the pool room

This is a story of how my lovely little wife got into fucking and sucking big black cocks and how we have changed since that wonderful event! The story below is how it all started:

The Beginning:

Windy, my wife of fifteen years is 33, blond curly hair, green eyes, freckles, and build very well with a lovely round little ass. I am several years older than her and lately I have not been able to keep up with her sexual energy. I thought if I could find some really good pictures of some pretty white girls fucking some big black studs, it would give me back some of my old sexual desire.
I surfed the net, looking for interracial web sites that had a variety of pictures, videos, and stories. I found one web site that seemed to have everything I was looking for. It had great pictures and stories. I loved the pictures showing the white girls with hot black cum running out their pussies. I had made some copies of several pictures showing this little blond girl with two black studs. Several of the pictures showed her laying on the bed between to two black men with cum running out of her pussy onto the bed. I loved this one in particular! I was so carried away that I left one of the pictures in the printer.
The next night Windy confronted me with her find.

“Robert, what is this?”, she asked, holding up the picture that I left in the printer.

“Well, my dear, it looks like a picture of a pretty young blond girl with black cum running out of her pussy”.

“Do you really like stuff like this?”

“Why, yes I do, really, it makes me very hot!”

“You know, baby, she kinda looks like you, don’t you think?”

“Would you like to see me fuck some black men”?

“Are you serious”?

“Well, I was just wondering, you seem to get really horny over this picture”.

“Only if you wanted to, sweetie”.

“Well, I have fantasized about it, you know”, she said with a wicked smile.

“What are we going to do about it”?

“Well, why don’t we try it, I mean if it’s OK with you, Robert. You know I love you so very much and if I did, I mean, it wouldn’t be love, it would just be sex, right?”

“That’s right, baby, let me see what I can do”.

The plan was to get her started, somehow, I didn’t know how exactly, but I was certainly going to try.

I had found some places where I knew black men hung out at and I was trying to think of a way to get into these places, and then I figured if Windy went in there dressed to kill, it wouldn’t matter, and I was correct. I figured we would try a bar in the section of town where we were certain to find allot of black studs.
I told her of the idea and she loved it. We had set a time and night to go and we decided that Saturday night would be the best time.
Windy got all dolled up for the big event. She had a short black dress on, no panties, no bra, a bright red top and her hair all fixed and she looked great! Her long pale legs were beautiful, and I knew she going to get a good fucking as soon as those black studs saw her! On the way down to the bar, Windy smoked some pot and she was pretty stoned and horny when we arrived.
We walked in and there were no white people there. We walked by several black men and Windy made quite an impression on them.
Windy was beautiful, her erect nipples sticking out through her top, her long white legs, black high heels and her curly blond hair, she was a knock out!
Allot of comments were being made and Windy loved the attention.

“What a beautiful white girl”.

“Man, she looks good enough to eat!”.

“I bet her pussy tastes good!”.

“Hey, baby, want to ride this?”

It was only a few minutes until two young black men came over to the bar and started talking to Windy. They invited us to the back room where there was a pool room. There were maybe 15 black guys back there and they all just stopped and starred at Windy when we walked by.

“What’s a lovely white girl like you doing here, baby”?, one of the men asked.

“I just wanted to see some handsome black men, that’s all”.

“Well, you came to the right place, baby”.

At that time, the young black man came over and put his hands around Windy’s waist. He was thin and tall, a handsome young man. I could see that he already had quite a bulge in his pants. He held her tight and kissed her a deep passionate kiss. His hands were on her ass now and he squeezed her ass cheeks. He lifted up her short dress to reveal no panties and he put his long finger in her pussy. I heard comments and moans from the rest of the men when they saw Windy had no panties on! She was already wet and he started to finger fuck her. Windy, to my surprise, really liked it and she humped his fingers as he worked them in and out of her tight pussy. One of the men went over and locked the door to the bar, so we could have some privacy.
At that moment before I knew what was happening, two other black men had their hands all over her, feeling her up but good. Windy’s pussy was soaking wet now, and her breath was short and fast paced.
The rest were just watching and the room was filled with the sweet smell of Windy’s pussy and the odor of hard-ons. Windy was on her knees in a second as she unbuttoned the first man’s pants. His big black monster jumped out of his pants, it was about 9 inches long and very thick.
Windy put it in her mouth and started to suck on it with a fury. By this time 4 or 5 other guys had their pants off and their big huge cocks stood at attention as they watched Windy suck on their friend.
When Windy saw the other black cocks, she went from one to another sucking on them. Now all 15 black men had they dicks out ready for Windy’s little eager mouth. The men were all sizes, tall, short, fat, thin, older men, young men, it didn’t matter to Windy at this point, she just wanted all the black cocks she could get! She was so stoned and horny, she was a white slut for all those black cocks!
Windy sucked and sucked until her mouth was sore. I had never in my life seen such cocks. They were long and thick and not a one was under 9 inches long! There was one or two that must have been at least 12 inches long! I could not believe my eyes, my little angel was on her knees sucking all those black dicks! One of the men picked her up and laid her on the pool table. They lifted up the dress and one had his mouth on her pussy. She was moaning and goaning as the man ate her pussy. Her blond pussy was dripping wet and she was hotter than a fox in heat. The first man entered her pussy while the others kept licking her body, feeling of her titties, and holding their cocks, ready to take their turn.

“Man, this white bitch is tight, I bet old hubby doesn’t give this little pussy what it needs”.

The first man rammed his big black monster in her like a jack hammer, stretching her little pussy lips to the max.

“You like this big black dick in you, don’t you, you little white bitch?”

“Yes, I love your thick black cock in my pussy, fuck me good, I want you to cum a gallon in me”, she yelled.

“I’m going to cum in your white pussy, you horny little whore!”

His big tool fucked her like wild as she moaned pleasure from his mighty thrusts. His big black dick was long and thick with big veins sticking out of it. His black tool hardened even more as he shot a quart of cum in her. His big black dick jerked and jerked as he shot her full of his seed. He pulled out of her and the cum ran out of her pussy and onto the pool table. The second man rammed his dick in her and fucked her but good. He also shot his load in her pussy and so did the third and fourth.
Finally, after about 6 or 7 black men had shot their loads in her, one of them called out to me.

“Hey, white man, get over here and clean your woman up!”.

“Lick all this cum out of her pussy.”

I did what I was told. I licked the salty tasting sperm from her swollen pussy. She was a mess, cum was running down legs, off onto the table, and she was shot full of the sticky goo.

“That’s right, lick the cum out of my pussy, so these black studs can fuck me some more, you bastard”, Windy said.

All the black men laughed when Windy demanded that I lick her pussy clean and how she dominated me. Hearing her talk so dirty made me even more horny. I knew they were not finished with her yet.
After I cleaned her up, they proceeded to fuck her some more and shot off in her hair, on her face and in her pussy. She had a black dick in her pussy when she screamed at me to eat out her asshole.
I was eating her asshole out good and only inches away from my face was a Hugh black cock in my wife’s stretched pussy, pumping her like wild. The guy was laying down on the pool table and Windy was on top of him. He had her pussy stretched out good with his big dick.

“Oh, I gone cum, baby”, he screamed out.

The big black monster started to jerk and jerk in my wife’s little blond pussy. He shot a load of red hot sperm in her womb as I watched it happen. His big balls tightened up as he came a quart of cum in her.

When he had finally quit cumming, he pulled his tool from Windy’s sore pussy. The cum dripped out of her and onto the pool table.

“Now, lick my asshole out clean!”, Windy demanded of me.

Windy shoved my face into her hot asshole and I could taste all the sweat, and cum. She held my face in her ass, till I could hardly breathe, making me lick her good. I struck my tongue up her ass and licked her until she pushed my face away.
Then she turned her attention back to her black studs. I could hear the black men laugh about how pussy whipped I was, but I didn’t care.
Windy was sucking another giant black python, when he was going to cum. Windy kept the black cock in her mouth just as he shot off a load of sperm that I thought would gag her, but it didn’t. She swallowed every drop of his thick goo and sucked him dry till the big dick finally went limp!
Two black men got her sandwiched, one had his mighty black rod in her little ass and the other in her stretched pussy. She had a black dick in her mouth and one in each hand. I could not believe my wife was so hot, she was a fucking machine and I was loving the action!
Both men shot their loads at about the same time and Windy screamed as the hot sperm entered her womb and her bowels. She would never let me fuck her in the ass, but I loved to see her get it from those two well hung studs!

“Oh, shoot me full of your hot cum”, she screamed out.

“You love all these black b*o’s cumming in you, don’t you, you little milk white slut!”

“Yes, I love for you to fuck me, fuck me good, shoot me full of your wonderful cum”, she screamed out.

The two black snakes she had in each hand shot their loads at the same time. The cum shot in Windy’s hair and on her pretty white face. The thick goo ran down her chin and dripped on her titties. She had cum all over her face and neck and on her breasts. It was a lovely site to see all that black cum on her!
The remaining black men all shot their thick loads in Windy’s sore pussy as she lay on the pool table. She held the hot cum in her pussy, then she made me lay down on the pool table beside her. She squatted over the top of my face and then she let all the cum run out of her pussy on to my face and neck. It was hot and thick and there must have been a gallon of the goo in her. It ran out of her like a river, and she sat on my face and made me eat her out! It was a something else to see all the hot black cum pour out of her pussy onto my face, I loved it!

“Now, eat my pussy till I cum, you worthless shit!”, she yelled at me.

She almost smothered me with her pussy, she had my face buried in her and she made me eat her till she came. I had the messy goo all over my face but I loved eating her out! She screamed out as her orgasm hit her and she bucked and humped my face. Her blond pussy hair was a mess of sticky cum and I licked her swollen clit till she came over and over again.

“Damn, that bitch knows how to humiliate her old man, don’t she?”, one of the black men said, laughing.

“Yeah, he knows his place, for sure!”

We thanked all the black men for giving her and me so much pleasure and said we would be back for more of their wonderful black cocks!
I don’t know for certain how many black dicks Windy took on that night, at least 12 or maybe as many as 20, I really don’t know. I do know that she made every man in the pool room cum at least once, and some of them twice. I also know that she loved the attention she got and she loved to perform. Perform she did! She was a fucking manic and she loved every drop of cum she received.
When we got back home, Windy was worn out from all the fucking she had received.

“Robert, I didn’t know I could have so much pleasure from all those big Hugh black cocks, I just loved it”!

“I know, baby, I love for you receive the pleasure and I’m glad that you are so pleased!”

“You know that I love you, Robert, I do, I just love those massive black cocks in me so much!”

“I don’t know what came over me, I was yelling all those nasty things to you and making you eat their cum out of my pussy and my asshole, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings”.

“You didn’t hurt me, baby, I love you more than anything on this earth and I want you to be happy”.

“Oh, Robert, I love you so, you let me turn into a slut for black men and let me talk to you like that, you are the best husband in the world!”

“It’s OK, baby, as long as you always come home to me, you can fuck, suck, and drink cum from those superior black studs anytime you want, as long as I can watch”.

We went up to the bedroom and Windy was going to take a shower. She undressed and I went wild with lust. Seeing her beautiful white body with all that sticky black cum on her face, in her hair, and in her pussy, I was very hot!

I started to lick her asshole and she liked it very much. I could taste the cum in her asshole, but I didn’t care, I loved her so, I just wanted her to be happy.

I entered her hot stretched pussy and in no time at all, I shot my load. It was the best orgasm I ever had!

We plan on having more pleasures for Windy in the future.

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