The Training of Jody- Part10: Surprises

"What is it, Mistress?" Jody asked, startled at my lunge for the window.
"Someone was watching us," I replied more calmly than I felt.
"Who?" Wendy inquired.
"I don't know," I answered, my eyes scanning the street.
"Are you sure?" came Wendy. I could see her asshole gaping.
"Very," I intoned, still searching for a sign of the spy.
"Who do you think it was?" Wendy asked, joining me at the window.
"Could be anyone, we were making quite a lot of noise. It might have brought some busy-body," I offered.
I looked at Jody, smiling in order to reassure him. Tony couldn't have cared less, as lots of people had seen him fucking. I didn't give a shit what people said, and everyone knew Wendy was a slut. But Jody was near panic at the idea of someone being privvy to our activities. "What if someone tells Miss Marlene? She'll kick me out. Where will I go?" His tears were flowing freely, although he wasn't actually crying.
I walked over and held him against my breasts. Trying to comfort him, "Don't you worry, my baby, Miss Marlene's not like that. Even if she does ask you to leave, you'll come here. Do you think I'd let anything happen to you?" I began to dry his tears. I reached down and stroked his cock, reminding him how special he was. Reassured that he was not going to be homeless he calmed, and beagan to harden.
"What are we going to do?" Wendy asked practically.
"Nothing. What can we do?" I said, not needing an answer. Presented with this fait-accompli I relaxed. Worrying wouldn't help, and Jody's approaching erection reminded me what we were here for.
I looked at Wendy and ordered her to clean her ass of of Tony's cock. She grabbed for towel and went over to him. As she lifted his semi-soft cock I shot at her, "With your mouth, Wendy."
She bent over from the waist, exposing her asshole. She was contracting her sphincter to normal, Tony's cum was leaking freely down her leg. Tony's cock was no where near it's full dimentions so Wendy was able to inhale him whole. Taking great care to erase all remnants of her rectum, she closed her mouth around the base tightly. Slowly pulling back her head, she stretched his prick out, revealing 'SABRINA" one letter at a time.
"All done!" she announced proudly.
"We'll see," I said sceptically, "Are you sure?"
"Clean as the day he was born," she said, a little too proudly for my liking.
I beconed Tony over to where I was standing. Commanding Jody to lie down I got on my knees. Still rythmically stroking Jody to full hardness, I began examining Tony's meat like I was at a deli. I looked it over thoroughly, finding zero fecal matter. I put my nose against the base of his shaft and sniffed the length of it like I was taking a line of coke from it. Still finding nothing untoward, I beagn licking it all over. I kept at this for several minutes, until I pulled his foreskin back and licked around the head of his cock. Then I tasted Wendy. I knew it was her, as I had sampled many a cock directly from her ass. I shot her alook that could have turned someone to stone.
Knowing that she had left a remnant, she tried to stammer an apology. I stood up, releasing Jody's now full erection. I walked over to where the giantess was standing. My anger was surprisingly real; I had given an order and it was not obeyed. Punishment would have to be mete out.
"Down to the basement with you!" I took Wendy by the ear and pulled her to her knees. I took my riding crop and swatted her ass hard, encouraging her to crawl to the basement. I signalled Jody and Tony to follow. Jody crawled, erring on the side of caution, his cock was still hard, pleasing me. It was slow going as it's much harder to crawl down stairs than up. With a judicious smack of my crop, Wendy picked up the pace.
Arriving in the basement I had Tony secure Wendy across the table. Attaching leather restraints to her ankles and placing the spreader-bar between her knees, Wendy's cunt and ass were totally exposed. Tony then secured her ankle cuffs by the attached rings to other rings that ran around the tables base. With the bottom half of her body secured, Tony then walked around to the other side of the table in order to secure her powerful arms. Her right wrist was held by a thick metal ring hooked into her cuff. When Tony moved to secure the left arm, Wendy did the unthinkable, she pulled away. I don't think it was an act of outright defiance, more of a fear reflex. That didn't matter though, Wendy's punishmet would have to be more severe now. With his great strength Tony grabbed her left wrist more firmly. Having no leverage, and realizing her grave error, Wendy submitted without struggle.
I looked at the riding crop in my hand. It seemed inadaquite to the punishment Wendy would have to have now. I looked down at Jody, on his knees by my side. He was shifting his weight, from one knee to the other. Remembering that he made the journey frome the living room unpadded I had him stand up. Examining him, I could see his untrained knees were red from the carpet and the cold concrete in the basement. I had Tony retrieve his knee pads.
Jody's cock was still hard. As he had not complained, and maintained his erection the whole time, I started to keep a mental reward-card for Jody. His perfomance had been exemplary so far, so I decided that he was entitled to a blow-job and an ass-fuck when he was ready. I reminded myself to write this down later.
Looking through the many drawers of Sabrina's table for some kind of salve to apply to Jody's knees, I found a cat-o-nine-tails. I lifted it out of its drawer, and examined its cruel beauty. Jody all but forgotten for now, I turned it over, its flails falling this way and that. At the base of the hand grip , an inscribed gold ring ran its circumfrance. The insciption read, 'Every slave needs correction, love Sabrina.' I didn't know if the message was for me, but it seemed like devine providence. This was her sweetest gift so far, besides the use of Tony.
Tony returned with Jody's knee pads and a tube of aloe vera. I crouched down to attend Jody, placing the whip on my thighs. I faced Jody, my eyes level with his croch. I moved his cock so that it wrested on my shoulder as I soothed his knees. One of the whip's flails slid of my thigh, making slight contact with my cunt. This excited me to such a degree it took all my will not to order Jody into my pussy and Tony into my ass. After aplying the aloe to my slave I put his knee pads on him. Once he was equiped, I stood up, his cock ran over the length of my upper-body. The line of wetness from Jody's pre-cum immitating my own desire.
As I turned to face Wendy, I saw Tony standind with a ball gag. I merely nodded to him as he installed it on my female slave. I silently commended Tony for his foresight and made a mental note to offer him the hole of his choosing, Wendy's or mine, later on. I wrapped my arms around Jody, hugging him from behind. I reached down to fondle his very productive balls. Talking to him in gentle tones I said, "Watch carefully, my baby. See the punishment that can befall a bad slave." The softness of my tone, and the gentleness of my ball-handling belying my implied threat. I released his scrotum, pushing down on his shoulder. I placed my novice slave on his knees, three feet from Wendy's helpless ass, as I wanted him to have a good view.
I walked slowly to the prostrate slave at the table, my stilleto heels clicking ominously on the floor. The only other sound was Wendy breathing rapidly, through her nose. I let the cat's soft leather straps caress Wendy's ass. Walking around the table I pulled it across her back slwly, sensually. Resting my toy no her back I faced Wendy. Looking into her eyes I saw raw, a****l fear. And something else, was it desire? Her cheeks were puffing out while her breathing increased, to f***e the air out of her lungs faster. I smiled sweetly down on her, like a benevolent goddess.
I lifted the cat far above my head. and brouhgt in down f***efully. Enjoying her terror too much, I stopped my swing in mid-air, causing the whip to narrowly miss her back. The anticipation of pain is always much worse than the pain itself. Wendy was discovering this, as tears were now flowing freely down her cheeks. I tenderly wiped some of them away, using the cat to do so.
I moved around the table again, out of her range of sight. I walked over close to Jody. "Are you excited, my baby?" I said, my pussy hovering so close to his face I could feel his breath on it. I bet over, his breath now hot on my asshole. I undid the straps of my shoes silently, enjoying the feel of Jody's breath on my sphincter. As I looked through my legs backward I could see his cock was throbbing now.
Now in my stocking feet, I moved silently behind Wendy. Her head was moving back and forth, trying to see where I was. The hugeness of her ass making this impossible. I pulled the whip back over my head, and swung it down with all of my f***e at the inviting and unmissable target before me. The loud crack was startling as the whip found its target. Wendy's whole body went tense at electric pain that shot from her ass. Not knowing it was coming made it all the more worse. As I listened to her muffled cries I let loose with another blow. It had only been two hits on her, but her ass was already begining to welt.
Remembering all the exquisite pleasure I had given her today, her asshole and cunt suddenly offended me. I called Jody and Tony over. I had each of them take hold of an ass cheek and ordered Wendy spread open. Using both of their considerable strenghts, the pulled her buttocks apart so far that I thought she might split in two. Putting my whip down I picked up the riding crop. Placing the leather clapper in Jody's mouth it was moistened. I began to beat Wendy's anus mercilessly. I thought about Tony's loving ass-fuck I gave to her and she repaid me with disobedience. This anger fueled my sadistic impulses. I ordered Jody to count to 50. As he did, I smacked her freshly fucked hole. When we reached the pre-determined number I examined Wendy's oft-penetrated ass. There was no bl**d, but the muscular ring was protruding as viciously as I had beat it.
I looked down further and saw that her fuck-hole was liberally secreting its juices. Her cries of anguish inconsistant with her cunt's production of lubricant. I shoved the business end of my crop into her juicy slit, turninig it around in her huge pussy to make it suitably wet. When I removed it, a string of cunt-spittle hung from her opening to my toy, as though it were leaving a trail to be followed back.
I then told Tony to count the blows. I smacked all around her snatch. So quickly did I move the riding crop that Tony had trouble keeping up his count. I tried to concentrate my attacks on her opening and gigantic clit. When we neared 90 Wendy started to cum. Ignoring Tony's ennumerating I beat her clit to ensure her orgasm. This was so exciting, beating my slave to orgasm, that I could smell my own cunt's wetness.
Wendy went limp. If she hadn't been secured by her wrists she would have wound up on the floor. A dilemma now presented itself. How do I punish her? Just then I remembered what Mom used to say. Ot was okay to spank a c***d on its back side as it hurt, but didn't do ant real harm. Going up behind Wendy I spread her open to inspect her. There was no bl**d, but her cunt was more swollen than after any gang-bang I'd seen her in.
I picked up the cat and brought it down on her ass. This brought her out of her stupor. I placed 18 more blows across her meaty ass, giving her nice even number. When I was done my arm felt like it was going to fall off. I realized I was going to have to get in shape for this.
I went up the stairs to get a drink, leaving my slaves and Tony in the basement. As I was drinking my water the doorbell rang. I went to the door, donning my raincoat to cover myself. A momentary flash of panic went through me as I thought it might be the police, come to see what all the noise was about. The tableaux in my basement would be hard to explain.

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Who's at the door?
You always leave me with questions and wanting to read more :)