The Training of Jody- Part 2: The Seduction

Trying with all my resolve not to stare at his crotch I adopted a casual tone, "Hi Jody, nice to see you again." I said hoping to sound off-handed. Marveling at him, taking him in whole, my first impression couldn't have been more wrong. True he was short(he couldn't have been 5'4"), but he had a wonderfully muscled and porportioned body. Lovely blonde and curly hair, perfect teeth hidden behind a very sesual bow-shaped mouth, very strong looking arms and hands, bulging thighs that the shorts he was wearing were not designed to contain. Still, none of the outward indicators of the cock I had seen earlier.
"Margot and I were just relaxing," Wendy said. "would you like a beer?"
"No, I can't, I'm not old enough," Jody replied.
"How old are you Jody?" I asked, trying to keep it light, despite of the heat in my pussy.
"I just turned 18"
"That's a good age. If you want a beer, we won't tell," Wendy offered again cordially.
"No thanks, I never really liked the taste of alcohol. It sure is warm in here" he remarked about the atrium.
"I know, but the plants are so beautiful, especially in the winter," Wendy replied.
"What are you doing out here?" Jody asked.
"I was giving Margot a massage."
"I used to get them from my gymnastics coach"
"That explains it."
"Explains what?" Jody asked.
"Your body, it's remarkable. Do you still do gymnastics?" I interjcted.
"No, I broke my ankle and it hasn't been 100% since."
Wendy started to massage my right leg, her strong hands probing the muscle so deliciously. She squirted some baby oil on Jody's hand and told him to work my left thigh. He sure remembered something from his training and soon I was practically purring. Wendy complimented him on his technique then asked him if he thought I had nice legs.
"Yes," came the reply, "very strong." he added thickly.
"So Jody, Margot tells me she saw you naked today?"
I stiffened instantly, "Wendy!" I hissed.
"Don't worry," she said reassuringly, "I won't tell Jody you saw his cock today," she teased. "Or that you've been thinking about it ever since. And I won't tell him how wet it made you. And I especially won't tell him about fingering you while we talked about it." With that she snatched the towel that was covering me off completely exposing me.
She walked around the table where Jody was staring, agog at my full ass. She then said to him, "That excites you, doesn't it?" It was more a command than a question. "This is what it smelled like." she then put 2 fingers in my pussy and held them under Jody's nose. "Lick them." she ordered.
While Jody tentatively licked Wendy's fingers, coated in my juices, she deftly pulled the front of his cycling shorts down. It was wonderful. Freed from the restrictive spandex, the cock I'd been thinking about all day came free. I didn't wait for Wendy to take any more of the lead, I reached out and grabbed it. Looking up I saw my housemate with her large arm wrapped around Jody's shoulders as if he might bolt at any moment.
"Suck it Margot, suck it and make him hard. I want to see it hard, and wet just like your cunt." she pleaded. Her other hand was holding Jody's out-sized balls, massaging them, when I opened my mouth to take him in.
I'd never had to open so wide for a cock before. It was even bigger than I imagined it would get. I worked the veiny shaft with my right hand and went to work on the head with my tounge. I could feel the pulsing of him in my mouth while Wendy hissed, almost violenty, dirty talk to him.
"Does my friend's mouth feel good on your cock? How big is it? Did you ever have it sucked before? I want to feel it in my cunt. Have you ever fucked an ass before?" The lewd questions came one after the other. She didn't even wait for a reply.
I felt Jody stiffen, I knew he was going to cum. "He's gonna blow!"
"Don't swallow, I want to see," Wendy commanded. Continuing to massage his balls Wendy ordered Jody to blow his load. "Cum for us baby, make it worthy of that cock."
With Wendy massaging his balls and me working that long, thick shaft I let Jody cum in my face, and a magnificent cum it was. It gooped all ovey my cheekes and seemed twice as big as anyone else I have had.
"Oh my god!" Wendy marvelled, "that's the most cum I've ever seen out of one cock in my life. Next time we'll measure it. And I want to know how big it is exactly!"
As I lay there squeezing the last drops out I thought how this, this cock and the man-boy it was attached to were going to belong to me.
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3 years ago
God great stories..
3 years ago
please comment
3 years ago
teaseing us
3 years ago
very good content, hot, but the progression of characters confused me. perhaps i should read part i lol
3 years ago
mmmmm, lucky Jody! Now i'll be hard until part three!
3 years ago
Brilliant - how did they get to where they were in part 1 though?
Sorry, I guess I'll have to be patient while you tell all the story, I'm really enjoying it :)