The Training of Jody- Part 8:10a.m. Time for Milki

As I led Jody to the living room by his leash I suddenly became concerned about his knees. Not the discomfort so much, but leaving persistant rug-burns might arouse Marlene's suspicions. I stopped his crawl with a tug on his leash, and beckoned Tony and Wendy to come. I related my concerns to them. Wendy suggested using feminine napkins. Although it amused me to think of "padding" him this way, I found it impractical. For good measure I gave her a flick of my riding crop on her ass and told her to be useful, or remain quiet.
"I'm sure that Mistress Sabrina would have included that in her care package," Tony said. His faith in his Mistress was very commendable. I briefly wondered if Jody would see me in this light one day.
"Well, don't just stand there, go look. The two of you," I commanded. Noticing Tony's impressive hard-on,I said "Tony, make yourself soft."
"Yes, Miss Margot," he said, accepting my order.
My hand flashed out and grabbed Wendy by her out-sized clit. "And make sure you put back everything as you found it," I cooed sweetly as I twisted her button. Looking her directly in the eye, courtesy of my 4 inch heels, I added, "No fucking around in there, understood?"
The pain must have been substantial as she shook her head violently, and just said through clenched teeth, "No, Mistress." I nodded to her as she was released from my grip and went to assist Tony.
While they were away I got into a crouch beside Jody. I kissed him gently on the ear then said to him, "You're doing fine, my baby," in a motherly tone. I reached under him and touched his giant cock just below the head. His raging hardness giving me the realization that he was as turned on by this as I was, maybe more. "Very fine," I said, increadibly pleased with him.
My charges returned brandishing a pair of black knee-pads that wrestlers wear. Tony's cock was hanging limp, amazing me once again with his self-control. He handed me one pad, Wendy the other. It amused me that they had probably planned this so no one would be punished if they returned empty-handed. I put the pads on Jody. Looking down on him I told him that his two slave compatriots should be thanked. He did so, ever so politely.
I just stared at him, so small at my feet. "Thank you, Mistress Margot, for making this easier," he said in his little voice.
"Kiss Wendy thank you, baby," I said as though to a c***d receiving a toy. As if he knew exactly as I meant, he leaned up and kissed Wendy on her clitoris. Wendy reached and grabbed him by the back of his head as if she were going to get eaten. I snapped the riding crop on the back of her hand.
"Don't you ever touch him without my permission!" I snapped at her as hard as I had with the riding crop. "He's mine, you filthy cunt!" I yelled at her, geniunely angry. "If I give you the gift of his perfection in any way, you'll be suitibly grateful, not daring to take more!" Another crack with my crop found her clit. This dropped her to her knees next to Jody. I looked at Tony and said, "have you ever fucked an ass without lubrication?"
"Yes, Miss Margot," came the immediate reply.
The look of terror on Wendy's face was quite sincere, "And was there any result of that fucking?"
"Yes, it took months before they shit right again," Tony informed.
I looked at my prostrate slaves, first at Wendy, with utter contempt. Then much more softly at Jody. "I'll think on that. I believe Wendy will too," I said cryptically. For the first time I saw her look at Tony's cock with something other than naked lust. "Come, Tony," I said, leading him to the living room, hooking my arm in his, as though we were out for a Sunday stroll. Pulling on the leash gently,Jody followed us. Wendy crawled behind, her nose at Jody's perfectly formed ass.
"Now Jody," I began, "the first thing we have to do is milk you dry. This serves two purposes. One, it will give us an idea of your production. Two, it will cleanse you and give us a blank slate to work on. You're sure you haven't masturbated since Friday? You can tell me, I won't be mad."
Jody shook his head, "No, Mistress. I promise, I haven't masturbated, honest."
The way he said it made my heart break. Like a c***d accused of doing something who is genuinely innocent. "Okay baby," I said, tenderly lifting his head so I could look in his eyes. "But this is very important. You are no longer to touch your beautiful cock, ever, do you understand?"
Jody looked confused, but too scared to say anything. I gently ran my fingers through his curly blonde hair and said, "What is it, my baby?" as though he was a baby.
"What if I have to go pee?" he said, seeming on the verge of tears.
"Don't worry about that," I consoled, "we'll show you how to go pee." He seemed so small and helpless, using syntax a c***d would. "Now straighten up, but remain on your knees," I ordered in a firmer voice. He did as he was told, his lovely erection still holding firm. "Jody, is there anything that turns you on?"
What he said next made me fall in love, right there, "You do, Mistress." He said it with such sincerity. He wasn't trying to curry favour, wasn't paying a compliment. I knew that I would gladly kill anyone who got between us. I knew that many punishments, many corrections, lay ahead for Jody, but I promised myself that I would never hurt him for my own amusement. I also decided that my pussy would be for his cock, alone, and that I would wait for it to be properly trained.
Trying to not show how moved I was, I took off my cloak exposing my well fucked cunt to Jody. I said more harshly than I meant to, "Well if you want to be worthy of me, you have to earn it. Now lay down on your back." he quickly did as he was told. "Good, spread your legs, and bend your knees. We won't need these anymore," I said as I removed the knee-pads. His huge cock stood at attention for me. He looked so vulnerable with his egg-sized balls in perfect position for an attack. I grabbed at them, begining to knead them as one testicle, then the other, spilled out of my hand.
As I fondled Jody, I remembered one of Sabrina's instructions. A slave should experience bondage, humiliation, or pain while recieving pleasure. I bid Tony to hand me a spreader-bar, and fastened it between Jody's legs, just above the knee. I returned to fondling his cum-laden balls with both hands, instructing Tony to prop Jody's head up with some pillows. While he was getting Jody into position, I heard Tony whisper, "You have no idea how lucky you are," to Jody, in a not unfriendly manner.
When Jody was satisfactorally inclined, Tony came near to me. I cracked him with my riding crop on his inner thigh while silently mouthing, "Thank you," to him. The gratitude and punishment were recieved silently. I then grabbed Wendy by a handful of her hair. Posistioning her so that her bald cunt was centimeters from Jody's mouth. I instructed Jody' to inhale her scent deeply, but not to touch her. I then took his hands and put leather cuffs on his wrists, each cuff had a ring attached. I then fasteened his hands, wrapping them around Wendy's waist. His hands could barely make the circumfrence, and once his wrists were locked he was quite immobile. I saw the first drip from Wendy fall on Jody's lip, heused his tongue to draw it into his mouth.
"Wendy, do not touch Jody. I will not have him pleasured, yet. Do you understand?" I asked firmly.
Wendy was quite breathless now, she every bit as immobile as my precious Jody. His breath hot on her snatch. She managed to choke out a, "Yes, Mistress," between her own rapid breaths.
I looked down at Jody, his face partially obscured by Wendy's ass. I removed the pillows supporting his head. He was now hanging from the Amazon slave, breathing in her pussy scent. Her head close enough to his cock that he could feel her breath. Being so close to pleasure that they both needed must have been excruciating. Keeping them from doing so was an act of supreme will on my part.
"Jody, stick out your tongue, but do not touch Wendy with it," I ordered. I scooped up a drop of her juice without touching her. I then put my finger in Jody's mouth. "Do you like her flavouring?"
Jody sucked my finger hungrily. He merely said, " Mmhmm," as he greedily sucked. "He likes the way your cunt tastes, Wendy."
Wendy shot back, "Please, Mistress! Make him lick me!" Her huge ass was swaying back and forth, and Jody with it. "I'll do anything! I need his tongue!"
"Anything?" I said cryptically.
"Okay, just remember you said that," I answered with a calmness I didn't feel. If the shoe had been on the other foot, I would have begged her to watch Jody's first cunnilingus. I then instructed Jody in how to eat cunt. I told him to first put his long tongue inside of her. Her labia opened easily as Jody did as instructed. I was about to tell him to start fucking her with his tongue but he did so without instruction. I watched the horny scene with fascination as Jody went after Wendy's cunt like a prodigy. He required no guidence as he instictively did exactly what he should have when he should have. He licked her slit up and down, and at the perfect moment started to suck her huge clit.
As he sucked her clitoris out of its protective hood, I noticed how much it looked like a small cock. And that's just the way he worked it. He first licked around the head, licking up and down on the shaft, and then flicking the head with his tongue. I saw the first signs of Wendy's orgasm building and reminded her not to crush Jody. She just grunted acknowledgement. As her climax grew more urgent I commanded Jody, "Suck her hard! Suck that slut's clit off her cunt!" I was almost as into it as they were.
I looked up and saw that Tony's cock had become hard from the sight of my slaves. I was going to admonish him but found a better use for his member. I waved him over with same urgency that was in Jody's mouth and Wendy's cunt. I began to suck Tony to assure maximum hardness. This proved to be completely unnessesary as he could have cut diamonds with his fantastic tool. I pulled him down to his knees and handed his cock to Wendy's insatiable fuck-hole. With his single thrust, and Jody ministrations, Wendy exploded. Her cries of pleasure could have awakened the dead. I briefly wondered if the neighbours heard.
Tony's balls were resting on Jody's face. I had not intended to have any male touching today, but they seemed to not mind. After a moment Tony began a slow, rythmic fucking of Wendy's sopping wetness. I told Jody to suck her clit at Tony's pace. I heard his slurps and was satisfied that he understood. I went to the front where Jody's cock and Wendy's face were. I instinctively knew that Jody was near cumming so I didn't touch him until everything was prepared.
As I got the mineral oil and the measuring cylinder to catch his cum with ready, Wendy looked at me. She wanted to say something so I said, "What?" smiling at her, her friend at this moment.
"I'll do anything for you. I want to be your slave," she confessed.
"Good," I said flatly, as though it were expected. "Now Jody, when you're going to cum, stop sucking Wendy and lick her. If you understand, lick her twice."
"He understands," Wendy said. With that I poured a generous amount of mineral oil on my hands. I then took Jody's engorged cock in them. I had only just touched him when Wendy looked up suddenly. Breathlessly she yelled, "Oh my God! He's cumming!"

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