fun at the track

Now that school has ended I go to the local high school at lunch and walk on the track for a half hour. Yesterday was a hot one in more ways than one. There was a younger girl running when I got there. I always walk without my shirt on so that I can get a tan and I don’t sweat into my work short. After finishing my first lap I saw her by the side. I heard her say you got to be fucking k**ding me. What’s the problem I said. She looked at me and said I forgot my water. I told her she could drink mine and don’t worry, it isn’t d**gged. She laughed and said I wouldn’t care right now. As I was finishing my second lap she smiled at me and said thank you. I asked if that quenched her thirst and she said sort of. She walked over to me and licked my nipple. My cock twitched in my pants and she said I love the taste of sweat on a guy. I live 5 minutes from here if you’re interested. I couldn’t get in my car fast enough and called work to tell them I needed to take a half day.

We got to her place and she got out of the car and said you have to be out of here by 4:00, my parents come home at 4:30. I said how old are you anyway. She laughed and said I’m 20, don’t worry. She then asked how old I was. I told her 40 and said is that a problem. Not at all she said I would have guessed early 30’s but age doesn’t matter to me. As soon as we got inside she took off my shirt and started to lick my chest. She was moaning the whole time she did it, making sure to pay extra attention to my nipples. My cock was straining to get out of my pants. She noticed and said let’s see what we’ve got there. She pulled down my pants and my boxer briefs. Not bad she said and she got on her knees. Let’s hope it tastes as good as your chest. She started to lick my cock up and down as I grabbed her head to steady myself. She looked up at me and said maybe you should sit on the couch. I pulled my pants off my ankles and sat on the coach. She got on her knees and started sucking my cock hard. I figured since she liked the taste of sweat that I would let her taste my cum without warning. The first spurt hit her mouth and she started sucking hard. She milked my cock dry.

She looked up at me and said well my thirst is certainly quenched now. Mine isn’t I said and I told her to strip and sit on the coffee table. I went between her legs and saw she was completed shaved. I started licking the insides of her thighs as she grabbed my hair. I did this for about 5 minutes before my tongue made contact with her lips. That’s it she said and I started to lick her lips. She started to pull my head tighter to her pussy. I put my hand to her mouth and she engulfed my fingers. It felt like she was trying to swallow my hand whole and I used my wet fingers to slide inside of her pussy. Fuck she screamed out and I started to massage inside her pussy as my mouth clamped down on her clit. She was pushing hard against me and came 3 times before I stopped. I pulled my head up from her pussy and said well you taste great too baby girl. She grabbed my face and started licking her juices off of it. She smiled and said not bad for an old man. In fact you’re a heck of a lot better than those guys at college. Experience I said, beats youth ever time. She smiled and said well what else can you show me old man.

I bent her over the couch and took my hard cock and slid it up and down her pussy. She jumped every time my cock head touched her clit. I parted her lips and slid my cock into her pussy. She looked back and said go slow old man, don’t want you to have a heart attack when all your bl**d goes to that big cock of yours. I laughed and said she if you can keep up baby girl while daddy fucks you. I grabbed a handful of her hair with one hand and used the other to grab her hip. I started fucking her hard and deep. Yeah that’s it, fuck my pussy hard she said. You like my cock inside of your pussy don’t you baby girl. I took my hand of her hip and slapped her ass hard. She pushed back harder on me and said oh baby girls likes her ass spanked by daddy. She turned around and said I don’t mind the baby girl talk but really don’t like the daddy talk. I smiled and said you prefer old man fucker. She smiled and said that’s ok. OK baby girl I said, fuck this old man’s cock. She kept pushing back at me, telling me to keep up with her which I had no problem doing. Don’t stop she said as her hand went to her clit. Within a minute she had cum again.

I pulled out and she wearily got up. Damn old man I would have thought for sure you would be done and taking your afternoon nap already. She said give me a second while I regain some strength. Oh and by the way my name is Hailey, what’s yours. I told her John and she said you would have thought that we would have asked each others names sooner. I said didn’t matter to me when you asked me back here. She said well you must think I’m a slut then. I don’t think that baby girl, I know it. She laughed again and told me to sit on the couch. I did and she straddled me and slowly slid down on my cock. She grabbed my face with her hands and started kissing me deep. While she was grinding into my cock. I took my hands and started playing with her nipples. She started pushing down hard on me as I did that. I bent over and took one of her nipples into my mouth. I bit down on it and she pushed down real hard. I took my hand and went for her clit. Oh fuck she screamed and she started fucking me harder on the couch. She came again and collapsed on my chest.

She looked up at me and said I don’t know if I can fuck you anymore, I’m wiped. I smiled and said well I can always fuck your ass instead. She smiled and said yeah that won’t happen. I’m not into that and especially not into it with that size cock. Well can’t blame a dirty old man for trying. I pulled her off of my cock and I got up. She said are you leaving? No I said and I laid down on the floor. I had her straddle me again and I grabbed her hips. I started fucking her hard like that as she just stared into my eyes. I kept going faster and she said cum for me old man. Fill up my young pussy with your old cum. I kept pounding hard and then said here it comes baby girl. I shot my load deep into her pussy. Hailey laid down on my chest and milked my cock dry with her pussy. She kissed me deep and said I am so glad I forgot my water today. She slid down my body and licked my cock clean. Thanks John she said, maybe I will see you at the track again.

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