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Few years back I was in a bar in London getting a round in for the lads before we hit Fabric.
I will be the first to say I'm not the fittest of guys and rely a lot on my charm. I took the drinks back to the table and returned to the bar to grab mine when a stunning Asian girl caught my eye and smiled at me. She glided when she walked, a smile that made your heart melt and a body to die for, why was she heading over to me....?

We chatted for a while and I agreed to meet my friends in the club a little later so I could get to know this amazing angel. We chatted, flirted and laughed until the bar was closing. We exchanged numbers and when her cab arrived, shared a kiss, then she grabbed my hand and lead me into the cab with her. What happen next changed my life.

We arrived at her apartment and she lead me in were we kissed and before I knew it she was on her knees with my growing cock in her mouth, she sucked and licked me like I had never felt before. She stopped and asked me to go into the bedroom while she used the bathroom and then returned in her stunning pink and black underwear and crawled across the bed towards me, kissing my body on her way up. We kissed for ages and while touching her I could tell her breasts where not real, but this has never bothered me but what I found next did... While I was holding this perfect tight bum of her's I felt something between her legs. I brushed it with my hand and then for the second time before she parted her legs slightly and I felt she had a cock...

I was shocked and did not know what to do! I jumped off the bed and shouted at her. I was one of the straightest guys you would ever find and to think of what I had just been doing.. I was so confused. She sat me down, got out the vodka and we spoke, she explained her transformation. Apart from her cock, she was the most beautiful woman I had met with a perfect 10 body. We d***k and she told me about sex with a shemale and how she would rock my world.. the drink flowed and soon we started kissing again.

She made me feel so relaxed and told me everything she would do to me would be for my pleasure and promised to show me the best sex I would ever have if I trusted her. She was right.

We kissed and before I knew it she was sucking my cock, licking my balls and butt hole, this drove me wild and I could feel her slowly pushing her finger in, I wont lie it felt strange but so good. She moved to her side and soon I could see her cock right next to me, she asked me to touch it and play with it. Her cock was quite a bit bigger than mine and thicker, I felt it growing in my hand and before long I started to suck it and that's when it really started to grow and become hard. She kept stopping and advising me on what to do, and I was starting to relax and enjoy myself. It was not long before she sat on my cock and started to ride me, slow at first and then like fast and hard, I took her from behind and just before I was about to shoot my load she stopped me and laid me on my back. She then started sucking my cock and pushing 1 then 2 fingers inside me, then she applied some lube to me and her cock and looked me deep in my eyes and told me I would cum like I had never experienced before. Her cock was big, maybe 9'+ and she very slowly started to push it inside me. At first it really did not feel nice and was hurting (felt sorry for all the girls I have every had anal with) but soon that pain turned into pleasure and soon I felt a sensation that was amazing. She built up speed and was thrusting hard and wanking me off in time to her stroke. I came so hard and so much and she pulled out and licked every drop off me and asked me to bend over so she could fuck me, She started slow again and before long was fucking me so hard and deep I came again, she pulled out, turned me over and came all over me.

We ended up just laying there with hardly a word spoken until she poured us another vodka and said 'Again?' we did.

95% (22/1)
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8 months ago
you know once you get fucked right you can never go back your hooked
8 months ago
Hot story
8 months ago
great story!
8 months ago
hot story