The Training of Jody- Part 7: Rules

I picked out an appropriate outfit for Jody's first day of his new life. I chose to wear the same outfit that Tony at first suggested. It was a black and red leather corset that laced up in the back. It was so supple that it wasn't the least bit uncomfortable to wear. I put on black stockings that attached to the built-in garter. With it I put on 4 inch black stiletto heals that I already owned. To top it off, I donned a black leather cloak that you'd see bad-guys wear in the movies. Tony suggested I wear zippered panties with my ensemble, but having a naked crotch seemed more fitting today. I left Wendy and Tony naked as it seemed more appropriate, and pleased me more.
I wanted to run to the nearest mirror and look at myself. This, however, seemed unbecoming to my new position and I gave Tony a look of "I know" when he complimented me on my appearence. We then selected the equipment we needed for the day and stashed them around. The remainder we repacked and stored in Wendy's room.
Wendy stood look-out at the kitchen window. This offered an unobstructed view of Marlene's driveway. At 9:15 precicely, she got into her car and drove away to church. I knew she'd be gone all day as she did good-works with her church group after Sunday sermon. Marlene's sincerity was one of the things I liked best about her. That, and her complete predictability.
"He's coming!" Wendy announced from the kitchen. I laughed at myself and wondered how many times I'd be hearing those very words.
"Okay, everyone get into your places," I ordered. Tony went down to front entrance. Standing so that he wouldn't be visable to anyone at the door until they entered my home. I sat at the top of the stairs that led to the living room. My cloak gathered about me so that I was well covered. Wendy stood naked behind me.
The doorbell rang at 9:19 precicely. I took note of that so I could give exacting, but possible, orders to my new submissive. I said,"Come in," as Tony undid the lock and swung the door towards himself. Jody entered my house, his first step into the larger world we were going to explore together.
"So, you've decided to take me up on my offer?" I asked, in the most condecending tone I had.
"Yes, I have Margot," he answered trying not to sound terrified. With that, Tony closed the door behind him. Jody was shocked to see a man standing there nude. I told Tony to be careless with his nakedness, and his cock in particular.
"Don't look at him, look at me! Did you come here to see cock, or learn how to use yours!"
"Use mine," he said meekly.
"Good. Now remove your clothing, and get down on your knees," the f***efulness of my voice surprising me. Jody did as commanded. Taking care to fold his clothes neatly, as though this would somehow please me.
Naked on his knees now, I again admired his body. How many years of training did it take to sculpt such perfection. On his knees his limp cock hung half-way to the floor. Tony's flaccid penis was dangling very near Jody's face, as instructed. "Tony, come here, stand by me," I said in much softer tones, as though Tony had a more favoured position. When he turned to climb the stairs his penis brushed the side of Jody's cheek. I was very amused. Jody was horrified.
"Now we have to set some ground rules," I began, instructing Jody. "First off, in my house you will call me Mistress Margot or just Mistress. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress," he replied, holding my gaze.
"You will present yourself within five minutes af Miss Marlene leaving for work. That will put you here by 7:15a.m. Monday thru Friday. Do you understand?" I'd rehearsed this speach may times in the last two days.
"Yes, Mistress," he repied, continuing to hold my stare. I understood that I shouldn't let a slave hold eye-contact. He did so not out of defiance, but politeness, as he'd been taught to look at the person talking to him. He'd not been instructed otherwise, so I let it go. Besides, he had the prettiest green eyes.
"You will undress, and be on your knees, naked, as you are now. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"The door will be unlocked from 7:15 until 7:20 on those days. On Sunday the door will be unlocked from 9:15 until 9:20. If you're not here by then, the door will be locked and you will be punished. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress. What about Saturday?"
"On Saturday? You'll have to improvise an excuse for Miss Marlene, or perhaps I won't want you on that day, we'll see," I told him gently. Then stern again I repeated the mantra, "Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"All my instructions are to be obeyed. Any task given will be attempted. Failure to perform will be understandable, though corrected," he looked like he swallowed a snow-cone whole at that threat. "Refusal to perform a task, however, will result in immedeate and permanent dismissal. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress."
"Very good, there will be other rules of course. But we'll get to them as we go along. Now harden your cock. I want to see it all juicy, and ready for action." Jody took his penis in his hand and started stroking.
"Did I tell you to jerk-off? I'm sure you already know how to do that," I mocked him with the uptmost contempt.
"What do you want me to do?" he asked, very confused.
"Think it hard. Will it to get hard," I said, as though a c***d would know the answer.
I turned to Tony and silently told him to answer. "Think about what turns you on," Tony answered. "Getting your cock sucked, fucking, eating pussy, sucking a cock, whatever." Jody closed his eyes, obviously trying to conjure an image that would excite him.
"Look at me!" I fieghned anger. Pulling my cloak aside I revealed my snatch to my new project. "Think of putting your cock in me, fucking my hot cunt. Or think of me sucking it, like I did on Friday. Here, I'll give you something to think about. Tony, harden your big, gorgeous cock!" In less than a minute Tony was at full erection. Lowering himself slightly to put his pole level with my mouth, I grabbed the base and sucked him from the side. Partly to reward Tony for his outstanding performance, partly to turn Jody on, I laciviously blew my borrowed pet. Slurping lewdly on Tony's engorged cock I stared intently at Jody.
"May I masturbate, Mistress?" came the request from Wendy. I'd almost forgotten she was there.
"Yes, finger your cunt," I acquiesced. "Maybe that will turn Jody on." Jody started to stiffen. After a few minutes of the raunchy scene taking place right above him, and listening to the wet noises of Wendy's bald pussy and my sucking, he became fully hard.
"Finally! You know, Jody, you have a fine piece of meat there, but all you know how to make is hamburgers," I told him, not entirely displeased. "Wendy stop playing with your cunt," I commanded.
"But I'm so close," she said breatlessly. Tony produced the leather riding crop and handed it to me. With a quick flick I caught Wendy on her inner thigh. It made a loud crack and startled Jody. It stung her out of her bliss.
"I decide when you cum, do you understand?" I said, using the exact same tone as I did on Jody.
A few tears were running down my roommate's face when she bowed and silently nodded her head. "Don't worry, we'll be using that hungry snatch of yours plenty today," I comforted her, reaching behind me to tweak her huge clit.
"Good. Now Jody, Thank Tony for helping to make you hard with his magnificent cock," I said off handedly.
"Thank you, Tony," Jody said.
"No, exactly as I told you," I corrected.
"Thank you, Tony for making me hard with your magnificent cock," Jody choked out.
"You're welcome, Jody. May I compliment you on the size of your cock, and the erection I helped you achieve," Tony replied, all of us relishing in the novice's discomfort. Tony then decended the stairs. When he got to Jody, his erection was at full length, as I had not told him otherwise. I'm sure Jody thought he'd be giving his first blow-job right then. Tony lingered but a moment, and then snapped a collar around Jody's neck.
I bid Jody to come up the stairs. He started to rise, but Tony firmly pushed him back down to his knees. "No, Jody. For now you will crawl, on all fours, until I tell you otherwise. That collar will be waiting for you every day, and you will put it on after you make your cock hard for me. You will then crawl up the stairs," I signalled him to come to me. "You will then place the leash in my hand," he then did so. "And you will kiss my cunt." I opened my legs, completely showing off my hairy snatch, offering it up to my slave for tribute. Jody awkwardly kissed me on my pubic triangle.
"No, Jody. Not on my bush. On my cunt," I grabbed him by his jaw and lowered his moth until I could feel his hot breath on my hole. "Kiss me there," I said, gently, to remind him that I really cared for him. He planted his first kiss on my still tender and well fucked cunt-flesh, that he would soon know very well.

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