Mother in law - seduction and games part II

After our last encounter, I spent the next few days trying to figure out if she remembered what happened that magical night. I am starting to realize that she

A.) Does not remember
B.) She is trying to forget or pretending that nothing happened
C.) She really does not know what happened

Regardless, it was still an amazing night and could not believe it actually happened.

The next weekend was just another weekend, we planned dinner with my in laws at this fancy little steakhouse downtown. We were celebrating my early birthday since my father in law was going to be out of town the next weekend. This really was not my type of restaurant but it was their treat and they insisted.

When we got to the restaurant I saw my mother in law standing in the waiting area wearing this blue dress that hugged her beautiful thick ass, which complemented her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. Her cleavage was perfect and all I wish for that night was motor boating that juicy tits.

As we walked up to her parents, my wife hugged her mother first then her dad. I went in to hug my mother in law and in doing so I took a whiff of her scent and her tits just pushing on my chest. As she was backing away from the hug, my hand "accidentally" glided down and in a subtle way touching her ass.

When we were seated I purposely sat next to my mother in law and my wife. My wife and my father in law were busy talking about his trip so this gave me and my mother in law time to chat.

We talked about my job, her job, and just things between me and her daughter. While chatting I could not help look down her cleavage, and I could not help looking at it from time to time. She then mentioned her husband's trip and that she would feel lonely the whole week in an empty house. She asked if we can stop by from time to time to keep her company.

I could not help myself but I told her to just stay over our house for the week. She was a little apprehensive worrying she would just get in our way. I told her that is nonsense and we could use another hand with cooking and cleaning.

With excitement she gladly accepts and she will start Monday by making Chilli. It was my favorite meal and noone makes it better than she does.

Monday came and the game has already started. I came home and there was my mother in law wearing a t shirt and short shorts. She looked amazing and I know she was putting on a show again not wearing that bra.

I decided to try to out do her by going to the basement and start running on a treadmill. I knew seeing me running on a treadmill without a shirt and wearing just a basketball short would get her to lose it. To make things more interesting I wore the silky shorts that outlines my package.

After getting the Chilli ready she came down to do some laundry. She stopped by and said hello and just wanted to let me know Dinner will be ready soon. She also told me that my wife called and she will be home as soon as she can just stuck in traffic.

I continued to run on the treadmill and looking at the reflection from the cabinet infront of me, I noticed her checking me out. I stopped my treadmill and walked over to where my mother in law was. She was loading our laundry in so she her head was about waist high. I decided to walk up next to her and grab a towel off of the cabinet above the washer. I turned around and I know she sees my stuff.

Not trying to be obvious I did not give her too long of a preview and walked upstairs to shower. When I came down there was my wife with my mother in law sitting in the kitchen table. It's about time said my wife jokingly. I smiled and replied it takes time to look this good. My mother in law smiled and said to get a room.

After dinner my wife went upstairs to take a shower and I decided to help my mother in law rinse some dishes. She complained about her back pain and asked me if I know a good chiropractor. I told her that I remembered this trick I saw a friend do to crack someone's back. I told her to put her hand crossed and place it across her chest. I came behind her and wrapped my arms around her holding her by her elbow. I then picked her up and cracked her back. While this was going on My dick was tucked up my short and just gently grinded between her ass.

She turned around to look at me and then she said nice try with a big smile. Somewhat afraid that she caught what I did, I was speechless. She then responded that her back was still sore and that didnt help her at all.

Again was she serious? Did she not realize my dick grinding on her ass. My dick is not small by any means. Well I just smiled and apologized. I told her I thought that would have worked. I went to the living room and put on a movie. My wife came down just in time and my mother in law sat in the other couch.

The movie was pretty graphic sexually and was getting me horny. I grabbed a blanket for my wife and I and also got my mother in law her blanket. As part of my ploy to seduce my mother in law, I thought nothing could be better than me finger fucking her daughter. As the movie continues, I put my hand on my wife's thigh rubbing it gently. Then making my way up to her tight pussy.

I pulled her shorts down just enough to give me more room. I started by gently caressing her lips and working my way down. I started by slipping a finger and then two. I started working on that pussy rubbing her g spot and within seconds she quietly squealed and she began spraying my hand. I looked across and noticed my mother in law's blanket moving gently and then in dawned on me. She was having a little solo action herself.

I watched her as she continues to work on herself. Then within minutes she began to shake and her legs squeezed tightly together. That's my girl!

As soon as she got her composure, she said goodnight and went upstairs. My wife was out like a light. I woke her up and told her to go to bed. I then got up walked upstairs. I decided to stop by the guest bathroom and jackpot my inlaws panties nice and wet. I picked it up and took a big whiff. It was amazing. I could not help myself and just started sucking on that juice she left behind. I sucked almost every single drop i could take and could not think of anything better than eating her pussy.

I went back into our room so horny. I could not help myself and just wanted more. I pulled my wife's panty down and started licking her up and down. I worked the clit and finger her at the same time. Within minutes she was wide awake and was ready to have an orgasm. She kept screaming yes baby over and over again until she screamed and began to convulse. I took my dick and started to fuck her. I fucked her harder and harder picturing my mother in law. I kept fucking her harder and harder until she was curling into a ball and now she's screaming oh my god baby oh my god baby. I am cummingggggg!

She collapsed and her eyes rolled back. I came instantly and almost screamed out the wrong name.

We both collapsed and fell right asl**p.

The next morning my wife had already left for work and I was still lying naked in my bed. My mother in law knocked on the door to try to wake me up. And not realizing I was naked she walked in and caught a full view. I pretended to stay asl**p wondering what she would do next. Surprisingly she walked closer to try to get a peak and she started to reach for my cock and before she could touch me she ran away. All I can think off is that her conscience got the better of her.

That night after getting home from work I began faking a sickness. I already got the next day off. I had dinner went to bed.

The next day my mother in law came up to my room to make me breakfast. She asked what I wanted and I told her sl**p. She then came back up with eggs and bacon. Also brought a cough medicine with some sl**ping aid.

She said she would be back soon to check on me. I ate my breakfast and pretended I was asl**p. She checked on me to see if I was asl**p. She started by calling my name and no response. Then she started poking me harder and harder nothing. Then out of the blue she pulled my boxers down and she began to suck my dick.

After a couple of minutes she started to strip and she got on top of me. Next thing I knowthis beautiful woman started to fuck me. She tried different positions and once she got on the reverse cowgirl I could not keep it in.

I came all inside her just spraying her over and over again. She got up and my cum drips out of her pussy and into my cock. Mrs. X turned around and licked every single drop.

Now it's my turn. Should I pretend that when I wake up nothing happened? Tell her I knew what happened? Blackmail her for more sex? Well what ever it is the ball is not in my court and her ass is mine! Literally ;)
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