The Boss and my intern

After getting my MBA and also the fact that I always deliver in my job I was promoted at the age of 24. As a Manager I always made sure I treated my team well and made sure I took care of them.

Besides thanking them on a daily basis, I always made sure I go out of my way to learn how their f****y life is going and always emphasize the importance of f****y life.

Because of this my team pretty much will work themselves to death to make sure we meet any goals my boss sets for us. People would work late nights, weekends, and some would even cancel their scheduled vacations.

During my end of the year review, I was commended by my boss and even received accolades from the VP of our site on how I ran my team and could not believe the numbers we were producing. As a result the company decided to give me a bonus. Honestly I think they were afraid of losing me so this is just their way of trying to keep me.

Well as a sign of my appreciation, I decided to take my team to a ski trip. I gave the team an option of bringing a guest with them. For the most part everyone brought their significant other with the exception of Jenna who I am not going to lie I have had one on one meetings with her just to look at her beautiful face and amazing body.

She has the looks of a snotty MILF but when you get to know her she is actually one of the sweetest ladies I know. We always talked about her daughters, Mia (16) and Amanda (14). Both girls were always in the honor roll and always at the top of their class. Despite a hot mom I always assumed her daughters were ugly and very nerdy.

When Jenna arrived my jaw nearly dropped as Jenna walked over to me with her her daughter Mia. Like her mother Mia's face is just beautiful! Her eyes were blue which complemented her pretty blond hair. Although she was not fully developed she had a body that every women would envy. Her tits were probably a B-C and her ass was tight but thick.

Both mother and daughter wore a matching outfit. Mia wore this white tights and that left nothing to the imagination and Jenna wore tights but hers was black.

After getting myself ready I met everyone at the porch to take a quick picture. I was at the end and coincidentally I was next to Mia and put my arm around her. After the picture was taken I left everyone and decided to hit the slopes.

After an hour or so I notice Mia surrounded by this group of guys. I decided to see what's going on and walked over to her. Before I could say anything she walked up to me and gave me a quick kiss. Hey babe I've been looking for you. Confused by just what happened she whispered I'll explain later just keep walking.

On our way up she told me that those guys kept hitting on her and would not leave her alone. I was glad to play the fake bf rule for a free kiss. As we talked on our way up, I realized what a cool girl she is and how she was not only pretty but smart too. We started talking about school, life, and got a little more personal as she asked if I was seeing anyone. I told her I just broke up with my fiance and was finally moving on. I then asked her about her love life and she said unfortunately a lot of the boys her age are immature and the only boy she ever had sex with did not know what he was doing and was not very good.

She then asked if I thought her mother was pretty not knowing how to answer her question, I said yea she is a beautiful lady inside and out. She smiled and said I was avoiding her question. Knowing I was uncomfortable with answering her question she told me her mother has told her multiple times how much she wanted to fuck me. I was shocked because I never thought she ever looked at me that way and also the fact that she was married was a bit confusing. Mia then told me her dad cheated on her before and she had forgiven him. Though it doesnt mean she was not going to get him back.

I smiled and asked her what am I supposed to be a revenge fuck? Mia giggled and said no you would be the unforgettable fuck that my mom was looking for. She then said she sees why her mom was nuts about me. I am not only the nicest person she knows but I am pretty cute as well. I smiled and asked her if she really thought I was cute she smiled and said maybe.

Then without warning she went for a kiss and asked if I wanted to get out of here. I told her she might be too young for me and not sure if I can do this to her. She took my hand and put it under her shirt allowing me to play with her nipples. She then whispered in my ear, do you still think I am too young?

Thinking with my other head now I took her to my car and could not wait anymore.

I let her in first and before I could close the door she already had her hands on my zipper. She pulled my cock out and began to suck me off. She smiled and said wow this is much bigger than my ex and a lot thicker. I let her suck me off before I laid her down and took my turn. I began to lick her lips first and forked my way to her clit. Within seconds she was moaning and muffled screams.
Before I knew it she was having her first orgasm. She was just in awe of what happened as she never had anyone ever eat her out.

As soon as she caught her breath, she took my cock and guided my tip to her pussy. I started with my head and no lie this was the tightest pussy I have ever ever seen. I almost came just by putting my head in. I slowly moved more and more in until I am all the way inside. I started going in and out while playing with her tits. Within seconds she was creaming all over my cock before I could continue she got up and told me to sit. She climbed on top of me and she started riding my cock. She was fucking me fast and hard. With one big push my dick was squirting so much cum.

We both collapsed and before we got too comfortable we got dressed and rushed back to the ski resort so that people do not start suspecting anything specially her mom.

Before she left she took her panty and hung it up on my rear view mirror.

She then asked well if I am not too young maybe you can take me out on a date sometimes...

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1 year ago
hell i would have hired her for a longer term & done mommy too
2 years ago
yeah what happened to the mother we need part 2

Besides that man she said awesome
2 years ago
What happened to the mother?
2 years ago
Good for you..!!!
2 years ago
Forgot one minor detail.... I hired her as an intern for the summer....