The Training of Jody- Part 6: Two For the Price of

As I sat admiring the cock on Sabrina's slave, a hundred things went through my head. What I most focused on was the exquisite simplicity of it. Tatooing your name on a slave's cock as a constant reminder to him, and any would-be lovers, of who really pulled his strings. Tony retrieved the riding crop that I was certain Sabrina provided me. With his magnificent prick standing at attention I told him to tell me if the strokes were too soft or too hard. I pulled my arm back and let fly the first crack on his lovely ass.
As expected it was too soft. The second proved to be too hard. By the forth stroke my own personal Goldie Locks told me I had it just right. I gave him nine more of the "just right" strokes and felt a power go through me. Not so much at his discomfort, but at the power to correct him, and have his gratitude at the correction.
"There now," I purred, "no more sass-mouth. When I want your opinion I'll ask."
"So sorry Miss Margot, I didn't mean to offend," Tony said most abjectly.
"Good Tony," I petted his balls as one would a dog's head. They were large and his scrotum was tight. "How large is your cock Tony?"
"Just a shade under nine inches," he answered, trying to sound matter of fact.
"Do you have complete control?"
"Yes, I can delay orgasm indefinitly while receiving constant stimulation."
"What about erections, can you make it hard or soft, under the same circumstances?" I asked, fascinated at such dicipline.
"What if you wre being sucked?" Wendy asked appearing in the living room with us.
"Yes, I could lose my erection if I wished it, even while being fellated Miss Wendy," Tony answered, even using the clinical term for blow-job. No doubt trying to sound matter-of-fact.
"I don't believe you," Wendy said. It was a challenge.
"I do," I said. More my belief in Sabrina's training than doubt at Wendy's oral abilities.
"A wager then?" she offered.
"What's the bet?" I shot back. Tony and his penis nearly forgotten.
"I'll suck him. If he doesn't become limp I get Jody for the first six months. If he does I'll be your slave for six months," Wendy said simply.
I considered it for a moment. The advantages of having Wendy at my feet would make Jody's training easier. If I lost, however, she was such a size-queen that his arrogance after six months of cock-worship would make him impossible to train. I mulled it over, and decided to keep faith with Sabrina, and Tony. "You're on," I boldly stated with a confidence I didn't feel.
We shook hands, as people do when betting, and Wendy went to work. She removed her shirt to reveal her braless tits. They were enormous, befitting her height and ample frame. She then pulled her shorts and panties off at the same time, showing off her hairy pussy. She seperated her underwear and stood her full 6'2". Lifting her panties up to Tony's nose she told him to sniff them while she began to stroke his cock. My heart sank as I saw him begin to throb.
"You like the smell of my cunt?" she whispered to him. I almost called the bet off on the technicality of using props.
"It's wonderful," Tony answered truthfully, a spasm of pleasure going through him. Wendy then got down on her knees and began to suck his cock expertly. Licking his piss slit, running her tongue around the head, then taking the head in her mouth and sucking on it. I saw my hopes dashed as she started to take his balls in her mouth. No man I knew could have softened under such attention. Just when my heart was about to break at the thought of losing Jody, I saw Tony's hard-on starting to flag. Very small differences at first, but gaining momentum. After a few minutes Wendy was furiously sucking a completely limp dick. She tried like a mad-woman for a few minutes, then finally conceded defeat.
I felt like lifting Tony on my shoulders in triumph, but merely looked at him and said a flat, "Thank you, Tony."
As if to understate his own abilities he merely replied, "Miss Margot,"
and bowed his head. I looked down at Wendy, still on her knees, saliva dripping from her chin.
"Now we are going to have a busy day," I said without emotion. "Come Tony, let's have a look at that table."
Tony held out his muscular arm a said, "Come on Wendy, see what a gift my Mistress sent over." He helped her up, both of us noticed that he didn't say "Miss" before her name. They were both slaves now, equals.
We went down the stairs to the unfinished basement. One of the reasons I bought this house was the basement. It was completely open except for the load-bearing pillars. I had intended to build a rec-room. I was still going to, but for an entirely different kind of recreation.
The table sat alone, aside for some boxes. It was near a wall to take advantage of the electrical outlet near it. It looked like a examination table at a gynecologist's office. There were stirrups, but they had restaints on them to hold the legs in place. It also had adjustable arm restraints, a restraint for the waist and for the head. There were numerous drawers that I was sure contained all manner of delightful toys. Many other impliments hung from hooks all around it. I also saw that many parts of it could come off to allow easier access to the "patient" if need arose. Tony said it could also be adjusted to allow the subject to view the proceedings.
I bid Wendy to climb on the table. She did so reluctantly, but it was unnecessary to remind her of her new status. She placed her calves in the stirrups, which Tony securely fastened. Her arms were then restrained, as was her waist. I left her head free and took the control from Tony. I raised the apperatus so I was sure Wendy had a clear view of her vagina.
"Wendy," I adressed her while looking her in the eye, "as befitting your new status as a slave I'm going to remove your pubic hair. No slave is allowed pubic hair and it will serve as a constant reminder to you. To ensure your compliance with our new agreement I will agree to let you out of your servitude in three months if you please me. If you don't I will cast you out in the street, naked." This carried real weight with her as she had no f****y."Do you agree?"
"Yes, Mistress Margot," her reply pleased me greatly.
I said nothing as Tony produced a was basin with warm water, shaving cream and a straight razor. Tony pulled a small stool up so that I could sit eye-level with Wendy's hairy cunt. I found some scissors and trimmed her full bush, cutting the hair short while Tony used a strop to sharpen the blade. When I was satisfied with the trim, shaving cream was spread all over her pubic area.
Tony silently held the razor out when I asked for it, passing it to me as though we were performing a real medical proceedure. His cock limp though still sizable was at level with my mouth. To add to the scene I looked at him and told him to make it hard. Looking at Wendy, I saw she was staring at the rapidly engoring penis. I began to shave her, taking great care not to nick my new toy. A few swipes with the razor and the triangle if her bush was now gone. The much more delicate part was at hand. I took off the hair around the outer labia first, then down to her ass crack. Carefully I ran the blade and took off the hair near her sizable clit, then I took hold of her inner labia, pulling them out as far as I could to make the area more taut. When I was done, I couldn't help but admire my handiwork. She was smooth as a billiard ball and her clit stood out nearly an inch. I had it my mouth many times but never appreciated its size before. I absent-mindedly tried to calculate how big her cock would be had she been born a man.
Without any ceremony or preamble I started to suck her clit. Wendy was always easily aroused, but she was dripping wet the moment I began. I took Tony by the cock and pulled him over to where I was. I changed positions to allow him access to her fuck-hole. His cock fit her cunt perfectly, and he penetrated her deeply on the first stroke. I adjusted the table so that she was lying flat, her legs secured up in the air, while my borrowed slave thrust his hardness in her.
My face hovered over hers. I kissed her, ramming my tongue in her mouth. She sucked my tongue to the rythem of Tony's fucking. I withdrew my mouth from hers and told her to look at me. "Are you my slave?" I demanded.
"Yes," came her near breathless reply.
"You'll do what I say, when I say?" My firmness increasing.
"Yes!" her orgasm building now.
"If you do,I'll keep that horny cunt of yours filled with hard cock."
"Thank you, Mistress!"
Now that our new perameters had been agreed upon, I put my mouth on her clit and sucked it while Tony kept up his cunt pounding. Her orgasm was profound. It was so powerful she lost conciousness. I commanded Tony to pull his cock out of her. Even in her stupor her legs were rattling the stirrups. Tony's cock was slick and inviting, and I promised myself the pleasure of it soon.
"Do you need to cum, Tony?" I asked softly, very pleased with him.
"No Miss Margot, I can continue if you like," he answered.
"Good, it's 8:30 now and Jody will be here soon. Release Wendy and revive her, we haven't much time."
"Yes, Miss Margot," with that, I was obeyed.

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