Mother in law - seduction and games part III

The once innocent games we played had gotten a little crazier than before. The slow teasing and seductions are gone and our games now are more about fulfilling each others wildest fantasies.

The first thing my in law wanted was to have sex in a public place where we could get caught. So I decided to meet her at a movie theater where we watched an action film so that we can make some noise without being too obvious.

The day started like normal, I went to work and spoke to my boss and told him I was not feeling well and need to go home. As long as my work is done he usually lets me do what I want.

I headed straight to the theater and found my mother in law sitting in the back. She gave me a quick wave and I nodded in acknowledgement. We started of by a little touching. As her hands were rubbing my thighs up and down and tracing her fingers to my hardening cock. My hands were on her thigh and rubbed it all the way up her pussy area. After a couple of minutes she wiggled her thick ass and removed her panty. She handed it to me as she leaned over for a kiss. I kissed back as our tongues met with delicate f***e. We sat there making out like a couple of teenagers. While our tongues swirled around each other, she slowly took my zipper down and pulled my cock. Slowly she started licking the tip while I inhale the aroma from her wet panty.

The smell was so intoxicating and her warm wet mouth on my head was unimaginable pleasure. After a few minutes of just magic she got up and slowly lowered herself to my cock. She slowly lowered herself down and sat on my dick. Her pussy was so wet and could not believe we are actually doing this. I started fucking her slowly and quietly.

Before long she started picking up the pace and her moans became louder and louder. She then took my hand and placed it on her tits. She pulled her shirt down and her bra to give me access to her exposed breast. I fucked her deep and hard while playing with her nipple. As she gets closer and closer to orgasm I noticed the couple 3 rows infront of us taking subtle peaks at us and by this time we are caught. You would think this would make my mother in law stop, nope it was the exact opposite. She was so turned on that she fucked me harder and harder. Her moans began to travel as more people are beginning to suspect what we were doing my mother in law began to shake and whispered I'm cumming in my ear. Without hesitation I came right with her as the pressure from her walls began to squeeze my cock.

I left first then she did. We did not want to leave together fearing someone might see us.

When I got home I took a quick shower and began contemplating what I want from my mother in law.

Do I ask her to have a threesome with me and see if she knows a friend willing to do it.?

Do we fuck while her f****y is around?

This was something I needed to decide before our next meeting.

I have a week to decide let me know if you have any suggestion?
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1 year ago
yes to all & do her ass
2 years ago
Interesting experience