Her Boyfriend

Jan's mom was hot and sexy. She had huge tits and loved to flaunt them. Her passion was hot steamy sex day and night. Jan had been used to her mom bringing home men for the night many times as she grew up. Now her mom seemed to be zeroing in on the young men. The younger the better. And the young guys loved her too. Sex was a sure thing with the mom. She was a freak.

Jan had to go to Seattle for the day and her mom was home reading a magazine wearing a thong and skin tight t-shirt. The shirt was tight and barely covered her big globes. There was a knock at the door and when she opened it her daughters boyfriend was standing there and he could not take his eyes off her huge tits. She invited him in and then told him Jan was gone for the day but told him to stay and relax. He looked at her tits and skimpy thong and the mom smiled and pushed him down on the couch. She then kissed him sticking her tongue in his mouth and sucking his tongue.

She placed his hand on her tit and he wasted no time squeezing and fondling her. Then his hand went under her shirt and grabbed a bare tit. He rubbed the nipple between two fingers till he had it hard. The mom then unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She then unzipped his pants and told him to remove them. When she had him naked she looked at his hard cock and was impressed that he was so hung. She loved to fuck a big cock. He then pulled her shirt over her head and threw it aside. She pulled her thong off. She began to kiss and suck his nipples as she saw his cock jerk. She kissed him again and took his hard cock in her hand and stroked him.

He took turns massaging each tit before his hand went between her legs and massaged her wet pussy. He fingered her clit till he felt her cum then his fingers went to her cunt and he rammed two inside her deep. He was finger fucking her wet hole as she moaned and screamed "yes". She had a tight grip on his thick cock as she stroked up and down on him careful to not make him cum yet. She then quickly straddled his lap and pushed his cock deep into her fuck hole. He heard her yell "fuck me" as he slid deep into her. He had a long thick cock and she wanted every inch of it and she wanted him to pound her hard as she yelled "harder, fuck me harder". He then grabbed her and began pounding her cunt hard and fast almost punishing her for the rough sex. He grabbed a nipple in his mouth and sucked and chewed on it as he fucked her like a savage. It was like a brutal **** scene and she loved it. She just wanted more cock and wanted it harder and rougher. He was happy to give it to her as hard as she needed it. He even got carried away and bit on her tits.

After a long time of fucking he then filled her with a huge load of cum. Then he pushed her face to his cock and shoved his cock into her mouth to suck and get him hard again. She took his long cock deep and sucked him like a starving baby. He watched amazed as his cock disappeared into her throat. He grabbed her head and rammed his cock in and out fucking her mouth giving her every inch. Then he told her to get on her hands and knees. He got behind her and spread her ass apart and pushed his big hard cock into her hole. She let him go deeper and deeper as his cock sunk into her. He loved seeing his shaft disappear into her ass because few girls could take his big thick cock in their ass. She seemed to like it and wanted it deep and fucking her hard. She was a freak for rough hard sex and he loved giving it to her. He fucked her ass as he watched how stretched he had her till he was able to fill her with more cum.

He then pulled her to his face and told her. "You are naughty freak and I must punish you." He then pulled her across his lap and began to spank her sexy ass. As he spanked she moaned "Yes, punish me." This made him spank that ass red. The harder he spanked her ass the more turned on she got. When he had lit her ass bright red he turned her over and rammed his cock into her cunt once again and fucked her like a mad man. She liked it rough and he was giving her a brutal fucking. She kept screaming "Yes". He then told her "You are such a vulgar slut. I am going to fuck you till you can not walk today." She loved him calling her names and he then told her "You like my big cock don't you? You are just like a cheap street whore. Now show me what a wanton bitch you are. Beg for my cock."

The more he talked and called her dirty names the hornier she got and he fucked and spanked her all afternoon. He made her beg for his cock before he would fuck her. He used a wooden spoon and spanked her ass till it was black and blue. Then she sucked his cock as he finger fucked her ass. By the time he left she was filled with cum in all holes and her cunt and ass were raw and her ass black and blue. He told her to be at his house every time he need a hot cunt and he would fuck her till she could not walk. She was happy to be his call-girl. She loved his huge cock and she loved the rough sex. He knew she was sexy and a freak and he was going to keep this hot mamma for a long fucking time.
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love a nasty cock freak
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