Growing Up

Her dad came up to her and told her. "I want you to go into the bathroom and get naked and wait for me." She looked surprised but she always did what daddy told her. She got int he bathroom and stripped naked and looked at herself in the mirror. She was growing up and maturing nicely. Her ass was nicely rounded and she had a nice set of tits and lots of pussy fur.

Her dad walked in and told her "Sit up there by the sink. Tonight I am going to shave your pussy and make it nice and smooth like a girl should be. You will like it shaved and then you can keep it that way or you can have me shave you often." She sat up on the counter and her dad ran water in the sink and then he spread her legs wide and rubbed warm water all over her hairy pussy. He put shave cream in his hand and smathered it on her wet fuzz. He rubbed it all over soaping her good. He then took the razor and began to shave her carefully. He shaved clear back to her ass. After he had her shaved clean he then used his hand to rince her pussy of all the left over soap.

When she was well rinsed he then rubbed a nice lotion over her now bald pussy. He asked her "Doesn't that feel good." She nodded yes. He kept rubbing her pussy and watching her as he touched her sweet pussy. He asked "Does that feel good?" Again she said yes. He said "It looks very good. Lean back and let me enjoy your sweet pussy." As she leaned back he continued to stroke her and then his fingers rubbed her clit. He rubbed the clit between two fingers as his other hand ran a finger down her slit. He then slid a finger in her pussy hole and watched her face as she moaned. With a finger in her hole he could feel her cum as he rubbed her clit and then fucked her hole. He added another finger to her hole and began to fuck her harder. His hand got wetter as the sweet girl came hard for him.

He then replaced his fingers on her clit with his mouth and began to lick and suck her clit as he fucked her cunt with the two fingers. His girl was cumming fast for him. He traded the fingers in her cunt with his tongue and licked her cum away. She tasted so good and was so warm and wet. He tongue fucked her sucking the cum from her fast as she would cum on his tongue. He went back and forth between her cunt and clit. He then kissed up to her nice full tits and sucked each nipple as his fingers returned to fuck her cunt more. Her nipples felt good in his mouth as his tongue rolled over them. He sucked her tits then fingered her cunt before he told her "Get off the counter and lean against it for me." As she leaned on the counter he looked at her sexy ass and rubbed it then kissed it. He then got naked and released his hard cock. "Spread your legs baby." His hands followed the curve of her ass down to between her legs as he spread her wide and then slipped his hard cock into her wet fuck hole. She was wet and tight and so warm. Her cunt felt so good against his hard cock. He reached up and grabbed her tits as he began to fuck her. He sunk his cock all the way in her and fucked her harder. His balls slapped against her as he pounded her wet hole. He could feel her cum as his cock went in and out. "Baby, you feel so good. You like a good cock fuck don't you? I love your warm wet hole." He fucked her quite a while before he filled her hole with cum. When he pulled his cock out it ran down her legs.

He then sat her down on the stool and stood in front of her with his cock close to her face. "Stick out your tongue and lick my wet cock. Then you can suck it for me and make me cum again down your throat." She then began to lick his wet cock on all sides. He moaned and told her "Yes, that is the way. You make me feel so good. Now open wide and let me fuck your mouth." As she opened her mouth he slid his cock into her and began to fuck her mouth. The more he fucked her the deeper his cock went till he had it all in her gagging her but he kept fucking her. As his cock slid down her throat he told her "Suck harder. Suck that big cock real hard. Make me cum for you." He then felt her suck him harder than he had ever been sucked before. It felt so good as he watched his cock go in and out of her mouth. Then he grabbed her head and held it tight to him as he exploded and his cum ran down her throat and he watched her swallow every drop.

He then told her "Come here baby. Cup my balls with one and and hold my cock with the other and watch me piss in the toilet." As she held him he pissed and she watched him. "Do you like to watch daddy piss? Put a finger in it and taste it." She put a finger in the stream of his piss then put it in her mouth. "Is that nice? Do you like my piss? I will save you some. Now put your mouth over the tip and swallow as I piss down your throat." Watching her swallow made him think of more games to play with the young sex c***d.

He then told her "Okay baby, get on your hands and knees with that sexy ass in the air and spread those legs wide. I want to see ass and pussy. I have a nice surprise for that sexy ass." As she got down on all fours he got behind her and began to rub her ass and spread her cheeks open. He then licked her ass and ran his tongue down to her sweet sex hole. He went back and forth licking her and getting that ass wet. He tongue fucked her cunt and then finger fucked her ass while he did it. She was moaning and covering his tongue with her sweet juice. He then swapped his cock for the tongue in her ass and began to push into her slowly but steady. Her ass was tight against his thick cock and he loved the tight feel. He began to fuck her ass slow then faster and added two fingers to her cunt and she then began to scream and cum for him. He moaned to her "Baby, your ass feels so good against my hard cock. You like ass fucking don't you? I am going to sink my whole cock into that ass of yours." He fucked her sweet ass for quite a while loving the feel of her. He was thinking that all this started by just shaving her hairy pussy.

After fucking her ass till he filled it with cum he stayed inside her and then gave her a surprise. He then filled her ass with his piss. As he filled her with the warm liquid it felt so good. His baby was willing to let him do anything to her. He loved the watersports with sex. He was going to let her fill his mouth too.

He fucked her two more times and knew her sweet cunt was getting raw so he then had her suck his cock a couple times. She was good at taking his cock down her throat and swallowing his cum. He loved to watch as his cock went in her mouth deeper and deeper and as she sucked him harder than he had ever been sucked. His baby was a good cock sucker. She also liked her ass fucked. He stood her in front of a mirror so she could watch his big hands play with her tits and tweak her nipples. Then she could see him rub her clit and watch his fingers go into her cunt. She knew to keep her legs spread wide for him and she watched the cum drip down her leg as he turned her on. They played all afternoon and she could not get enough sex. She loved fucking and sucking cock.
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hot story
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Very hot!
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Great story. You are so nasty.
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Hot story
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Very hot.