Anal sex with the neighbor

This past Saturday my friend Sean was throwing a birthday party for his wife Jane. I’ve known them for over 20 years and they’re one of the few that invite me without inviting Diane. Jane’s s****r Theresa was there too and she was 7 months pregnant. I’ve always flirted with Theresa or Tee as I called her. Where as Jane was 41 and overweight, Tee was 10 years younger, prettier and in good shape. I asked where her husband Frank was and she said he didn’t want to come because he’s too busy hanging out with his friends. I sat next to her the whole time at the party, telling her he was a jerk. How I would let her out alone because of guys hitting on her. Tee said like you are and I said exactly, is it working? Tee laughed and said it might be since being pregnant has got me horny as all fuck and Frank doesn’t want to. I looked her in the eyes and said well he’s a jerk because I would be every night and I put my hand on her belly and started to rub it. Tee moaned a bit and then took my hand away. I left her alone a bit to drink with Sean. By the time it was time to leave I had drank a bit more than I should. Sean said I could stay over but Tee said she would drive me home.

When we got in the car she looked at me and said don’t’ get any ideas, I’m just making sure you get home. Once she started driving I put my hand on her thigh and started rubbing it. Tee kept slapping it and telling me to stop. I didn’t listen and put my other hand on her belly. You know Tee, I always thought you were pretty but seeing you like this is sexy as all hell. Tee laughed and said right because a fat pregnant lady is sexy. I took her hand and put it on my pants. If it wasn’t Tee, then why am I hard. Tee left her hand there for a minute and then pulled away. Nice try John she said. When we got to my place Tee said she needed to use the bathroom. Damn baby bladder she said. When she came out I thanked her for driving me home and aid are you sure you don’t want me to help you out. Tee looked at me differently than she normally did, a look of desire. I went behind her and started rubbing her stomach. You’re so fucking sexy right now Tee I said. I bent over and started to kiss her neck from behind. Tee started breathing heavily and started to push back against me. She moaned and said oh what the fuck and reached back with her hand to my pants.

She started rubbing my cock through my pants and titled her head back. I kissed her deep and she kissed me back hard. She pulled away and said take me to your room before I change my mind. I took her by the hand and we went upstairs into my room. Once in there I told her to get undressed so I could see her sexy belly Tee. Took off all her clothes and I laid her down on my bed. I went right between her legs and finally tasted her pussy. It was soaking wet. I lapped it up with one lick and looked into her eyes. Just a tasty as I thought it would be I said. I wet my fingers and slowly slid them into her pussy. Tee moaned and I started to lick her clit. Tee started moaning Oh god John that feels so good. I licked her to 2 orgasms as she soaked my face and my bed. Tee just laid there and said Frank never did that for me. He never went down on you I said. Well he did but he didn’t know what he was doing. Now it’s your turn John. Tee sat up and I took off my clothes. She looked at my cock and said well that certainly is bigger than Franks. Tee deep throated my cock right away, almost causing me to fall down. She pulled it out and said how was that with a smile on her face.

As much as I wanted her to keep doing that I needed my cock buried inside of her. I pulled away as Tee looked confused and I laid down on my bed on my back. Tee went to engulf my cock again but I pulled her up to me. She got the idea and swung her leg across my body. Tee grabbed my cock and looked at me. I know we shouldn’t do this but I need this John. Go ahead Tee I said and she slid her wet pussy onto my cock. Her head tilted back and she moaned as she went al the way down. Damn John, had I known you were this big I would have fucked you when I turned 18. I smiled and said and I would have said yes. Tee started grinding her self back and forth on my cock. I took my thumb, wet it and moved it to her clit. Tee started playing with her tits and started moving harder back and forth. That’s it baby I said, use me to fuck yourself. Tee Just kept going back and forth and within minutes came again, drenching my cock and balls. She started milking my cock with her pussy and said aren’t you going to cum for me.

I smiled and said I will baby but I want to enjoy this. Tee got off of my cock and went between my legs. She started licking off her juices off my cock and my balls. Where do you want to cum John. In my mouth or my pussy. I laughed and said what, no third choice. Tee looked at me puzzled until she got what I was saying. I’ve never done that before but I’m game for it. I smiled and said well later we will. Right now get on your hands and knees. Tee did that and I slid into her pussy from behind. I grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard. Tee pushed back and said oh god John, keep doing that. I kept pounding her hard from behind and told her I was going to cum. Tee pushed back and said cum inside of me John. I need to feel cum in my pussy. I pushed in deep and shot my load into her pussy. Tee shuddered and came again. I pulled out and she spun around and swallowed my cock. Tee milked out my cum and smiled. We taste good together she said. We both laid down on the bed and I started rubbing her stomach. I can’t believe I did this she said. I never thought I would be the wife who fucked around on her husband. I stroked her hair and said he isn’t giving you what you need, it’s not your fault baby.

Tee’s cell phone rang and it was Frank. She looked at the time and then what do I tell him. Tell him the truth I said. Tee said oh yeah, that will work. She answered the phone and Tee said I’m at Johns. Yes I know I’ve been here a while but I wasn’t feeling good when I dropped him off. He let me lay down in his daughter’s room. No I’m not going to ask you to get me. I don’t know, whenever I feel a bit better. You too. Bye. She looked at me and said you know he was worried that he had to get me and miss playing games. Fuck that dick she said, he’s a fucking asshole. I looked at her and said better yet, fuck my dick with your asshole. Tee started laughing and said ok, but go very slow. I opened up my night table and got the KY out. I got her on all fours and slid my cock back into her pussy. She moaned and I squirted some KY onto her ass. I slowly slid one finger in as she tensed up. Relax baby I said and I started moving my finger around in her ass. It took a couple of minutes but I felt her ass relax. I started to move my finger in and out of her ass while fucking her slow.

I pulled out and squirted some on another finger and slid both back in. Tee pushed back hard at me and I started to push in and out of her ass hard. I was still fucking her pussy slow when she came again. She moaned into my bed, fuck my ass John. I took my cock out of her pussy, smeared some KY on it and put it by her ass. Ready baby I said. Tee pushed back and I slid my cock into her ass. It slid in with ease until I was all the way in. How does that feel baby I said. Tee just moaned and said it feels good. I slowly started to pull out and then pushed back in. I went slow for a couple of minutes until Tee turned around and said fuck my ass hard. I grabbed her hips and started pounding her ass hard and deep. Oh god John she said and I kept pounding her hard. Tee came 2 more times before I felt myself ready. I grunted and said ready for some cum in your ass. Tee pushed back hard and I shot my load into her ass. Tee screamed out fuck and came again. I just kept shooting my cum deep in her ass and then I pulled out. I collapsed on the bed next to her and she curled up next to me. She looked at the clock and said I better get going. I kissed her deep and she said would you be ok with this if we just met up once in a while? I laughed and said no, what kind of guy do you think I am. Tee laughed and said yeah that was a stupid question.

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