Weekend with my New Aunt

My aunt and uncle are one of those people that most people envy. They have the money, the house, the cars, and pretty much go where ever they want. My uncle was a very smart guy and very business savvy. I always dream of being just like him when I was a k**.

He drives a new car every two years and married a beautiful trophy wife two years ago. He is in his late fifties and my aunt Angie is in her late twenties. They met at an event hosted by my uncle and was introduced by mutual friends.

Aunt Angie is not your typical trophy wife that you see in tv. Her boobs are real, she wears very little make up, and is a sweet heart. Body wise her tight body is complemented by her tight but thick ass.

With her and my uncle not having k**s, she got used to walking around in her bras and panties and on occasion had seen her walk around topless.

Being the only f****y who lives near them, my aunt and uncle would often call me to house sit and also watch their two huskies when they are out on trips. Often times they leave me with $100 a day which for me was a good chunk of change. Better pay than the movie theaters I work at.

While they're away I always go straight to the dirty hamper to catch a whiff of my aunts panties. The smell of her fresher panties are so intoxicating and I only imagine how much of a freak she is. I would lick it clean and would pretty much suck the juices out of her panty.

A couple of weeks ago my uncle had to leave for a business trip. He left Thursday night and was returning back Monday night. My aunt not wanting to stay home alone, asked me if I would like to join her to a spa. I had never been to one and was open to doing anything with my aunt. We started out by hitting the hot tub at the spa place. I got in first and waited there for my aunt to arrive. As she got closer, she started removing her robe and I was shocked to see her wear a white bathing suit. The suit barely covered anything and if I wasn't burning up in the hot tub I would have the biggest erection ever.

We started chatting for a bit and the subject came out about age. She was sick of people judging her and my uncle on their age difference. She hates the fact that people assume she was with him for the money. She sad she loved him before she even knew he had money and it was not like she was broke growing up either. Her f****y was pretty well off and money was the last thing she thinks about when marrying someone.

She then brought up the point that she feels a little bit excited that she was with me and that maybe other women would be jealous that someone as old as her will be with someone younger. I smiled and told her that I was glad to help.

She then checked the time and realized we were running late and had to go to the room to get our massage. My aunt and I were brought in the same room and were asked to take our clothes off and lie on the table and cover up. Not being shy she just took her top off and then her panty she looked at me and smiled. She winked and said your turn silly.

What the hell why not. I took my shorts off and my cock was semi erect as I stare at her beautiful body.

As we lay on the table, getting a massage I began to dose off and started dreaming of my aunts naked body and more importantly finally seeing her pussy. Combining my dream and the fact that the lady massaging me was going up and down my thigh I began getting an erection. I decided to use my hand to keep myself down.

After our massage, we went back home to have dinner and change for tonight. She had asked me to join her and her girlfriends to this upscale bar downtown. She wanted to bring me as a date so guys would leave her alone.

I stood beside her most of the night and my aunts friends all thought I was cute... One lady even whispered if I was only older and left it there for me to imagine what she would do. As I began chatting with my aunt's friends, my aunt continued to drink her sex on the beach. By the end of the night she was shit faced and could barely walk home.

I helped her in and directed her to her room as I walked back to the guest room across the hall. All could think about was her pussy from the spa place and what I would do to get an actual taste of that. I decided to try to relieve myself and before I could finish I heard a loud thump in my aunts room. I rushed in and found her on the floor.

She was trying to take her clothes off in bed and had fallen. She succeeded with the top but her skirt is still on. I helped her up and while picking her up I manage to grab her boobs "accidentally" and she did not even say anything. Then when I got her up I pulled her skirt down and all I want to do was ripped that panty off.

I started by rubbing her pussy and her ass. Then I decided to pull my dick and stuck it between her legs. Jamming it back and forth as I hit her pussy. I dry humped the shit out of her as her panty was the only thing stopping me from penetrating her deeply.

Not knowing I would have this chance again, I took her panty of and started by licking her wet pussy as focused my tongue on her clit. She began to whimper and started screaming my uncle's name. I worked my way up and down and even licked her tight little ass. Soon enough she was cumming and nearly choked me out between her legs.

After eating her out I decided to just fuck her. I have gone too far and if she remembers this evening I would blame it on the alcohol. I took my clothes off and started fucking her slowly as I felt every inch of her pussy. As I continue this pace my aunt started to move underneath me indicating I speed up the pace.

She whispered in my ear "fuck me faster" and harder. Before I could do anything, she rolled us both over and began to ride me. She fucked me hard and fast as she began to cum all over my cock.

Not finished yet I got her to lie on all fours and I grabbed the lube from her drawer and started lubing my dick and her ass. I had never done anal before and I wanted to experience everything I can with my aunt. If I go to jail for this atleast I enjoyed this moment.

I started slow at first as she whimper again. Her ass was so tight that I can barely fit in. I began pumping her with slow motion and she met each thrust with her own. I pumped harder and harder and so did she. Before long I was ready to cum and with one big thrust from each of us my cock was pumping so much cum in her ass.

We both collapsed and just fell asl**p next to each other.

Part II to come...
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7 months ago
really hot.
1 year ago
loved it..very hot story
1 year ago
very good & yes more
1 year ago
1 year ago
I wan't more!
1 year ago
Aunt stories I like
1 year ago
good read!
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I wonder where part 2 will lead
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AWESOME story I do want to hear more thanks