The Training of Jody-part 1: The Meeting

I'm watching my beautiful husban's giant cock plunge in and out of tha ass of the slut that we got to make this scene. We've been married for 3 years now and the sight of him never ceases to make me wet. I'm not the least bit jealous, he's doing this to put food on the table and I know he worships me, you see he's not just my husband, he's also my faithful slave. His body is mine to do as I please and right now fucking this slut is what pleases me. As I feel my cunt moisten watching him, I smile to myself thinking how small and insignificant he seemed when I first met him. It all started 4 years ago when my neighbour took in a new border. Miss Marlene was always very good to me and I used to do small chores for her. She called me over from my back yard while I was enjoying the late summer warmth. I thought she wanted me to do something for her but when i went over there was a young man, boy really, sitting at her kitchen table. She introduced him to me as Jody,the son of a friend hers who recently passed away. He didn't look me in the eye when he meekly said hello and I didn't think much of him for that. I was 22 at the time and liked the confidence of older men and despised the insecurity of boys. I liked being out in the world with my best friend Wendy, who was 13 years my senior, and all the pleasures that it held. Miss Marlene explained to me about Jody's mom passing and that she was all the f****y he had. I felt sorry for him but I couldn't help thinking "would it kill you to look me in the eye!" I said goodbye and left. the next day I went over to return the crock pot that I had borrowed from Miss Marlene. I found the door open but no one home. Ireplaced the pot where it belonged and went to use the bathroom. I walked in just as jody was toweling himself. he turned around startled, dropping the towel, revealing the biggest flaccid penis i'd ever seen. It hung hown well past his loose balls and had to be at least 7 inches totally limp! I stammered out an appology after what had seemed an eternity and left. I marched back to the house I shared with Wendy, trying to process what I'd just seen. I took a nap, only waking when Wendy got home. She asked me how my day was and stood in front of the air conditioner while removing her work uniform. Wendy was a wonder, a girl and a half in every direction. when she removed her pants and underwear I got a sniff of her sweaty cunt and felt myself getting wet. As I inhaled Wendy's wonderful musky aroma my thoughts went back to the cock I saw warming my pussy further. we went into the atrium with a couple of beers and Wendy told me to get on the massage table. This is where we always talked and I loved the feel of her strong hands rubbing the day away. As she massaged my back she asked about our new neighbor. I must have stiffened because she asked me what was wrong. "Nothing. Why?"
"Well, you tensed right up. Is he not nice?"
I must have involuntarily stiffened again because Wendt immediately focused on Jody.
"Is he terribly handsome?" she asked.
"No, he looks like a little boy," I moaned as Wendy strted to massage my buttocks.
"Then what is it? Something happened. You're dripping."
With that she slipped her finger inside my dripping cunt and began fingering me. All my defenses melted away asd they always did when Wendy serviced me. She could get me to do anything when I was aroused. I finally confessed about what happened.
As Wendy worked another finger in my cunt and rubbed my clit with her thumb her questions begame rapid-fire. "Did you touch it? Suck it? Didn't you want to see it hard, make it hard, and then fuck it hard? Just a second," she said as she stopped fingering me. I drifted for a little while. When she returned she was wearing a bikini that barely contained her huge tits and the hairy box I'd licked and shared so many times.
There was a knock at the back door. The plants of the atrium blocked my view. Wendy covered me with a towel and went to answer it. When she returned Jody was with her. Seeing him so small standing next to Wendy he looked like an Amazon's captive.
"Don't just stand there Jody, come on in," Wendy said in a casual, friendly tone.
"I don't want to interrupt" Jody said meekly.
"Don't be silly, you're our new neighbor" she assured him. " We were just relaxing"
Jody was wearing a pair of cycling shorts that accentuated his bulge and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

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