First time I sucked a guys cock

All my stories are based on real experiences.

You may have read my previous stories about my experiences with shemales, but this was my first experience with a man. I'm not in to men, just their cocks.

This is a bit of a strange story as I was not out looking for a guys cock and was on the pull with my mates in Brighton looking for uni girls. We was in a well known club and the booze was flowing and so was the girls. We all know that the first few weeks of a new term uni girls are wild... I will save that for another story.

So we was in this club and I needed a piss and as usual standing at the urinals and another bloke stood next to me. After a few beers I'm more relaxed and said "Hi mate, great night to be on the pull, how you getting on?" and had a quick peek at his nice size cock. "yeah its a good night thanks mate, but I'm not here for the girls, did you like the look of my cock?" I did not know what to say... He had caught me having a sneaky look " I like the look of your's" he said.. I really did not know what to say, "thanks? I'm not in to men, and...." he interrupted me "is it because you have your mates outside and worried what they will say? I saw you check out my cock, straight guys don't do that". We had both finished pissing and washed our hands and then her said "look mate, sorry if I said something to upset you, let me buy you a beer and we go on our way" he seamed like a nice guy so I went to a quieter part of the club and he brought me a beer followed by a shot and then another. We spoke for a while and I told him that I had a few experiences with shemales and just did not find guys attractive, he told me that he has always been gay and we laughed that he did not find girls attractive in a sexual way. By this time one of my mates had come looking for me and found us chatting, popped over and made sure I was ok, before bragging about a girl he had all pulled and was heading back to the hotel. I got in 3 shots and we d***k to the rest of his night and I told him to let the others know I was ok and would see them later or back at the hotel.

Adam my new boozing partner was a cool guy, had the looks of a guy that loved the gym, compared to me who loved to party. We chatted about everything and he was like one of the lads and enjoyed a shot or to with a beer. Through out the night more of my mates had come over to let me know they was leaving and I was the only one left. "Adam I should be getting off, It's been a blast chatting with you, but I should get back to the hotel" Adam picked up his jacket and said "Lets walk together" and we did.

The sea front was busy with pissed up youth and we decided to take the quieter walk down the sea front and was soon at his hotel. "one more beer?" asked Adam, the sea air had sobered me up "yeah why not". His hotel bar was shut and he lured me to his room as he had a bottle of whiskey and so he did. We laughed and joked about the tea cups was drinking from and then he asked me "so do you want to suck my cock?" before I could answer he stood and dropped his trousers and it was right there before me. I downed the last of my drink and then took his cock in my hand and slowly started to pull at it "you know it will get harder quicker in your mouth" I took this as a hint and started to suck Adams cock, I loved the feeling of it all warm and soft in my mouth and while using my hand as well I could pull back his skin and lick and suck his head. I'm cut and all the other cocks I have sucked have also been cut. This was making me so hard and horny knowing Adams cock was now getting hard in my mouth and the heat from it was great, soon it was as hard as a rock and filling my mouth. With one hand I was playing with his shaven balls and the other hand was slowly wanking him while my mouth went up and down his hard shaft. " for someone who does not like men, your a bl**dy great cock sucker" Adam was moaning with every stroke and I upped the tempo in rhythm and speed. Adam's pre cum was sweet and plentiful, his head was thick and so hot, his shaft was thick and rock hard, Adams balls had now tighten and I knew from his moans he was close to cumming, I was unsure if I wanted it in my mouth and pulled off, " it's ok" Adam said " I won't cum in your mouth, but can I cum on your face?" this made me feel slutty and I agreed and sucked him harder and faster and after a few moments he pulled out and shot a huge hot load all over my face and I opened my mouth and caught a good load, I grabbed his throbbing cock and started to suck it with his cum in my mouth, Adam then shot again and another hot load filled my mouth while using my hand to milk every last bit from his cock. Adam pulled away and grabbed me a towel and helped wipe my face, I went into the bathroom and washed the rest away and gargled some water to take away the taste of his cum, "here have this" Adam had made me another whiskey and we sat, "that was amazing, you have some good skills there and no-one has made me cum like that before" I was a little shocked to here this as I still did not really know how to suck cock, but maybe I did.

Adam offered to suck me off and more, but i declined and we exchanged numbers and I left as horny as hell. When I got back to the hotel a few of my mates was in the bar and I joined them for a whiskey and to listen to their tales of the girls they had brought back and the bedroom conquests... I stayed for a few and went to my room where I played back in my mind my experience with Adam and wanked myself until I came.

I hope you have enjoyed and please leave a comment
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7 months ago
Sounds cool. Wish I had experimented sooner. Finding someone to commit to a hook up these days has been difficult. Love your story. My experience has been less then as exciting as yours. I hope that I can run into someone that would turn me on so much someday soon
7 months ago
you did a good job, with the story too
7 months ago
I loved your story. Your description of sucking a cock was hot and kindled the cock sucking urge in me. Thanks!
7 months ago
Thanks for all your comments.
7 months ago
I used to say that I was not into men ''just their cocks''....truth is ''I fucking love men'' and I love for a man to fuck me and sucking cock is the greatest thing I've ever experienced. Just the taste of a mans cum in my mouth makes my dick explode.....just sayin
7 months ago
7 months ago
Great story! The few times I have had the chance to suck a nice cock, I always enjoyed it. Just need to find a shemale one now!