predilections' comment, I challenged, "And you do?"
She smiled her sweet smile again. Lifting her raincoat by the flaps I could see she was naked from the waist down. Her chubby thighs and hanging belly disguised her pussy better than any panties could. With surprising dexterity, she squatted down. With a dull thud, a billiard-ball fell out of her cunt onto my living room carpet. The number '1' rolled a little toward me. I wasn't that impressed as I'd seen mant objects inserted into vaginal cavities before. Just as I was about to say something a purple number '4' fell out of her. More impressive, yet still not Earth-shattering. As I finished my shrug, the black number '8' was given birth to, clacking against the other balls. I was impressed now. Not only by her vagina's capacity, but also that she walked the 1/2 block to my house with her cargo inside her.
Evelyn's impressive performance aside, I couldn't bear the thought of her knowing me intimately. "Very commendable, but I'm sorry. You have a great future in smuggling though," I jested.
"Why? I can do the same thing rectically, and I can pay you," she pleaded.
I was a little offended that she would think I'd whore-out my sweet boy. "I have money. I simply don't trust you to keep your mouth shut," I explained, wondering how much she would pay. I started to guide her to the door.
"I think I'm risking more than you," she said.
Her final point was well taken. I must admit, the thought of having leverage on Evelyn, with her phoney-baloney self-righteousness, swayed me more than money ever could.
"Do you have your cheque-book?" I asked, capitulating.
"How much?" she asked, smug again.
I quickly calculated an amount. "Five thousand dollars," I stated casually.
Just as casually, "What's your full name Margot."
"Just make it out to the 'American Civil Liberties Union," I said sweetly. She blanched slightly, then wrote out the cheque. I thought 'go fuck yourself' as she handed me her payment.
"Can I see him now?" she requested. I swear, I saw her licking her lips.
"Sure, come down the stairs," I directed her to my new playroom. In the dimly lit room Wendy was still tied, naked and prostrate, to my table. Evelyn walked over to Tony, ignoring Jody and Wendy all together.
Tony's cock hung limp between his legs, still very impressive while flaccid. "May I suck you?" Evelyn asked Tony.
"You'll have to ask Miss Margot," Tony answered, ever obedient.
"Go ahead, make him all hard and ready for your sloppy cunt," I said hoping she would be insulted. Instead she just looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I was sorely tempted to tell Tony to deny her an erection.
Watching Evelyn slutting in my basement was, I admit, a tremendous turn-on. She expertly worked Tony's quickly hardening cock like a real pro. Watching her tongue dart over the head like a gila-monster's, I gained a new respect for her. Then I remebered all the times when she campaigned against this or that thing that were none of her business, and my conempt for her rose anew. Seeing her lovingly suck Tony to his full 9 inches reminded me of her hypocrisy.
As she slurped on cock like the raunchy slut she 'really' was, I got Jody to help me release Wendy. The way the light fell in the room, we had a clear view of Evelyn's lewd display of cock-sucking. We, however, remained in shadow. Wendy went to ask, but I cut her off, telling her that our new guest was, indeed, the paragon of 'f****y values'.
Evelyn was in a crouch, in profile to us. She was licking Tony's cock-head, deftly stroking his thick shaft with one hand, and fondling his balls with the other. "Look what I can do!" she proclaimed proudly, reminding me of Stuart on 'MAD T.V.' To our utter amazement, she then swallowed Tony's gigantic cock, right down the pubic bone.
I almost fainted. Wendy managed to stammer out,"H-have you ever been deep throated before, T-t-tony?"
Tony looked at us, equally shocked, "Never."
I reached for Jody's cock to stroke him hard. I was too late, the display of Evelyn's skills had already brought him to full size.
"I want him in all three holes," Evelyn demanded, "but I want his cum in them all too. Would that be okay?" she asked gasping for air, adding, "Please!"
Throating Tony had to be worth something. I looked at him and asked, "Are you up for that?"
Tony, in his first display of humour that day, just said casually, "I'll manage."
"Okay, Evelyn. He's all yours. Just tell him when you want his juice,"
I informed her.
"When I want him to cum, he'll cum?" she asked, not beliving me. "Okay, I'll squeeze your balls twice, like this, but don't shoot until I have you burried all the way down my throat." She squeezed his balls, demonstrating the signal. Tony merely nodded his consent to the plan.
She worked his cock for another couple of minutes, sucking him hungrily. When she couldn't take it anymore she squeezed Tony's nut-sac. Throating the entire length of him, he rewarded her efforts with his jizz. She moaned in such a way that I knew she was well satisfied with Tony's spunk. Slowly releasing Tony from her mouth she absently asked, "Who's Sabrina?"
Evelyn sank to her knees on the hard floor. She was breathlessly, resting on all fours. Taking Jody by the cock, I walked over to her. Standing to her right, his full 11 inches was level to the side of her head. "Evelyn," I said, "let me introduce you to Jody,"
Evelyn leaned up, turning her head as she did so. Jody's massive cock catching against the side of her head. Seeing the hugeness of it, felling it pressed to her, realizing Tony's own cock would be as a mere appitizer next to Jody's, she said in a low tone, "!"

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Fantastic I love it :D
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really like this one!! keep it cumin
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now this is a kodak moment