The Training of Jody-Part 4: The Advice

As I awoke from my post-orgasmic nap I was filled with a feeling of bliss. Not from the orgasm, courtesy of my roommate Wendy, brilliant though that was, but from the dream I had. In my dream I was clad in leather with Jody on his knees beside me, his cock standing at attention in tribute to me. We were both blissfully happy and that seemed to smile on the direction I had decided to take our relationship in. Although I knew it was the right thing to do, I also knew that it had to be done in the right way. To do it wrong would scare him off and he would be lost forever. As I grew accostomed to the light, Wendy came in and told me we had been invited to our friend Frank's for a dinner party. That suited me just fine, as his parties usually degenerated into orgies and I was in the mood to fuck.
Frank was a very handsome man in his late 40's who had devoted his life to pleasure seeking. He had been a self described computer geek who had gotten in on the ground floor of tech revolution. He told us that he hadn't even been laid until he was 24 and married the first girl he fucked. She turned out to be a shrew who nearly ruined his life. Then, at the age of 35 he gave his wife all the marital assets, except his company stock, and got divorced. The next year his company went public and that made him a wealthy man. He then quit his firm, taking a healthy buy-out just to not work for anyone else, and set out to reinvent himself. He started by hiring a personal trainer and dropping 100lbs. He got his teeth fixed, bought new everything, and set out to take all the pleasure the world had to offer. He told us that he finally got properly laid and knew that he found his life's purpose. He even went so far as to hire a whore to teach him how to fuck properly. Believe me, it was money well spent.
We pulled into Frank's circular driveway and parked the car. My snatch was already twitching at the thought of the pleasures that were likely to take place. We knocked on the door and it was answered by Rosalie. "Miss Wendy, Miss Margot, please come in," she greeted us in charmingly accented English. Rosalie was a pretty woman in her early 40"s. She had long black hair with a little gray, kind brown eyes, a huge bosom, wide hips and a full ass that belied the energy she had. She had fled an abusive relationship in Mexico 11 years ago and had been with Frank ever since. He trusted her with his life.
Frank came around just as we came in."Wendy! Margot! Your finally here. Everyone else is out on the patio. Come, let's get you a drink," he greeted us expansively. "Dinner in 20 minutes Rosalie." He put his muscular arms around our waists and guided us to the back of his elegant house.
We went out onto the patio and the other guests were all there. I knew the couple Kevin and Lisa quite well. Lisa was a dirty slut who Frank said could suck start his leaf blower. Kevin looked every inch the English professor he was. Tall, thin, with thinning hair and glasses. Under his tweed jacket however, he had a nice slim build and a big cock. He could fuck like a jack-hammer.
The two single men were well known to me as well. Kelly was a stocky man in his mid-thirties with a pleasant smile and a short thick cock that seemed to go perfectly with his body. The other man was Mark. He was in his mid-twenties and obviously there for me. The first time I fucked him he was awkward and didn't know what to do, but under Frank's teaching he was now a great fucker.
There were two other women there. The older lady, Sabrina, was a very dignified lady in her 50's who looked like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Also there was an Asian woman Kyra who seemed to be more Sabrina's servant than a guest.
We all sat around making small talk when Rosalie came out to say dinner was ready. We went to the dining room and sat at the long table. Frank sat at one end, Sabrina at the other. The rest of us sat down and the meal began. It was a wonderful supper. The food was delicious, and we had different wines with every course. The conversation was interesting and lively, and completely non-sexual. Everyone was sophisticated enough to not talk about it. If the night had have ended there, it still would have been a good time.
Frank suggested we go down to his rec room for desert. When we went down to the basement it looked like any other rec room, a little bigger, a little better furnished, but a rec room. We sat down and relaxed. I could hear Rosalie coming down with desert. When she rounded the corner I saw she was dressed in a bodice, stockings incasing her chubby legs, held up by a garter, and nothing else. Her shaved cunt and ass were totally exposed and her enormous tits barely contained. She placed the cake on a table and carved it up. Bending over to offer each of us a piece, her thick pussy lips were well shown to us all in turn.
When she got to Lisa and Kevin she bent over and offerd them desert. She turned her ass to Lisa to give cake to Kevin. With that, Lisa started to rub Rosalie's labia with her thumb. Kevin put his cake to the side when Lisa unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. Rosalie needed no further invitation. She started to lick around Kevin's cock head in synchronicity to the work being done on her cunt lips. Lisa thoughtfully put a pillow on the floor so Rosalie could could kneel and more comfortably suck her husband's cock. Lisa then put another pillow on the floor and got down on her knees to lick Rosalie's asshole. Kevin was tenderly stroking the Latina's head while his wife feasted on her anus like she feasted on her cooking a half hour ago. It was as good an ice-breaker I'd ever seen.
Frank pulled the room divider aside so that his real playroom could be used. On the other half of the basement. Frank had a vast array of play things. The sight of them and the hot scene in front of me made my pussy wet and ready for action. The playroom had numerous apparatus, a St Andrews cross, a sex swing, bondage gear, dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, lotions and lubricants, and even a gynecological examination table. I turned to say something to Wendy but she was on her knees going from Kelly's thick cock to Mark's much longer one. She had a finger in each of their asses while bobbing her head over the hard fuck-sticks.
I looked over at Sabrina and Kyra who were just watching everything. Frank came up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around me. He lifted my skirt with his right hand exposing my un-pantied cunt. I closed my eyes and could here Wendy and Rosalie slurping on the cocks, could smell the moistening pussies when Frank started to play with my clit. "Finger my fuck-hole Frank!" I pleaded, "Make me ready for you cock!"
"You want my cock?" Frank teased in a voice that was better suited to talking to a c***d.
"Yes! God, yes!" I begged. "I'll suck you. I'll lick your balls. I'll suck your ass. Just fuck my hot cunt!" Frank then bent me over giving him access to my pussy. I placed my hands on my knees and could see his lovely shaved balls. not seeing his penis excited me more because I knew he was hard and ready. When he entered me a bomb went off inside me. I came harder than I ever have. His wonderful cock pummeled my pussy while his skilled fingers played with my clit. I looked up and saw that Sabrina and Kyra were no longer in their seats. I looked between my legs and saw Rosalie getting fucked from behind by Kevin while she licked Lisa from behind. Rosalie's skilled tongue licking Lisa from asshole to clit. I looked around for Wendy and saw her getting fucked in both her pussy and ass from Mark and Kelly. Normally this would have excited me all the more but all I could think of was Frank fucking me like the expert he was and that I was going to teach Jody this one day.
"Frank, I want you to come in me," I demanded.
He was incredulous, "So soon? I can keep going," he said all the while continuing to fuck my sopping cunt.
"Yes, I want your cum in me. Shoot your cremy goo in me! I want to feel it!"
Frank didn't make me beg anymore. I could feel his talented cock spasm as his semen hit my cervix. I climaxed again when I felt him cum. Frank withdrew his tool from me. I went to stand up but I heard a firm voice behind me, "Don't move, please." it was Sabrina. I then felt a wet tongue licking Frank's sperm out of my cunt hole. I looked between my legs and saw the Asian woman Kyra, naked except a leash around her neck, eating frank's cum from my slick hole. I felt another rush of orgasm rip through me when Sabrina told me it was okay to stand.
I felt a little foolish standing there fully clothed when all around me were naked. Sabrina was holding the leash around Kyra's neck. She then ordered her to clean Frank's glistening cock. She then complimented Kyra on the oral skills she demonstrated and led her over to Wendy and the two men fucking her. Sabrina pulled Mark's cock out of Wendy's ass and placed it Kyra's mouth. She sucked greedily on the cock for a minute then replaced it to sodomize my housemate further.
As I undressed Sabrina walked while Kyra crawled over to where Kevin was now fucking Rosalie's ample ass. She waited politely while Kevin reamed Rosalie. Impatience got the better of her and she fondled Kevin's large balls to hasten his orgasm. Frank and I went over just as Kevin shot his semen up Rosalie's rectum. When he withdrew, Sabrina ordered her charge to clean Kevin. Kyra licked his cock clean and then looked at Rosalie's asshole hungrily. Sabrina waited a moment then inserted her middle finger in the Latina's well fucked ass. Withdrawing it she looked at the cum coated digit approvingly and put it in Kyra's mouth. It was sucked clean without hesitation. Sabrina nodded her head and Kyra the proceeded to eat the cum out of Rosalie's ass.
By this time Wendy and her friends were just coming too. I could hear the familiar sound of Wendy climaxing and the men weren't far behind. Again Sabrina led her slave over to the bed where Mark and Kelly were emptying their balls into Wendy's cunt and ass. As they removed themselves from Wendy's well used orifices Kyra again first cleaned the cocks, then cleaned Wendy's holes of the cum that had been gifted to her but a moment ago. I looked at the middle-aged woman and saw the look of satisfaction on her face. She took supreme pleasure at the obedience of her slave. Here was a woman that could give me the advice I needed regarding Jody.
Sabrina wasn't done. While the rest of us recovered and reloaded she put Sabrina in the gynocological chair. Securing her feet in the stirrups, and tying her arms down Kyra was quite immobilized and vulnerable. Sabrina then invited one of us to eat Kyra's pussy and asshole. Rosalie got down on her knees in front of her well exposed orifices and began to knowingly lick the Asian lady out. I've had the pleasure of being orally serviced by Rosalie and knew the ecstasy Kyra was experiencing as she thrashed about on the chair. After several orgasms Sabrina gestured for her to stop pleasuring Kyra. She then spread a generous amount of lube on her sensitive areas and proceeded to finger her cunt. First two, then three, then four. It wasn't long before her whole hand disappeared in the petit Asian woman. Now fisting is something I've seen on Wendy many times, but never on a woman this small. While Sabrina had her hand in Kyra she started to work her fingers in her asshole. In no time she had her whole hand in her shit-hole too. After a few minutes of being ravaged this way she asked Lisa to lube up her hand. She then told her to stick her hand into Kyra's cunt as well. The small woman was totally opened up.
We took turns fisting her pussy and ass for more than an hour, I have no idea how many times she came before she lost conciousness. The rest of us spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking. I sucked every cock at the party and got all my holes used many times. Finally after I was exhausted i fell asl**p with Sabrina licking my pussy.
When I awoke Sabrina, Frank, Kyra and Wendy were having breakfast. I poured myself some coffee as a much more dignified Rosalie asked me if I wanted to eat. I politely declined as I watched her fuss around the kitchen, thinking to myself that no one would suspect what a slut she was. I joined the others as Wendy was showing the pictures she had taken of Jody.
"My, now that's a healthy boy," Sabrina said in an impressed tone.
"I wanted to ask you about that," I said.
"What did you want to ask?" she asked intently.
"How do I control him?" I asked holding up a picture of Jody.
"You mean own him? Enslave him?"
"Yes. I need him to be to me what Kyra is to you."
"That's easy. His cock."

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