My New Toy

Just a quick story while I have a quite 5 minutes at work.
I mentioned towards the end of my last story about a double ended dildo me and 'L' had fun with.

I remember a excited 'L' texting me at work and telling me she had a new toy she brought online arrive in the post.

'L' was stunning, late 20's, pale skin, firey red hair, perky firm C cup breasts, size 8, tight little but and a very tight Pussy with a little red tuff of neatly kept hair.

She arrived round later that evening with her over night bag and a bottle of wine which we opened and shared while discussing our day. She could hardly wait to show me her surprise and rushed into the bedroom. She returned waving this huge double ended blue dildo. This thing was huge, 20"+ and really thick, it was quite heavy to hold. She could not wait to use it.

L jumped on the sofa and was all over me, we kissed with so much passion and soon she was undressing herself. I spent ages sacking and licking her hard little nipples while she put one hand in her own panties and started to play. Soon I was undressing her and had her naked on my sofa. L body was stunning and she lifted and parted her legs and told me to make her cum. L Pussy tasted so sweet and was so tight and I enjoyed licking her just as much as I did fucking her. Before long I had two fingers deep in her wet sticky pussy and my tongue working magic on her clit, her back started to arch and then came the screams of pleasure and her flood gates opened and drenched my hand. L handed me her new toy and I slowly started to push it in. It was a real pleasure to watch it spread her open and she gasped with every inch she took. I continued to lick her clit while I built up a rhythm with he toy, soon she was cumming heavily and I gave her a pillow to scream into. L begged me to push the other end in her tight bum. I started to apply lube and slid my finger in and could feel this dildo sliding in and out. One finger turned to two and she must of cum a few more times. I lubed up the other end of the dildo and slowly pushed it in. She was now completely stuffed and she then ordered Me to get my cock out so she could such it while I fucked her with the double ender.

L pulled on end out of her sopping wet pussy and sat on my hard cock and was soon cumming again.

L then had the best idea to stick the other end in my bum while the had the other in hers. She applied some lube and slowly started to push in her fingers and before long had me ready, this dildo was quite fat and at first it was a real squeeze, and tricky to get going but soon L was back riding me was with her every movement it moved in side both of us. The feeling was amazing and soon she jumped off me and we both knelt doggy style away from each other and pushed back in the double ended dildo. It was amazing to feel it inside me and with every thrust me both made it moved in and out. We both growned with delight and wanted to try another angle, this time us on your backs and she was then able to walk me off while we both moved.

I was close to cumming and L pulled her end out and started to suck me off while using the other hand to thrust the toy in me. The feeling was amazing and and one stage felt like I had no control over the feeling and with every stroke from the dildo going deeper and touching parts I've never had touched and her sacking my cock so hard and deep......
I could not hold it back no longer and cum so hard she chocked and and to finish me off with her hand.

I could not move for a while and it felt bruised inside for a few days later. Truly miss that girl.

88% (7/1)
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8 months ago
Great sex life but really bad attitude, shut loads of personal problems,loads of baggage and has since piled on the weight. Lucky escape lol
8 months ago
sexy woman and you let her get away silly man!!!
great story very horny keep up the writing:)