Today Carol was coming over. We have been playing dirty since we were about twelve. We used to sl**p over and sl**p naked and feel each other up all night. We sucked tits and pussy till we were sore.

When she arrived she wasted no time getting naked and kissing me. I shed my clothes and she began to kiss over my body. She sucked my tits and bit them as she loved biting a lot. Her teeth were chewing my nipples as I felt her fingers go into my cunt. She three fingered me and began fucking me hard and fast. I wasted no time covering her hand with my cum. She then pushed me down and put her mouth to my fuck hole and began to lick and tongue me as I spasmed for her. She sucked the cum from me making me cum all the harder. She was tongue fucking my cunt as I felt her finger go to my ass. She pushed a finger into my ass hole and fucked it as she tongue fucked my cunt. Then she added another finger and another. I now covered her face with cum as she ate my pussy.

Then I got over her and pushed her onto her back and began to suck her nipples and finger her cunt. I had three fingers in her wet cunt as I sucked the nipples deep and then began biting her tits leaving my mark. We always parted with bite marks all over our bodies. I then kissed own to her pussy and spread her pussy lips and begn to suck her clit as I finger fucked her and she was now cumming and screaming as I fucked her hole. I then grabbed her clit between my teeth and bit her. She screamed for more. She loved the bites and I continued to bite over her pussy. I then bit on her pussy lip feeling her buck beneath me. She was loving the pain as it made her cum. I bit all around her pussy lips and clit before I let my tongue enter her cunt.

I tongue fucked her for quite a while and then turned her onto her hands and knees. I gave her sweet ass a few hard spanks and spread her ass cheeks. I then pushed a finger into her ass and she pushed her ass hard against my finger. She wanted more so I gave her another finger and she pushed back again so I rammed the thrid finger in her. I am fucking her ass hard and she is loving it. I then began to kiss her ass cheeks before I started giving them a few bites as well. I left six perfect teeth marks on her right ass cheek as my fingers ****d her ass. Carol loved the rough sex so I then spanked her left ass cheek before I then gave it several deep bites. She was now so turned on and I added the fourth finger in her ass. Before I was done with her ass I had three fingers from my other hand in her ass stretching it wide open. As I spread her ass wide I then spit in her hole. Wanting to give her more, I grabbed the bottle of pop from the night stand and shook it and let it squirt into her ass hole. I did this a few times to fill her ass before I then put the neck of the bottle in her ass and let her push the pop back to the bottle.

Now Carol was begging for more. I pushed her back to her back and pushed her legs over her head and spread her wide open. I shoved the neck of the bottle into her cunt and let the pop fill her cunt and then I continued to fuck her with the bottle. I pushed more bottle into her and had it to the thick body of the container. I pinched in her clit as I fucked her with the bottle letting the pop slosh in her cunt and the fizz did sting her sexy hole. I had most of the bottle in her cunt as I fucked her hard with it. She would be lucky to walk when I was done with her. The widest part of the bottle was buried in her fuck hole.

I left the bottle in her cunt as I went and got a bowl of ice. I pulled the bottle out then began to push ice cubes into her cunt. I had six in her and then pushed the bottle back in and fucked her even harder this time. Her pussy was pulsing as the botle fucked her as she was full of ice. I held the bottle as I then pushed two cubes into her ass. Now she was getting frozen with the ice in her ass and cunt. I rubbed cubes against her pussy lips and made sure she was frozen and numb before I quit. Then I did her nipples. I looked at her and smiled and bit each nipple hard as she could not feel the frozen gems. I left deep tooth marks and then did the same to her pussy lips. She would take home my mark that would last several days. She loved the punishment to her body.

Next i straddled her face. I was rubbing my pussy all over her face coating her with my cum and then she stuck out her tongue and began to lick me and would also suck my clit. Now I was flowing cum and she was soaked in it. She took turns sucking my clit and tongue fucking my hole. She was licking my cum as fast as I let it ooze to her tongue. Then I told her to open wide and I filled her mouth with my piss. This was a favorite thing for Carol. She drank every drop I could piss in her mouth then she licked me and cleaned me.

I then laid down beside her and played with her tits as we both rested. I twisted on her nipples and also played with her clit. I rubbed the deep bite marks on each tit as i told her that she was so nasty I would have to spank her ass. She smiled and I knew she was going to love that. I got out the hair brush, a ruler, a paddle and an extention cord. I stood her up and attached her hands to the hook from the ceiling. I told her I was going to whip her ass, her tits and her pussy. I was going to use all four of the items I had laid out on the bed. I then put the gag ball in her mouth and the blindfold over her eyes. I was going to spare her no mercy as I whipped her body. I sometimes even did her back and legs. She loved the welts covering her bite marks. She was truly a sex freak.

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