The Training of Jody- Part 3: The Awakining

Jody stood there, trying to catch his breath. It took him a moment to grasp the situation. It came about so suddenly, so unexpectantly, I don't think he fully realized what had just happened. Coming out of my own sexual stupor I reaized that this had been his first sexual experience, judging by how quickly he came.
"Was that your first blow-job Jody?" Wendy asked, reading my mind.
All he could do was nod in the affermative, so out of breath he was. Wendy playfully patted him on the ass and went into the kitchen. Then Jody paid me the best compliment he could have. He leaned forward on the massage table when his legs went weak. I sat myself up, his copious semen still wet on my face. Then Jody did something that truly shocked me; he began to cry.
"What is baby? What's wrong?" I asked deeply concerned.
"Please don't tell Miss Marlene. She'll make me leave and I have no where else to go," he pleaded in his small voice.
The tears were flowing, he was genuinely scared. My heart almost broke by how helpless he seemed. I pulled him close to me, holding him, wanting to make it okay for him. Our cheeks were pressed together, mingling his drying cum and his wet tears. "There, there," I said, "everything will be alright." Looking down I saw his cock, slackining but still impressive. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. His fear of abandonment. I am still reluctant to admit that this was the means to get his cock anytime I wanted. So manipulative, but looking at his perfect(albeit small) body and enormous cock I knew that I had to have him.
"Alright then Jody, it'll be our little secret, but you have to do as I say. Okay?"
"Okay," he agreed, his crying reduced to intermitant sobs. Just then Wendy came back into the atrium holding a glass of iced-tea and a camera. "What's going on?" she asked, her antennea missing nothing.
"Jody's worried that Miss Marlene will find out, but I told him everything will be alright, as long as he does what we say."
Wendy understood immediately, "Of course it will Jody, we'd never let anything happen. But you must be a good boy, and do as you're told. Understood?"
"Yes, I understand," Jody said meekly.
Wendy then raised the camera. "Jody turn and face me, I want to take a picture of your cock," this was no request, Wendy was using her 'or-else' voice. To my surprise Jody complied right away. No hesitation, no annoying questions.
"You won't show my face, will you?" he asked.
"Well that would hardly be secretive now, would it?" I said flatly. With that Wendy started snapping pictures of Jody's cock, She got him from every angle possible, the front, the side, from above, from below. She even had him bend over with his legs apart to take one from behind.
"That's excellent," she said, very pleased. "Now take it in your hand." It was so big it hung in a curve from his hand."Wonderful! Now let's get some pictures of it hard."
With that she came over and handed me the camera. She grabbed Jody's cock with her right hand and his balls with her left and went to work. Firmly stroking his rapidly engorging cock while gently kneading his balls. "Come on Jody, I want to see it hard again. Think of how it felt when I was sucking it. Look at Wendy's hand stroking your long, fat cock. Doesn't it feel good?" I teased.
"Oh God! Yes, it fells good!" he cried.
In no time he was hard again. This time we took pictures in the same poses but added his hands and my hands to the immages. Wendy then produced a tape measure, the kind tailors use. Measured from the top of the base to the tip of his glans was 11 inches. And an astonishing 7 and 1/2 inches at its thickest point.
"Okay Jody, you can put your shorts back on," I told him solicitiously. The look on both their faces was really funny. They thought it was going to be an all night fuck and suck session. Truthfully I would have liked nothing better, but something told me this was the right play.
Jody was having real trouble fitting his giant penis in the cycling shorts. After a short time his erection flagged enough that he got them on. "Good now go wait in the living room for us," I ordered. Jody promptly did as I bade him to do.
"Far be it for me to argue, but what the fuck are you doing?" Wendy demanded.
"Trust me. We send him home hard every time. He'll always come back," I explained. "Besides, we have to do this the right way or he'll become an arrogant asshole, and we'll be slaves to a boy with a big dick"
"Gigantic dick," Wendy countered.
"Humongous dick."
"Gargantuan dick."
"Gargantuan, good word," with that I offered my surrender. "Come on we have to talk to Mr. Gargantuan"
When we came into the living room Jody was seeted in the chair. I sat on the couch cleaning his cum off my face with the washcloth I grabbed in the kitchen. I sat on the sofa and beckoned Jody to come sit next to me. Again no argument, no questions. This boy had a very good upbringing.
"Now jody I want you to tell me all about your sexual experiences," I said as matter-of-factly as I could while wiping the last remnants of his climax from my face.
There wasn't a hell of a lot, I can tell you that. He told us that he only got close once, but that the girl was too small to fit him in. I found that understandable,as there are seasoned whores who couldn't take him. That was it, one near miss. No hand jobs, no oral; aside from that one girl he had never even fingered anyone.
"Well all that can change if you want it to Jody," I offered. "Do you want to learn, because we'd like to teach you." I then beckoned Wendy over. She stood towering over both of us. I then pulled the bow holding the bottom of her bikini up. It came loose and she stepped out of the bottom exposing her lush bush. I put two fingers in her still dripping cunt and absent-mindedly finger-fucked her while looking at Jody.
Jody went to say something but I put one of the fingers from Wendy's pussy up to his lips. Her intoxicating scent filled the space between Jody and myself. "Don't answer now, think on it. Come here day after tomorrow and give us an answer. Don't come later today, or tomorrow. Come on Sunday and let us know. It's your decision. Now go home, Miss Marlene has supper promptly at 6:00." He then got up and left.
"You're sure about this?" Wendy asked.
"More than ever," I replied before burrying my tongue into her wet, hairy cunt. Wendy strted to relive out loud the events of that afternoon while I sucked on her clit.
"Finger my hole Margot," she pleaded, "I want that giant cock. Put this in my ass." She handed me a long candle. "Fuck my ass with it like he will with his giant cock." I pushed the whole thing in her without lube while I sucked on her musky cunt. In no time she was coming, soaking my face in her juices. She collapsed on the floor, the candle still half way up her ass.
"Jeez Louise! Are you sure this isn't your first time?"
Wendy laughed at that, but then grew serious, "We'll never find another like him, you know?"
In a lighter tone I replied, "I know. Now lick my snatch." Wendy proceeded to suck me the way I liked. From clit to asshole she went to work on me. As she got to seriously sucking my clitoris I picked up the digital camera just as my orgasm was building. I started to scroll through the pictures of Jody's cock. I never told her, because it would have hurt her feelings, but I could have came without her right then.

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I love the way this story is two are so hot..
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